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VHF Antennas

VHF Antennas

High-Performance Very High Frequency Antennas

VHF stands for “Very High Frequency.” VHF channels transmit at radio frequencies between 54 MHz and 216 MHz. Compared to ultrahigh frequencies, or UHF, VHF bands are relatively longer waves and are less prone to interference, thus they can carry the signal farther on a given amount of transmission power. These days, VHF signals are mainly used on marine vessels or vehicles in situations where signal obstructions will be at a minimum.

VHF Antennas for Mobile & Stationary Use

Many people use VHF antennas in their homes to receive a TV signal. With the rising cost of satellite TV, people are choosing to “cut the cable” and “ditch the dish” by switching to a VHF antenna to get a TV signal to their home. There is are a wide range of VHF antennas that are relatively simple to use that do not require professional installation. Determining whether you need an indoor or outdoor antenna depends largely on the strength of the signal in the area. Indoor antennas usually require a much stronger signal than outdoor. Once that has been determined, one can look up which free over-the-air channels are available in their area.


VHF antennas are also widely used by vehicle fleets when a two-way radio is needed while out in the field. To get the most gain, the antenna should ideally be mounted above the vehicle’s roofline. There are a large variety of VHF antennas available that can be installed in any type of truck, car, or van without the need to drill holes in the vehicle.

VHF Antennas for Marine Vessels

VHF antennas also offer a wide range of unique benefits for marine vessels. First, VHF signals have a significantly longer range compared to other HF bands. The main purpose of a VHF antenna is to transmit the signal the boat’s radio produces and to radiate the signal in the correct direction. VHF antennas for marine vessels need to be rugged enough to withstand the turbulent weather and rough conditions that are present while out on the water. This can either come in the form of a stainless steel “whip” antenna or a fiberglass encased antenna. Smaller vessels usually use a stainless steel whip antenna because they are extremely rugged.

VHF Antennas for All Industries

Unsure which VHF antenna is right for your network? Here at Westward Sales, we do more than just distribute. We are experienced networking professionals and engineers with decades of experience in the industry. Our goal is to help you to determine the best strategies and solutions to manage your networks, big or small, by employing our decades of experience in the industry as networking professionals and engineers.

Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, we are happy to offer our networking expertise. We want to equip you with the right tools and expertise to solve your technical problems, big and small. We also offer expert insight into network design. Give us a call today for connectivity advice or for more information on our product offerings.

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Panorama MFX-MG VHF Helical Antenna for Motorola Portable RadiosThe MFX-MG is a high-performance..
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Panorama MFX-MX VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFX-MX is a high-performance compress..
Panorama MFX-SMAFR VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFX-SMAFR is a high-performance co..
Panorama MFX-SMAMO VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld Radios, Choice of BandThe MFX-SMAMO is a hig..
Panorama ODP VHF and UHF Antenna with Wall Mounting BracketThe ODP is a high-performance, low-co..
Panorama PXK-SMAFR Rugged VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld Radios, Four Band ChoicesThe PXK-SMAF..
Panorama PXK-SMAMO VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld Radios, Four Band ChoicesThe PXK-SMAMO is a ..
Taoglas MA1044 4-in-1 Permanent Mount Sharkfin Antenna with GNSS, WiFi, AM/FM, and SiriusXMThe T..
Taoglas MA2220 2-in-1 Active AM/FM & DAB Metalized Film Adhesive AntennaThe Taoglas MA2220 i..
Taoglas MA2330 3-in-1 Covert GPS, WiFi & AM/FM Headliner Adhesive Antenna with FAKRA Connectors ..
Taoglas WM.80 (Cyclops) Omnidirectional 1/4 Wavelength Flexible Whip AntennaThe WM.80 is a 0dBi,..
Panorama GPSK GPS Antenna Base with Through-Hole Mounting for VHF and UHF Whip AntennasThe GPSK ..
Panorama GPSKM GPS Antenna Magnetic Base with Mounting for VHF and UHF Whip AntennasThe GPSKM an..
Mobile Mark A1111 Classic Mobile Antenna with Frequency from 136 to 960 MHzThe A1111 Series of a..
Mobile Mark A11855B Classic Mobile Antenna with Frequency from 806 to 960 MHzThe A11855B is des..
Mobile Mark A1185A Classic Mobile Antenna with Frequency from 806 to 930 MHzThe A1185A is desig..
Mobile Mark A1511 Broadband Mobile Antenna, 132 to 512 MHzThe A1511 antenna provides u..
A1811WB (S) Wideband Series Antenna with Solid or Shock Spring Base, 136-174 MHzThe A1811WB(S) V..
Mobile Mark A1813 Base Loaded Mobile Antenna, Matching Coil, Wave WhipThe A1813 antenna has 3 dB..
Mobile Mark A1843 Base Loaded Mobile Antenna, 5/8 Wave Whip, Matching CoilThe A1843 Series Anten..
Mobile Mark A2111 Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna with Frequency from 136 to 960 MHzThe A2111..
Mobile Mark A212405B Magnet Mount Antenna, 5/8 Wave over 1/2 Wave DesignThe A212405B Magnet..
Mobile Mark A2131B Dual Band Mobile Antenna Base Load, VHF unity/UHF 2.5 dBThe A2131B mobil..
Mobile Mark A4681 Low Profile, Heavy Duty UHF Antenna with Choice of Frequency & ColorThe Lo..
Mobile Mark A55136 Premium Heavy-duty Triband Mobile Antenna for P25 and TETRA RadiosThe A55136T..
Mobile Mark BS150U Base Station Antenna, 250 W, Optional Mounting KitThe BS150U is rated at 250 ..
Mobile Mark BS150XL3 Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna, Superior Weather ProtectionThe BS150X..
Mobile Mark BS220XL3 Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna, 250 W Power Input, 3 dBd GainThe..
BSL150XL3 VHF Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power Input and 3 dBd GainThe BSL150XL3 antenna ha..
Mobile Mark BSL50U-XX Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power Input and Unity GainThe BSL50U-XX an..
Mobile Mark BSLL220XL3 Base Station Antenna, 3dBd Gain, 215-225 MHzRated at 250 watts and 3dBd g..
Mobile Mark CLTM302 4G/5G MIMO LTE Ceiling Mount Antenna, CBRSThe CLTM302 is a 2-in-1 MIMO LTE C..
Mobile Mark ED150-1 Folded Dipole Antenna, 5' MastThe ED150-1 antenna has a frequency range of 1..
Mobile Mark ED450-1 Folded Dipole Antenna, 5' MastThe ED450-1 antenna has a frequency range of 4..
Mobile Mark EDX150 Folded Dipole Antenna, Includes Mounting Hardware, DC GroundedThe EDX150 Ante..
Mobile Mark LPD-VHF Land Mobile Surface Mount Antenna, Low Profile VHFThe LPD-VHF is a Low-Profi..
Mobile Mark OD3-150WB Base Station Antenna, Mounting Kit IncludedThe OD3-150WB wideband base sta..
Mobile Mark Y3323C-B Yagi VHF Antenna, Fully Welded, Includes Mounting KitThe Y3323C-B antenna i..
Mobile Mark Y6625D 5-Element Yagi Antenna with 200 to 245 MHz VHF FrequencyGrowing wireless conn..
PCTEL ASPR7495 Field Tunable Antenna, VHF and UHF, 150 - 512 MHzPCTEL’s ASPR7495 field tunable w..
PCTEL ASPR795 Field Tunable Antenna, VHF and UHF, 108 - 512 MHzPCTEL’s ASPR795 field tunable wid..
PCTEL BMUF7603 No Ground Plane Elevated Feed Point Antenna, Collinear ClosedThe BMUF7603 elevate..
PCTEL BOA2177 Omnidirectional Carrier Grade Fiberglass Antenna, MMK5 Mount IncludedThe PCTEL BOA..
PCTEL LPA136174-6NF Bluewave Log Periodic Array AntennaThe LPA136174-6NF log periodic antenna ha..
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