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Rugged Wi-Fi Hotspots

Rugged Wi-Fi Hotspots

Industrial Wi-Fi Hotspots 

Industrial networking presents numerous challenges. A network may span large distances, incorporate many devices and connection protocols, and demand high uptime and bandwidth. This level of communication demands a robust infrastructure. For precisely these scenarios, an industrial Wi-Fi hotspot solves significant problems in a straightforward fashion. Investing in a hotspot will give you everything you need to deploy an industrial network virtually anywhere. 

A hotspot provides Internet over the cellular network and is used in locations lacking a wired Internet connection. But an industrial Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t an average run-of-mill consumer-grade device as they thrive in hostile environments and provide enterprise-class service. You can use them for remote connectivity and short-term deployment. That makes them ideal for construction sites, emergency response, military operations, temporary video monitoring, disaster relief, long-range sensing and detection, and outdoor entertainment events.


Pre-Designed Industrial Wi-Fi Hotspot Kits

An industrial Wi-Fi hotspot is more than just a regular hotspot; it’s essentially a portable wireless router simultaneously connecting hundreds of users’ phones, laptops, and portable WiFi devices to the Internet. Everything is included to deploy a high-quality wireless network wherever you need it.

An industrial Wi-Fi hotspot serves as a wireless Internet modem similar to one provided by an ISP (internet service provider) like Comcast. It includes a Cat 18 or 5G cellular WAN interface, 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi, and Gigabit LAN connections. Internal routing functions are available for security, control, and management. They feature cloud management, allowing you to access and monitor activity anywhere you deploy a hotspot. In addition, the network components are integrated into a rugged case for portability and protection.

Hotspots support major cellular carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Each system has two SIM cards for robust connection options and GPS for passive location tracking. The cellular, WiFi, and GPS interfaces utilize high-performance MIMO antennas built into the case lid for broad access and better connections.

More Options for Your Industrial Wi-fi Hotspots

Westward Sales constructs hotspots from top-tier manufacturers such as Cradlepoint, Semtech, and Parsec Technologies. The number of possible configurations can meet nearly any need. Choose from AC-powered or rechargeable battery-powered models, 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO antennas, router capacity, and cellular data plans. If you want to save a little money and build your own hotspot, you can purchase the major components from Westward Sales. Either way, you get fast, reliable, powerful networking that performs admirably in a wide array of use cases and environments.

Thriving in Rugged Environments

Ruggedness is a core concept for industrial Wi-Fi hotspots. With a robust design, they handle challenging outdoor environments, rough handling, and continuous operation. Dust proofing and waterproofing appear in the form of an IP67-rated portable case. With safe operating temperatures between -40 and 85, they don’t balk at extreme weather either. Very few places on earth get cold enough to imperial these hotspots, and ambient outdoor heat is never a problem. Virtually any outdoor setting imaginable will not disrupt these systems.

Some models include cooling fans with exhaust ports, protective covers for connectors, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, and dual power options. When it comes to industrial quality with absolute toughness, these are the right hotspots for the job.

Powerful Connections for High-End Applications

Industrial Wi-Fi hotspots provide and maintain high-end networks while withstanding extreme environments. They all reach Gigabit connection speeds, even in remote settings, and provide multiple connection types, so you can set up your remote network as you see fit. There are also multiple routing options for network management and security. As a result, you can build your network in a way that makes sense for its applications.

If you want to explore the options in greater detail, contact Westward Sales today. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss your networking plans and needs, and we can help you browse an immense selection in a short amount of time. Our solutions aren’t limited to remote hotspots. Contact us with any networking need, and we’ll offer professional recommendations matching the right equipment to the job without overextending monetary resources.

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