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Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Tough Media Converters for Tough Locations

In industrial settings, running Ethernet cable the full length of your network isn’t practical. If you have to cover large distances with reliable and secure network options, you need media converters. Antaira Technologies makes a host of industrial-grade converters that can convert copper or fiber networks to be used with standard Ethernet devices. These converters operate at high speeds with robust network reliability. And, they are built with the toughness that has come to be associated with the Antaira name. Each converter is rated for extreme ambient temperatures, heavy shock protection and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Optimizing Fiber Lines

If you’ve invested in fiber optics, you want to get the most out of it. The IMC-C1000-SFP is the perfect choice to make that happen.


This media converter utilizes SFP connection to provide Gigabit Ethernet access to your fiber lines. It is completely FCC compliant, and it meets IEEE standards, making it as near to universal as any converter can be. It is DIN-rail mountable, so it can handle intense vibrations in addition to extreme temperatures and irregular voltage input.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

You can take network conversion a step further with the IMP-C100. This media converter with an SC connector adds the element of Power over Ethernet. It’s now simple to add IP devices that use heavy power without running extra cables.

Converting Existing Copper Lines

Many facilities already have reliable copper networks, so repurposing them for Ethernet is an obvious choice. The EVC-3101 is a Gigabit Ethernet extender that can access VDSL lines via RJ11 making it easy for you to make use of existing POTS lines. Ethernet over VDSL can operate over very long distances and is protected against electromagnetic interference. This particular extender has one RJ45 port, making it an easy-to-deploy, small-scale hub that can operate virtually anywhere.

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There is a perfect tool for every job, and the experts at Westward Sales want to help you find it. Talk to one of our expert representatives today to get the most out of your networking options.

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