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Iridium Antennas

Iridium Antennas

Multi Antennas for the Iridium Satellite Constellation

Real-time communication and broad coordination are significant challenges for many operations. Especially in fleet applications, network designers need tools that enable remote access that is fast, stable, and robust. Add the need for variable communication types, and you have a real challenge. When facing extreme challenges in this regard, an Iridium antenna offers unique solutions. With more than 66 satellites covering the earth, the Iridium network has global coverage when you have an Iridium antenna. The satellite system provides GPS locations, data communication, voice, paging, and more.

Iridium Antennas Offer Global Communication

The Iridium satellite constellation offers global coverage for wireless communications applications with an Iridium antenna. You can get real-time voice communication from anywhere in the world, provided you have Iridium accessible hardware to establish the connection.


Similarly, data connections are available anywhere a link can be established. Other services on the network include paging, distress signals, and maritime broadband. To make use of Iridium, your nodes will need high-performance Iridium antennas. Iridium antennas allow communication links to be established within the global coverage of the satellite constellation. Iridium antennas come in a wide range of functions, allowing you to customize your remote, dynamic network as needed. In addition, each antenna brings essential benefits to the table, allowing you to operate your network as intended.

Using a device like the Mobile Mark LTM503, you can establish MIMO coverage on the go. Ideal for fleet coordination, these affordable antennas allow each vehicle to access global communication independently. With data access, they use real-time travel updates. As a result, units in the fleet can communicate seamlessly and maintain coordination without interruption.

Minimal Delay with an Iridium Antenna

The Iridium constellation has been regularly updated since 2017. These enhancements enabled faster responses, shorter ping times, and better communication with Iridium antennas. The updates also offer competitive response times when using the network for real-time applications.

The Mobile Mark LTM507 is a perfect example. This five-in-one multiband Iridium antenna supplies LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS on an Iridium-enabled system. With four built-in wireless protocols, it provides a range of options for even more applications. Real-time communications benefit from remote broadband access. Beyond normal fleet operations, these Iridium antennas can coordinate ships and even aircraft as needed.

When it comes to pushing the absolute extremes of connectivity range and functionality, Iridium antennas are among the best. The satellite network is one of the few that allows such diverse use cases from generalized antennas and transceivers.

Boost Your Network With The Right Iridium Antenna

If you think your operation could benefit from Iridium, contact a sales engineer at Westward Sales. We provide professional expertise to help you browse options and optimize your networking strategy. We’ll get to know your operation, needs, and goals. By getting to know you, we can deeply understand what you are trying to accomplish and make precise recommendations that get the best results for minimal investments of time and money.

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