Industries We Serve

We provide dependable communications to...

Security Industry


Our PoE Ethernet switches power IP cameras and devices for campus security, remote and moblie surveillance, access control, asset protection and alarm monitoring.

Energy Industry


Oil, gas and renewable energy maximize efficiency, maintain safety and keep operations running reliably with integrated and automated industrial networking devices.

Telecommunications Industry


High-bandwidth fiber optics are the core of today’s communications. Our fiber media converters and switches connect legacy to modern networks and move big data.

Water / Wastewater Industry

Water / Wastewater

Clean water is fundamental to our society. We connect water treatment plants, pipelines, water storage, pump and lift stations for 24/7 monitoring and control.

Transportation Industry


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions offer real-time sensor data, voice and video. Our Ethernet, serial and wireless devices are found in buses, light rail cars and traffic signals.

Utilities Industry


Utilities integrate advanced communications to enable smart grids to optimize power resources, reduce costs, increase reliability and enhance efficiency of electric power.

Automation and Control Industry

Automation and Control

Manufacturing, automation and machine-to-machine (M2M) processes require industrial communications to improve productivity, efficiency and remote management.

OEM Designs Industry


Tracking and locating inventory requires up to the minute data and analysis. You’ll find our wireless networking in the most modern warehouses and logistics depots.