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Long-range outdoor networks are incredibly difficult to optimize. Sources or signal interference are abundant making it almost impossible to determine the best locations for access points and bridges. In almost every case, signal strength fluctuates dramatically and coverage gaps run rampant. The only real solution is to perform a detailed wireless survey and map the most effective possible design. A professional point-to-point survey can provide the analytical detail to combat interference and shore up gaps in your network through the following:

  • Throughput measurements of TCP and UDP upload and download speeds.
  • Packet loss analysis for UDP transmissions.
  • Round trip time for TCP packets.
  • Distance measurements for each wireless client.

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Survey Goals

Clearly defined goals are the key to getting the most out of a wireless survey. Knowing what kind of performance and coverage you expect from your network will frame the survey to improve overall design. Even if you don’t have metrics in mind, the survey can provide range expectations for your equipment and identify reliable perimeter designs. Analyzing signal interference will also predict the effective coverage of your equipment and shed light on an optimal design. When you speak with a member of our survey team, they can help you outline your goals and design the best possible set of tests to achieve them.

Boosting Performance

This is all about network performance, and when you utilize a network survey, you can expect big results. Tailored solutions can boost outdoor Wi-Fi ranges to cover areas up to 1.8 miles on both 2.4 and 5 GHz signals. This is ideal for large-scale operations that involve heavy data bandwidth.  Video feeds from high-definition (HD) cameras run smoothly and reliably when your wireless network if fully up to the task. Most importantly, a properly mapped survey can lead to substantial savings on equipment costs by eliminating ineffective redundancy and maximizing performance for every device.

Point-to-point surveys are run by professional analytics teams and require careful planning. This service typically costs $499, but for a limited time it is available for FREE! Call now, 720.870.4500, and schedule your survey.

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