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Connect More. Wire Less.

Cradlepoint is the leading provider of cloud-managed 4G and 5G LTE solutions for businesses, integrators, and government agencies. Their line of high-performance cellular routers and cloud platforms keep critical networks connected and secure. Retail, financial services, healthcare, smart transportation, public sector, and industrial markets need to manage branch locations, intelligent vehicle fleets, mobile command centers, and a vast array of Internet of Thing (IoT) devices. These organizations count on Cradlepoint’s services for connecting people, places, and things.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Management

Cradlepoint NetCloud, a service-based platform, spans from the cloud to edge computing points to make deploying and managing a network effortless and less resource-intensive than ever. Configure, monitor, visualize, control, and troubleshoot your WAN and LAN network from a central web console rather than at the appliance level. NetCloud optimizes LTE connections so that they connect and perform with the most efficient use of LTE bandwidth.

NetCloud Solution Packages combine cloud services with purpose-built hardware. A subscription offers rapid, distributed deployment, improved productivity, reduced cost, and, importantly, enhanced network intelligence. NetCloud can manage from a few to several thousand fielded routers. It features Stream Protocol, VPN, zero-touch deployment, remote troubleshooting, and real-time diagnostics. Easily set up routing, security, LTE, SD-WAN, and WiFi functionality for every device from a single console.


Enhanced IoT Security with Cradlepoint

NetCloud Perimeter offers perimeter-secured and encrypted overlays that installs quickly for scalable device-to-cloud connections. It’s included with every NetCloud Essentials Solution Package for IoT, and it features:

  • Virtual APN that works with or without a private APN
  • Private IP Addressing to prevent devices from reaching the Internet
  • Reduced exposure by controlling public and static IP address and open inbound ports
  • Trust with invitation-only authentication and admin-controlled access
  • Micro-segmentation isolates devices from other devices and networks.
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Cradlepoint COR IBR200 IoT LTE Router with Cat 1 Speed and NetCloud Management PlanThe Cradlepoi..

*** DISCONTINUED *** The AER1600 is discontinued and replaced with the E300 Series cellular router. ..

*** Discontinued *** Contact Westward Sales for a suitable replacement or see our router selection. ..

Cradlepoint AER2200 Router with Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Modem and NetCloud Branch PlanThe AER..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This access point is discontinued. Contact Westward Sales or see this page of p..

Cradlepoint CBA550 Branch LTE Router with Cat 4 Modem and NetCloud Branch Cloud ManagementThe CB..

Cradlepoint CBA850 Branch Cellular Router with NetCloud Management, Cat 4, 6, or 12 ModemThe CBA..

Cradlepoint COR IBR1700 Mobile LTE Router with One or Two Cat 18 Gigabit-Class ModemsThe COR IBR..

Cradlepoint COR IBR600C Cat 4 LTE IoT Router with WiFi, GPS, and NetCloud Cloud ManagementThe CO..

Cradlepoint COR IBR900 Mobile LTE Router, Cat 18 Gigabit-Class or Cat 12 PerformanceThe COR IBR9..

Cradlepoint CR4250 5G-Ready High-Performance Router with NetCloud Branch PackageSome networks in..

Cradlepoint E100 LTE Router with NetCloud Branch Package, Cat 4 Speed, and Wi-FiCradlepoint’s E1..

Cradlepoint E300 5G LTE Router with NetCloud Branch Package, Cat 4 or Cat 18, and Wi-FiThe E300 ..

Cradlepoint E3000 5G LTE Cat 18 Router with WiFi and NetCloud Branch Cloud ManagementThe E3000&n..

Cradlepoint L950 Cellular LTE Failover Adapter with NetCloud Branch Management and OBMThe L950 a..

Cradlepoint R1900 5G LTE Cellular Rugged Router with NetCloud Mobile ManagementThe R1900 ruggedi..

Cradlepoint COR IBR650C Cat 4 LTE IoT Router with NetCloud Package (No WiFi)The Cradlepoint COR ..

Cradlepoint MC400 Modular LTE Modem with Choice of Cat 6 or Cat 18 PerformanceThe Cradlepoint MC..

Cradlepoint R500 Rugged LTE Cellular Router for Private Cellular Networks with NetCloud IoTThe R..

Cradlepoint MC20BT Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 Accessory for the E300 and E3000 RoutersThe MC20BT B..

Cradlepoint PoE Injector (170732-000) for Powering the AP22, CBA850, and L950 DevicesThe AP22 ac..

Cradlepoint Power and GPIO Cable for COR Series Routers with Bare WireThe 170585-001 cable split..

Cradlepoint (170623-001) Line Cord for North America (C8), 1.8-MetersThe 170623-001 line cord fo..

Cradlepoint Vehicle Power Adapter for COR Series RoutersThe 170635-000 power adapter plugs into th..

Cradlepoint DIN-Rail Mounting Bracket for IBR and R500 RoutersThe DIN-Rail mounting kit (170656-..

Cradlepoint Power Adapter for the IBR COR Series RoutersCradlepoint's 170665-000 converts the CO..

Cradlepoint 170666-000 Bracket to Mount the CBA850 Router to a Wall or CeilingThe wall or ceilin..

Cradlepoint 170671-001 AC Line Cord for Power AdaptersThe 170671-001 Cradlepoint AC line cord is..

Cradlepoint (170676-000) Serial DB9 to GPIO Cable for IBR1700 Series Routers, 3-MeterThe 1706..

Cradlepoint 170677-002 AC to 12 VDC Power Supply for AER1600 and CBA850 Cellular RoutersUse the ..

Cradlepoint 170680-001 Power and GPIO Cable for COR Series RoutersCradlepoint's 170680-001 cable s..

Cradlepoint (170712-000) 2x10 GPIO Cable for IBR700 Series Routers, 2.3-MeterThe 170712-000 is com..

Cradlepoint 170716-000 AC to 12 VDC Power Adapter for COR IBR Series RoutersUse the 170716-000 to ..

Cradlepoint 170717-000 Power Supply with Barrel Connector, 2-Meter cord, and Extended TempUse th..

Cradlepoint 170718-000 Magnetic Mounting Kit for the IBR Series IoT RoutersThe magnetic mounting..

Cradlepoint 170749-001 1U Rack Mount Kit for the AER2200 LTE RouterOften, the best place to secu..

Cradlepoint 170750-000 1U Rack Mount Kit for the IBR1700 RouterOften, the best place for the Cradl..

Cradlepoint 170758-000 On-Board Vehicle Diagnostics (OBD-II) Adapter Kit for IBR RoutersThe 1707..

Cradlepoint 170764-000 1U Rack Mount Kit for the CR4250 RouterOften, the best place for the Cradle..

Cradlepoint 170767-000 COR Extensibility Port to DB-9 Serial Cable for IBR Series RoutersCradlep..

Cradlepoint 170848-000 Battery Module for the E100 Cellular RouterThe optional battery pack, 170..

Cradlepoint 170671-000 and 170751-000 Power Adapters for the AER2200 and E3000 RoutersThe 170671..

Cradlepoint COR Series Extensibility Dock for IBR600, IBR900, and R500 RoutersCradlepoint's Exte..

Cradlepoint RX30-POE Managed Accessory Dock Adds 4 PoE Ports to the R1900 RouterThe RX30-POE man..

Cradlepoint 170659-001 Universal LTE Antenna for the CBA850 Router, 700 Mhz to 2.7 GHz OperationCr..

Cradlepoint (170704-002) 600 Mhz to 6 GHz Universal 3G/4G LTE Antenna, up to 3 dBi GainCradlepoint..

Cradlepoint 170706-000 Universal LTE Antenna for the AER1600 Router, 700 Mhz to 2.7 GHzCradlepoi..

Cradlepoint 170761-000 600 to 6 GHz LTE AntennaThe high-performance 170761-000 cellular antenna ..

Cradlepoint 170765-000 LTE Antenna for the CBA550 Router, 600 MHz to 2.7 GHz Frequency RangeThe hi..

Cradlepoint 170801-000 Universal LTE Antenna, 600 Mhz to 6 GHz, for the E100, E300, and E3000Cra..

Cradlepoint 170836-000 Dual-Band Omnidirectional WIFI Antenna for the E3000 Router, 2.4 GHz and 5 GH..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This antenna has been discontinued. Please see the substitute item 170836-000. ..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This power supply has been discontinued. Please see the substitute item 170716-..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This antenna has been discontinued. Please see the substitute item 170801-000. ..