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Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless)

IoT Powered by Cellular Technology

Westward Sales is proud to distribute a wide range of Semtech products, from rugged routers and gateways to IoT solutions, such as MIMO-capable antennas. Semtech is a pioneer in developing innovative wireless and IoT technology for a wide range of applications, including remote management, industrial connectivity, public safety fleets, and high-performance cellular networks. Semtech's advanced 5G technology allows network managers to integrate emerging technology into their communication networks. Semtech also offers innovative networking solutions that can operate on newer technology while still being compatible with older and legacy devices in the same network.

Wireless Expertise

With a rich 25-year history of innovation in the wireless space we have been first to market with many technology solutions for global customers. Our innovative products and solutions already connect thousands of businesses to critical data and millions of people to information. Our customers trust us to develop products and services that get them to market faster and can in turn help save lives, reduce carbon emissions, and make neighborhoods safer. Start with Semtech to deliver new technology solutions, streamline deployments, and take advantage of all the promise the IoT offers. Stay with Semtech and build your future in the Internet of Things.


Empowering Businesses to Reimagine their Future in the Connected World

Since launching the world’s first cellular embedded module in 1997, Semtech has shipped over 130 million devices to connect the Internet of Things. We have been first-to-market with the world’s smallest module, embedded software, embedded SIM, open source Linux based embedded platform, most rugged industrial gateway and 4G LTE and LTE-PRO embedded solutions to name a few. We remain focused on technology leadership and developing innovative solutions that make wireless communications easier to integrate, deploy, and maintain.

Semtech’s Mission

As the IoT grows our vision remains the same: to empower businesses to reimagine their future in the connected world enabling them to transform and thrive in the connected economy. We're excited by what the future holds and our role in accelerating business transformation for not just businesses but for entire industries.

Westward Sales offer a wide range of Semtech antennas and connectivity products to serve a broad spectrum of needs and purposes. Semtech offers powerful connectivity tools such as routers, gateways, and antennas designed specifically for IoT and M2M applications. These products are enabled for data-critical applications, such as connecting retail point-of-sale terminals, digital signage, security cameras, and kiosks to the cellular network. Our selection of Semtech antennas and routers ensures that all of your WiFi networks are running efficiently and effectively. For industrial needs, Westward Sales carries rugged antennas and routers designed to withstand the brutal conditions of remote and factor applications.

In addition to the latest networking technology, all Semtech technology also comes equipped with the company’s AirLink network management system. This subscription-based extensive cloud-based management platform helps IT professionals better remotely oversee their networks. These packages include technical support throughout the device’s life cycle, as well as assistance in deploying, monitoring, configuring, registering, and upgrading your Semtech equipment.

Advanced Networking Needs in One Place

Semtech products are only the beginning of what Westward Sales can offer to improve your field networking capabilities. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, our networking expertise can be of invaluable assistance. Our representatives are experts proudly offering real-time help to network administrators and engineers to find the best way to get a job done. We can help you find the perfect tool for every niche, as well as offer insight into network designs that can improve your whole outlook. Do not hesitate to give us a call to consult with our skilled team.

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Semtech AirLink LX40 Compact Cellular Router, Cat 4 or CAT M1/NB-IoT, 1 Ethernet PortThe Semtech..

Semtech AirLink 1104757 XR Modem Cartridge (Radio), 5G Sub-6 GHzThe Semtech (Sierra Wireles..

Semtech MG90 Cellular Router with Single or Dual Modems, 5G or 4G LTE-Advanced SpeedsThe Semtech..

Semtech XR60 Compact 5G Cellular Router for Mobile & Fixed Applications, Optional WiFiThe ul..

Semtech AirLink XR80 High-Performance Router for Fixed & Mobile Applications, Optional WiFiT..

Semtech AirLink XR90 5G High-Performance Router for Transit, Rail, First Responder FleetsPublic ..

Semtech AirLink LX60 Compact Cellular Router, Cat 4, 2 Ethernet PortsThe Semtech (Sierra Wireles..

Semtech AirLink MP70 High-Performance Cellular Router for Vehicles and FleetsThe Semtech (Sierra..

Semtech AirLink RV50X Industrial 4G Cellular Router, Cat 6 Speed with GPS (no WiFi)The Semtech (..

Semtech AirLink RV55 Industrial LTE-A Pro Router with Ultra-Low Power ConsumptionThe most r..

Semtech AirLink RX55 Rugged Cellular Router with LTE-A, Supports Band 71 and CBRSThe Semtech (Si..

Semtech 6001455 5:1 MIMO 5G Cellular, MIMO WiFi, & GPS Antenna, 2-m CableThe 6001455 is..

Semtech 6001446 & 6001524 5-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR80 & XR90 RoutersThe 5-in-1 ..

Semtech 6001112 Sharkfin Magnetic Mounting Base Adaptor for AirLink AntennasThe 600111..

Semtech 6001138 oMG-MG Mounting Bracket Adapter for the MG90 RouterThe 6001138 by Semt..

Semtech AirLink 6001197 & 6001262 6:1 Sharkfin Antenna, MP70 & MG90 RoutersThe omnidirec..

***DISCONTINUED***  This antenna is discontinued. Please see alternate antennas here or contact..

Semtech 6001283 & 6001284 3:1 Antennas for the MG & MP Cellular RoutersThe 6001283 (blac..

Semtech Airlink 6001530 4:1 Mobile Antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, & GPSTested and certifi..

Semtech 6001119 3:1 Sharkfin MIMO 4G LTE Cellular Antenna with GPSIt’s not easy to design and bu..

Semtech 6001120 2:1 Sharkfin MIMO 4G Vehicle Antenna with 4-meter CablesAs mobile networks becom..

Semtech 6001199 3-in-1 AirLink 3x3 MIMO WiFi Antenna with 4-meter CablesThe omnidirectional AirL..

Semtech 6001200 AirLink Antenna, 3-in-1 ‘BAT’ with MIMO Cellular and GPSThe Semtech (Sierra Wire..

Semtech 6001201 AirLink Antenna, 4:1 ‘BAT’ with MIMO Cellular, WiFi, and GPSThe Semtech (Sierra ..

Semtech 6001285 4-in-1 Panel-Mount Antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, and GPSThe omnidirectional 60012..

Semtech 6001351 & 6001352 4-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR90 RouterWith four omnidirection..

Semtech 6001124/6001219 2:1 MIMO 4G Cellular Panel Antenna with 1 or 3-meter CablesThe Semtech (..

Semtech AirLink 6001125/6001211 3:1 MIMO 4G Cellular & GPS Antenna, 1 or 3-meter CablesThe&n..

Semtech 6001275 AirLink 5-in-1 Antenna with MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPSThe 6001275 antenna..

Semtech 6001354 & 6001355 10-in-1 Antennas for the AirLink XR80 RouterThe 6001354 (black) an..

Semtech 6001363 & 6001364 6-in-1 Antennas for the MG and MP Cellular RoutersThe 6001363 (whi..

Semtech 6001399 & 6001400 9-in-1 Antennas for the AirLink XR90 RouterThe 6001399 (black) and..

Semtech 6001432 AirLink 5:1 Flat Panel Antenna for Fixed or Mobile ApplicationsThe 5-in-1 600143..

Semtech 6001442 & 6001501 9-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR90 RouterThe 9-in-1 Dual Sharkfi..

Semtech 6001443 & 6001445 AirLink 5-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE and GPSThe 6001443&n..

Semtech 6001444 & 6001500 10-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR80 RouterThe 10-in-1 Dual Shark..

Semtech 6001454 3:1 MIMO 5G Cellular & GPS Antenna, Airlink RX55 Router The 600145..

Semtech 6001511/6001525 7:1 Antenna, 4x4 MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, GPSThe 7-in-1 Dual Sharkfin 600151..

Semtech 6001512/6001526 5:1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE and GPSThe 5-in-1 Dual Sharkfin 6001512 (b..

Semtech 6001517 7:1 Antenna, 4x4 MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, GPSThe 7-in-1 Industrial 6001517 ..

Semtech 6001518 5:1 Antenna, 4x4 MIMO LTE and GPSThe 5-in-1 Industrial 6001518 is a sp..

Semtech 6001110 Omnidirectional 4G Cellular Antenna for AirLink RoutersThe 6001110 high-performa..

Semtech 6001111 Dual-Band Omnidirectional WiFi Antenna for AirLink RoutersThe 6001111 high-..

Semtech 6001343 5G Cellular Antenna for AirLink MG90, MP70, and RV55 RoutersThe 6001343 high-per..

Semtech 2000579 AC to 12 VDC Power Supply for AirLink Cellular RoutersUse the 2000579 to power t..

Semtech 6000659 Wall and DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for the RV55 and RV60X LTE RoutersThe RV55 and RV..

Semtech 6001004 I/O Auxiliary Cable for the MP, LX, and XR Series RoutersThe Semtech (Sierra Wir..

Semtech 6001023 AC to 12 VDC Power Supply for AirLink MG90 Cellular RouterUse the 6001023 to pow..