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In business for over a decade, Antaira Technologies has earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer and developer of network and communication solutions. Antaira offers high-quality industrial solutions built for security, surveillance, automation, transportation, energy, utilities, and any application where reliability and uptime are critical.

Antaira Industrial Ethernet Switches

Whether you are building, upgrading, or replacing your industrial IT infrastructure, know that Antaira's Ethernet switches get the job done. With over 250 models, all are high performance, economical, and manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are equipped with options for specific port counts, Power over Ethernet (PoE), with or without Layer 2 management, extended temperature, fiber optics, and data rates from 10/100TX to 10G. Antaira offers IP67 rated and railway-rated enclosures with either slim or compact form factor designs. Several installation options are available including DIN-rail, wall mount, and 19” rack mount. Antaira's large variety meets nearly any requirement. And when a standard product doesn't quite fit, they can customize one for your project needs.

Antaira Industrial Media Converters

Getting the most from your networks becomes easier when you deploy Antaira’s industrial media converters. Converters accommodate various network speeds and feature many connectivity options that let users extend their edge devices’ media path with fiber optic or copper solutions. Antaira models are suitable for WDM, SFP fiber connections, SC, and ST connections. Also, Antaira offers data transfer rates up to 10 Gigabit.


Backed by the Antaria brand name, our professional-grade medial converters can enable technicians to extend their networks while mitigating the cost of labor through upkeep. We offer two types of media converters: managed and unmanaged. A managed media converter is ideal for networks that require meticulous management. Antaria’s line of managed media converters comes equipped with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This management system allows network administrators to configure, manage, and monitor their media converters through easily navigable controls. An unmanaged media converter can offer much faster, autonomous deployment. These converters are rated for extreme conditions, -10° to 70°C. It also comes with the option of an extended temperature range of -40° to 80°C.

Antaira Wireless Product Line

Antaira offers a complete wireless connectivity product line giving you the most current IEEE802.11a/b/g/n technology solutions that serve you indoors or outdoors. The configuration is simplified using a simple web-based control panel. From the control module, you can use the flexible built-in mode features that permit users to take advantage of easy setup for the unit as a wireless access point, as a bridge, as a client, or repeater. Built tough, these wireless units may be installed in outdoor locations where extreme heat or cold is the norm.

By installing an Antaira cellular router, modem technicians will have the robust LTE network capabilities needed to power Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and remote monitoring stations. These industrial outdoor routers and modems make for exceptional options for outdoor installations that experience a wide range of temperatures and conditions as they can withstand temperatures up to -35°C to 70°C in the extreme operating model. The Access Point product line from Antaira offers reliable connectivity at an affordable price.

Antaira Industrial Serial Connectivity Product Line

Rounding out its communication offerings is Antaira’s serial connectivity products. Included are serial-to-serial products, serial-to-fiber connectivity products, and serial-to-Ethernet converters. Antaira also has products such as:

  • Industrial field bus gateways
  • Serial hubs
  • Wireless device servers
  • Industrial USB solutions

Antaira’s outstanding engineering for serial connectivity assures you that the communication links between end serial devices with the control room are very reliable. This allows users to broaden their ability for remote access, as well as control and management of a site’s older serial devices.

Antaria’s line of serial connectivity products allows for more efficient and comprehensive management of all devices within a network administrator’s systems. Whether you’re looking to make the management of your existing legacy network more efficient or simply looking to avoid replacing dated, but fully operational, equipment, Antaria has a connectivity solution for you. These devices make it possible to bring your network up to date with the latest fiber and Ethernet technologies, while still prolonging the life of your serial-based equipment.

5-Year Warranty on Antaira Products

Antaira backs its products with warranties that extend for up to 5 years. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. Under the warranty terms, Antaira will repair or replace any defective products if they were installed per specifications and used within specifications.

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Every network has unique challenges, and each can be met with an ideal solution. When it comes to providing solutions that work, Westward Sales, a value-added partner for Antaira, excels at network designs that make the most of your dollar. Contact one of our representatives today at 720.870.4500.

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