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Panorama Antennas

Wireless Connectivity for Unparalleled Freedom

Based in London since its founding over 70 years ago, Panorama Antennas has a long and storied history meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers and businesses. Drawing on its roots in consumer equipment and TV antennas and its early pioneering innovations in cellular antennas, the company now produces a variety of communications antennas, including a wide range of commercial Wi-Fi and cellular antennas fit for your business.

With Panorama Antennas’ long history of leadership in wireless connectivity, you can rest assured knowing that your business is outfitted with quality equipment from an industry leader. Additionally, all Panorama products are RoHS 3 compliant, and the company has attained ISO 9001-2015 and 14001:2015 certifications. Westward Sales is proud to offer a range of Panorama antennas, in a variety of categories for all types of applications. If you have any questions on how to get the most out of your Panorama antennas, give us a call for expert advice on all things related to connectivity.

WiFi Panorama Antennas

Businesses looking to offer and extend wireless internet connectivity throughout all or part of their facilities need an industrial-grade antenna solution that can take a beating and keep on running. Panorama offers several WiFi-only antennas, including the LG(P)M4-24-58-5RPSP 4x4 Low Profile MiMo WiFi Antenna. At Westward Sales, we offer products to fit your needs, therefore both 4x4 and 2x2 models are available with and without GPS/GNSS. Plus, for your convenience, many of these Panorama antennas are available in black and white finishes. Certain models offer omnidirectional MiMo dual-band coverage and can be panel mounted on vehicles or devices. Whether for industrial cellular modems and routers, machine to machine (M2M) systems, or wireless Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Westward Sales has a Panorama antenna perfect for your needs.


Cellular Panorama Antennas

Many business environments (not to mention the people that fill them) rely on cellular connectivity to get their work done. But, thick-walled industrial buildings and far-flung field offices aren’t exactly known for strong cellular signals. That is where something like a cellular antenna comes into play. These devices can greatly improve the stability and performance of a signal and are relatively easy to install. Panorama antennas can be utilized in both outdoor and indoor settings, ensuring you’ll have reliable connection wherever you need it.

Panorama offers a wide range of industrial cellular antennas, from the small and inexpensive B4BE-6-60 SiSo LTE 5G/4G/3G/2G Antenna, which can be bracket or panel mounted, to the much beefier antennas that offer 3-in-1 2x2 MiMo LTE 5G/4G and GPS/GNSS. These types of antennas offer 2x2 MiMo performance and include GPS/GNSS in addition to its LTE connectivity. They also feature IK10 vandal resistance rating and IP69k for ingress protection.

Combination Panorama Antennas

Some businesses need both WiFi and cellular coverage in the same space. Rather than routing these separately through two devices and facing the configuration challenges that would bring, choose a combination antenna from Panorama. Panorama combination antennas can simplify configurations by offering multiple uses and applications in a single antenna. Plus, these antennas are built rugged and can easily operate in hostile environments.

For maximum connectivity, consider a top of the line Panorama combination antennas. These high performance antennas offer 2x2 MiMo LTE 5G/4G, 6x6 MiMo WiFi, and GPS/GNSS, all packaged into a single antenna array. This powerful omnidirectional antenna can withstand temperature extremes, includes flame retardant components, and is IK10 and IP69K rated.

Directional Panorama Antennas

LTE antennas can significantly boost signal reception in a particular direction, perfect for more rural applications where towers are few and far between. The rugged, weatherproof WMM8G-7-38 offers client-side MiMo in addition to its directional signal reception. Not only that, antennas like WMM8G-7-38 can integrate high-gain 2x2 MiMo antennas to signal boost to add power precisely where it needs it most. Directional Panorama antennas stand apart from other 4G and 5G antennas because of their reliability. Rugged and powerful, directional antennas like the Panorama WMM8G-7-38 are designed to outdo and outlast the elements.

Questions? Westward Sales Is Here for You

Your facility is unique and it has its particular challenges and complexities when it comes to wireless connectivity and coverage. If you have questions about what equipment or combination of devices would best suit your space, Westward Sales is here for you. We’re not just an industrial parts distributor, we’re here to offer our expert advice on even your most complicated connectivity issues. Contact our team of caring representatives today here or at 720.870.4500.

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Panorama B4BE-6-60 Rugged SISO 4G and 5G Cellular Bracket Antenna, Cradlepoint CompatibleThe B4B..

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Panorama BMP1 Covert UHF Antenna for Vehicles, Choice of Frequency BandThe BMP1 is a bumper-moun..

The BMP1-7-27-5F is a bumper-mount 2G/3G/4G cellular antenna is designed to be covert, tamper-proof,..

Panorama BSGM-6-60 3-in-1 MIMO 5G/4G LTE and GPS Base Station AntennaThe BSGM-6-60 antenna is a ..

Panorama BSM-6-60 2-in-1 MIMO 5G/4G LTE Base Station AntennaThe BSM-6-60 antenna is a MIMO omnid..

Panorama BSM-6-60-05NJ 2-in-1 MIMO 5G/4G LTE Base Station Antenna Kit with Extension CablesThe B..

Panorama BSU Pole-Mount UHF Omnidirectional Antenna with an N-Type Female ConnectorThe BSU anten..

Panorama BSU-TETG5 UHF Elevated Gain AntennaThe BSU-TETG5 type antenna is a 5dBi gain discreet r..

Panorama BSV VHF Elevated AntennaThe BSV type antenna is a 2dBi gain discreet ruggedized pr..

Panorama BWDT Covert Bodyworn Dipole AntennaThe Bodyworn Dipole Antenna (BWDT) is specifically d..

Panorama CM-7-60-4310 DAS Antenna (698-6000 MHz) with Low PIM and 4.3-10 ConnectorThe CM-7-60-43..

Panorama CM-7-60-NJ DAS Antenna (698-6000 MHz) with Low PIM and N-Type ConnectorThe CM-7-60-NJ i..

Panorama CM-S Low Profile UHF Ceiling Mount AntennaThe Panorama CM-S[VAR] UHF ceiling anten..

Panorama CM-VHF-UHF-NJ Ceiling Mount Antenna with VHF and UHF ElementsThe  CM-H7-TET-NJ and..

Panorama CM4-36-55-2SP Low Profile MiMo Private LTE and CBRS AntennaThe CM4-36-55-2SP antenna of..

Panorama CMM-6-60 MIMO 5G Cellular Ceiling Antenna with low PIMThe CMM-6-60 is a low-profil..

Panorama CMS-380-520-05NJ Ultra Low Profile SiSo UHF Ceiling AntennaThe CMS-380-520-05NJ  i..

Panorama CMSLP-038-4 Low PIM UHF and 4G/5G LTE Combo-AntennaThe CMSLP-038-4-NJ is a ceiling moun..

Panorama CMSLP-6-60 SISO Cellular Ceiling Antenna with Low PIMThe CMSLP-6-60  is a SiSo low..

Panorama CMWB2-038-6-NJ Low PIM UHF and 3G/4G LTE Ceiling Antenna with WiFiThe CMWB2-038-6-NJ is..

Panorama CMWBD-038-3-NJ Wideband UHF and 3G/4G LTE Ceiling Antenna, Low PIMThe CMWBD-038-3-..

Panorama DMM-6-60 4G and 5G LTE Portable MIMO Antenna with Tabletop Stand, 6' CablesThe com..

Panorama DMM-7-38 4G and 5G (3.5 MHz) MIMO LTE Portable Antenna with Mounting, 6' CablesThe slim..

Panorama DPD-GPS GPS Power Divider Connects One GPS Antenna to Two ReceiversThe Panorama DPD-GPS..

Panorama DWMM4-6-60 Omnidirectional Antenna, 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G LTE, 600-6000 MHzThe DWMM4-6-60 ante..

Panorama DWMM4G-6-60 5-in-1 Omnidirectional Antenna, 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G LTE & GPSThe DWMM4G-6-60..

Panorama GP-IN2148 Sharkee 5-Element Antenna Kit, 16' Cables, Cradlepoint CompatibleThe GP-IN214..

Panorama GP-IN2624 MIMO Cellular, MIMO WiFi, GPS, & Radio Antenna, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe G..

Panorama GPS2D4-6-60 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE (617 to 6000 MHz) Antenna with 2x GPS & Radio WhipThe G..

Panorama GPSD-6-60 Sharkee MIMO 5G LTE (617 to 6000 MHz) Antenna with GPS and Radio WhipThe GPSD..

Panorama GPSD-6-60-DW 5G Cellular Antenna (617 to 6000 MHz) with WiFi 6, GPS, & Radio WhipTh..

Panorama GPSD-6-60-QW 5G Cellular Antenna with 4x4 MIMO WiFi 6, GPS, and Radio WhipThe GPSD-6-60..

Panorama GPSD-6-60-TW 5G Cellular Antenna with 3x3 MIMO WiFi 6, GPS, and Radio WhipThe GPSD-6-60..

Panorama LG-IN1959 Vehicle Antenna Kit with MIMO Cellular and GPS, Cradlepoint ApprovedAs commun..

Panorama LG-IN2033 Vehicle Antenna Kit - MIMO LTE, 3x3 MIMO WiFi, & GPS - 5 meter CablesCruc..

Panorama LG-IN2231 Vehicle Antenna - MIMO Cellular, 4x4 MIMO WiFi, GPS - Cradlepoint ApprovedAs ..

Panorama LG-IN2234 Vehicle Antenna Kit with Cellular, WiFi and GPS, 5-meter CablesAs communicati..

Panorama LG-IN2444 High-Performance 4x4 MIMO LTE & GPS Antenna Kit, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe ..

Panorama LG-IN2445 4x4 MIMO Cellular, MIMO Wi-Fi, GPS 5G Antenna Kit, Cradlepoint ApprovedT..

Panorama LG-IN2446 4x4 MIMO Cellular, 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, & GPS Antenna Kit, Cradlepoint Approved ..

Panorama LG-IN2447 11:1 Antenna - 4x4 MIMO LTE, 6x6 MIMO WiFi, GPS - Cradlepoint ApprovedThe out..

Panorama LG-IN2448 MIMO 5G Cellular, 6x6 MIMO Wi-Fi, GPS Antenna Kit, Cradlepoint ApprovedPanora..

Panorama LG-IN2456 3-in-1 Antenna Kit with MIMO 5G Cellular and GPS, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe rug..

Panorama LG-IN2457 5:1 Antenna Kit - MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO WiFi & GPS - Cradlepoint ApprovedPano..

Panorama LG-IN2458 7-in-1 MIMO 5G Cellular, MIMO WiFi, GPS Antenna Kit, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe ..

Panorama LG-IN2607 Antenna Kit - 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO WiFi, BT, GPS - Cradlepoint ApprovedThe r..

Panorama LP-IN1957 Vehicle Antenna with MIMO Cellular, Cradlepoint ApprovedAs communication expa..

Panorama LP-IN1958 Vehicle Antenna Kit w/MIMO Cellular, MIMO WiFi, GPS, Cradlepoint ApprovedAs m..

Panorama LP-IN1960 Antenna with MIMO Cellular and MIMO WiFiCritical mobile communication require..

Panorama LP-IN2443 Rugged 4x4 MIMO Cellular Antenna for 4G/5G Networks, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe ..

Panorama LP-IN2455 Rugged MIMO Cellular Antenna for 4G/5G Networks, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe high..

Panorama LPB-6-60 SISO 5G/4G LTE Antenna, Surface Mount, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe Panorama LPB-6-..

Panorama LPB-7-27 Robust Low Profile 2G/3G/4G/5G AntennaThe Panorama LPB-7-27 is an extreme..

Panorama LPBE-868 Robust, Low-Profile Panel Mount M2M & IoT Antenna, 868 MHzThe Panorama LPB..

Panorama LPBEM-6-60 SISO 5G/4G LTE Antenna with Magnetic Mount, Cradlepoint ApprovedThe Pan..

Panorama LPBEM-7-27-2SP Magnetic Mount Low Profile 4G LTE SISO AntennaThe Panorama LPBEM-7-27 is..

Panorama LPBU 433 or 460 MHz UHF Antenna with N-Type Connector and BracketThe Panorama LPBU-433-..

Panorama LPBV 169 MHz VHF Antenna with N-Type Connector and BracketThe Panorama LPBV-196-NJ is a..

Panorama LPE-7-27-24-58 and LPEF-7-27-24-58 Antennas with Cellular and WiFiThe LPE-7-27-24-58 an..

Panorama LPNMO-7-27 Low Profile NMO 2G/3G/4G antennaThe Panorama LPNMO-7-27 is a low profile NMO..

Panorama LPP-7-38 Compact 4G/5G Cellular IoT Antenna, Hockey Puck StyleThe LPP-7-38 is..

Panorama LPP-7-38-24-58 Low Profile Cellular and WiFi Combination AntennaThe LPP-7-38-24-58..

Panorama LPPM4-36-55 4x4 MIMO Dual-Band Private LTE and CBRS Antenna, 3.6 and 5.0 GHzThe LPPM4-3..

Panorama LPW-169 Low Profile 169MHz AntennaThe Panorama LPW range of antennas are designed to de..

Panorama LPW-433 and LPW-460 UHF Antennas for M2M and Smart MeteringThe Panorama LPW-433 and LPW..

Panorama LPW-868-2SP Low Profile Wall Mount AntennaThe Panorama LPW-868-2SP omnidirectional UHF ..

Panorama LPW-BC3G-26-2SP Cellular Antenna for M2M and Smart MeteringThe Panorama LPW-BC3G-26-2SP..

The M18-EXT allows the installation of antennas with an M18 bush fitting to secure to thick mounting..

Panorama M8 Modular Through-Hole Surface Mount Base for Whip AntennasThe M8 is an industry-stand..

Panorama MAKO 6:1 LPMDM4-6-60-24-58 4x4 MIMO 5G Cellular Antenna with 2x2 MIMO WiFiMobile operat..

Panorama MAKO 4:1 LPMM4-6-60 Rugged Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 4G and 5G LTEMobile operations, such a..

Panorama MAR-7-21-2SP Multiband Cellular and UHF Whip AntennaThe MAR-7-21-2SP is a compact, flex..

Panorama MAR-868-2SP Omnidirectional Whip Antenna for LoRa and SigfoxThe MAR-868-2SP is a high p..

Panorama MAR-BAG-DEP3G-2SP High Gain Multiband Cellular and UHF Whip AntennaThe MAR-BAG-DEP3G-2S..

Panorama MAR-C3G Cellular Antenna with 2 dBi Gain and Magnetic BaseIf you are constantly on the ..

Panorama MARU-2F and MARU-2SP Magnetic Mounting Base for Whip Antennas with 2-meter CableThe MAR..

The MD magnetic antenna base is a popular choice for public safety and commercial vehicles needing a..

 The MD168-5 is a quarter-wave 169 MHz VHF whip antenna mounted on a robust magnetic base, maki..

The MD9G21-5SP omnidirectional cellular whip antenna operates on 800 - 960 MHz and 1710 - 2170 MHz f..

Panorama MFX-ICF4 VHF Helical Antenna for Portable Radios, SMA ConnectorThe MFX-ICF4 is a high-p..

Panorama MFX-MG VHF Helical Antenna for Motorola Portable RadiosThe MFX-MG is a high-performance..

Panorama MFX-MV VHF Helical Antenna for Simoco Portable RadiosThe MFX-MV is a high-performance c..

Panorama MFX-MX VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFX-MX is a high-performance compress..

Panorama MFX-SMAFR VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFX-SMAFR is a high-performance co..

Panorama MFX-SMAMO VHF Helical Antenna for Handheld Radios, Choice of BandThe MFX-SMAMO is a hig..

Panorama MFXU-BNC UHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFXU-BNC is a high-performance comp..

Panorama MFXU-ICF4 UHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFXU-ICF4 is a high-performance co..

Panorama MFXU-MG UHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFXU-MG is a high-performance compre..

Panorama MFXU-MX UHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFXU-MX is a high-performance compre..

Panorama MFXU-SMAFR UHF Helical Antenna for Handheld RadiosThe MFXU-SMAFR is a high-performance ..

Panorama MFXU-SMAMO Helical UHF Antenna for Handheld Radios with SMA ConnectorThe MFXU-SMAMO is ..

Panorama MFXU-TNC Helical UHF Antenna for Handheld Radios with TNC ConnectorThe MFXU-TNC is a hi..

The MMR-5F magnetic antenna base is a popular solution for public safety and commercial vehicles nee..

The Panorama MNMOM through-hole mounting base supports antennas with an NMO connector. It combines t..