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Cradlepoint Routers

Cradlepoint Routers

Cradlepoint has been one of the biggest names in connectivity, IoT, and mobile enterprise networking solutions for over a decade. Installing a Cradlepoint router into your network is a sure guarantee for faster connectivity speeds and stable connections. Built for optimum performance and durability, Cradlepoint routers are made to get your most complicated networking jobs done. Whether for mobile operations or stationary set-ups in an office building or retail space, we have a router to fit your needs and expectations. Take a look at our competitively priced Cradlepoint routers and give us a call today to get started or learn more.

Mobile Networks

Those working in the field such as first responders, delivery van drivers, trucking fleets and nearshore shipping operations need a reliable, solid connection regardless of where their job duties take them. We have Cradlepoint routers made specifically for mobile operations. Mobile routers ensure that units or fleets always have a strong mobile connection without mitigating security. Mobile networks must enforce strong security measures when operating on public WiFi networks. Routers keep your connection secure through the use of multi-zone firewalls, IDS/IPS, Internet security, and FIPS 140-2 certification. These offerings are only one of the many helpful ways to ensure the cost-effectiveness of your network. 4G and 5G-Ready LTE mobile routers are stored in a ruggedized metal enclosure, keeping your equipment safe even in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Cradlepoint mobile routers are built to withstand the demands of mobile deployment and can handle extreme temperature, dust, moisture, shock, and vibration.


Edge Routers for Small to Large Operations

In highly populated network configurations with a large quantity of connected end-devices, such as large office buildings, edge routers act as gateways. They accept inbound traffic into your network while working to secure the network edge. These specialized routers are integral in ensuring the safety and security of your network. We understand how important a solid Internet connection is when operating a business. Cradlepoint offers a wide range of Internet routers for small, mid-sized, to large operations. Operations such as branch offices, clinics, retailers, restaurants and many other types of businesses need a dependable, secure Internet connection to operate their businesses efficiently and securely. Cradlepoint routers can come equipped with click-and-point cloud management, offering reliable communication and speed for everyone working within your network. Not only are these routers capable, they are also flexible. We offer wired and wireless Cradlepoint router options, some that include simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi, MIMO antennas, and active GPS.

NetCloud Packages

Our Cradlepoint routers are sold as a package within a comprehensive NetCloud Essentials plan. These plans ensure you are always connected and informed on the status of your network operations, even remotely. You will have access to 24/7 support and cloud management services to allow for zero-touch deployment, data analytics reporting, and configuring all from a remote web console. When purchasing a Cradlepoint router, you are receiving more than just a router. You also have an entire team of Cradlepoint network support and features to help keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

All-In-One Networking Solutions

Need some help finding the tools you need beyond Cradlepoint routers? Here at Westward Sales, we are experienced IT professionals with decades of experience in the industry. Our mission is to help you find the very best, most efficient way to run your networks, big or small. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, we are happy to offer our networking expertise. We can match you with perfect tools and equipment to solve every kind of technical problem and offer insight into network design. Start your journey to optimum connectivity. Give us a call today for advice or for more information on our products.

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