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Computing Solutions for Critical Applications

Axiomtek is a major global design and manufacturing company of Industrial and Embedded Computers. In business since 1990, we are confident in their innovative products and outstanding customer support. As a leading industrial supplier, Axiomtek is devoted to producing state-of-the-art solutions that help users achieve their goals. That’s why engineers come to Axiomtek when they need a high-performance, reliable and economical processing platform that simply works.

About Axiomtek and Its Production Processes

From the new ICO300 fanless DIN-rail computer to the GOT817-834 IP69K panel PC to the eBOX530-830 palm-sized embedded computer, you can see that Axiomtek prides itself on innovative designs. They strive to solve problems without breaking your budget. Axiomtek relies on creative engineering to ensure easy integration of their board-level and system-level technology.

Axiomtek’s Unique Embedded Systems and Platforms

Axiomtek products we carry fall into four categories: 1) Embedded Systems, 2) Industrial Panel PCs, 3) Industrial Monitors and 4) Digital Signage. These high-performance systems and platforms meet the demand of mission-critical, automation and heavy industrial applications.


Their comprehensive product line includes:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Single Board Computers
  • Network Appliances
  • Touch Panel Computers
  • Human Machine Interfaces
  • Industrial Networking
  • Digital Signage Controllers
  • NEMA 4X and IP69K Rated Systems
  • Medical Displays

Axiomtek’s products are hardened for high reliability. They withstand abuse from extreme temperature, vibration, EMI/RFI and general long-term use. Many are certified to industrial standards such as IP65, IP66, IP67K, NEMA 4X, EN 50155 / EN50121-4, IEC 61850, IEEE 1613 and IEC 60945.

Ideal Computing Industry Applications

But it’s about more than just the individual products and each product’s extensive list of features. It’s about the challenges faced in our industry that require cost-effective, reliable and fast solutions. That’s why Axiomtek targets a number of critical applications to ensure their systems and platforms adequately address common needs among those in the field.

Need a fanless embedded fan you can hold in the palm of your hand? Looking for one you can securely store in a vehicle and in extreme temperatures? Ready for a series of systems technicians can install and operate effectively? You’re in the right place. Many of the industries and applications that rely on Axiomtek products include:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Gaming
  • Power Utilities
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Network Security
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Factory Automation and Controls
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Devices
  • M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Communication

If you are in one of these industries or another industrial field, consider Axiomtek systems and platforms.

Contact Westward Sales to Discuss Your Needs

Contact us to learn more about all of Axiomtek products or to see how they compare to your computing or networking requirements. At Westward Sales, every member on the sales team has a thorough knowledge of industrial computer applications and is available to discuss your challenges and needs.

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Axiomtek AIE100-T2NX Rugged High-Performance AI Computer with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPUThe AIE100-T2..

Axiomtek AIE500-901-FL Rugged High-Performance AI Computer with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPUThe AIE500-..

Axiomtek AIE900-902-FL Rugged High-Performance AI Computer with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier GPUThe ..

Axiomtek AIE900-XNX Fanless AI-Powered Box PC Using NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform for 5G and AIoT A..

Axiomtek eBOX100-312-FL Low-Profile Industrial Computer with Intel Celeron or Pentium ProcessorW..

Axiomtek eBOX100-51R-FL Ultra-Compact Embedded System with Intel i5 or Celeron ProcessorWhen you..

AxiomTek eBOX560-500-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer, Intel Core i7-6600U, i5-6300U, i3..

Axiomtek eBOX560-512-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer, Choice of Celeron 3956U, i5-7300U, or i3-7100U P..

Axiomtek eBOX560-52R-FL, Fanless Embedded System, Choice of Intel Core i5-8365UE or Celeron 4305UE P..

AxiomTek eBOX565-500-FL, Embedded Computer, Intel Core i5-6300U, i3-6100U or Celeron 3955U..

Axiomtek eBOX565-52R-FL, Fanless Embedded System, Choice of Intel Core i5-8365UE or Celeron 4305UE P..

AxiomTek eBOX620-841-FL, Fanless Embedded Computer with the Intel Atom E3845 1.91GHz Proce..

Axiomtek eBOX625-312-FL Industrial Computer, Choice of Intel Celeron or Pentium ProcessorThe com..

Axiomtek eBOX626-311-FL Industrial Computer with Intel Atom x5-E3940 ProcessorThe eBOX626-311-FL..

Axiomtek eBOX626-842-FL Industrial Intel Celeron J1900 Computer with Display, Ethernet, US..

 Axiomtek eBOX626-853-FL Industrial PC with Intel Celeron, Graphics, PCIe Expansion, ..

Axiomtek eBOX627-312-FL Fanless Industrial Computer with Choice of Intel Celeron or Pentium Processo..

Axiomtek eBOX630-528-FL Embedded PC w/8th Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Celeron 4305UE Proces..

Axiomtek eBOX640-500-FL Industrial Computer with LGA 1151 Socket for Intel Core and Celeron CPU..

Axiomtek eBOX640-521-FL Industrial Computer with Scalable LGA 1151 Socket for 8th Gen Intel Core or ..

Axiomtek eBOX671-517-FL Box PC with LGA 1151 Socket for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Celeron CPUs, 8 PoE P..

Axiomtek eBOX671-521-FL with LGA 1151 for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Celeron PC, MXM 3.1 Slot, 5 Display..

Axiomtek eBOX671A with LGA1200 for Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/i3 or Celeron Processor, W480E Chipset, ..

AxiomTek eBOX710-521-FL, Fanless Embedded System with Intel Xeon, Intel Core i7/i5/i3 or Celeron Pro..

Axiomtek eBOX710A with LGA1200 for 10th/11th Gen Intel Core i9/i7/i5/i3 or Celeron Processor, H420E ..

Axiomtek eBOX800-511-FL IP67-rated Computer with Choice of Intel i5 or Celeron, M12 I/O Connectors ..

Axiomtek eBOX800-841-FL Rugged IP67 Outdoor Computer with Intel Atom CPUIndustrial Internet of T..

Axiomtek GOT107W-319 7” Fanless WSVGA Touch Panel PC, IP65, Intel Celeron or Pentium ProcessorHu..

Axiomtek GOT110-316 Heavy-Duty 10.4" IP65 Rated Panel PC with Touch Screen, Intel Celeron or Pentium..

Axiomtek GOT110-316-PoE-PD PoE Powered 10.4" Panel PC with Touch, Intel Celeron, IP65 RatingHuma..

Axiomtek GOT115-319 15" IP65 Rated Panel PC with Touch Screen, Intel Celeron or PentiumHuman Mac..

Axiomtek GOT3126T-834 Heavy-Duty 12.1" Touch Panel PC, IP65 / NEMA 4, Intel AtomSlim, fanless, a..

Axiomtek GOT3156T-834 Fanless 15" XGA TFT Panel PC with Touch and Intel Atom E3827 Processor ..

Axiomtek GOT3157W-834-PCT Fanless, Heavy-Duty 15.6" HMI Computer with Low Power Celeron J1900Hum..

Axiomtek GOT315WL-845-PCT Industrial IP65 Panel PC with 15.6" Touch Display, Intel PentiumOn the..

Axiomtek GOT3177T-834 Fanless 17" Touch Panel Computer, IP65 Rated, with Low-power Celeron J190..

AxiomTek GOT3187W-834-PCT Fanless 18.5" HMI Computer with Intel Celeron J1900 CPU and IP65 Rating ..

AxiomTek GOT3187WL-834-PCT Fanless, IP65 Panel PC with Low-Power Celeron CPU, 18.5" C..

Axiomtek GOT318WL-845 Fanless 18.5" WXGA Multi-Touch Panel Computer, IP65 Rated, Intel Pentium ..

Axiomtek GOT3217WL-845-PCT Fanless, 21.5" Multi-Touch Computer, IP65 Rated, with Pentium N3710 ..

Axiomtek GOT5100T-834 Fanless, IP65 Rated 10.4" Touch Panel Computer with Celeron J1900 CP..

Axiomtek GOT5100T-845 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 10.4" Touchscreen, Intel Dual-Core CeleronIn add..

Axiomtek GOT5103W-845 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 10.1" PCAP Touchscreen, Intel Dual-Core CeleronA..

Axiomtek GOT5120T-834 Fanless, IP65 HMI, 12.1" Display with Touchscreen, Intel Celeron CPUAxiomt..

Axiomtek GOT5120T-845 Fanless IP65 Panel PC, 12.1" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 CPUThe ..

Axiomtek GOT5152T-834 Fanless, Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron J1900 P..

Axiomtek GOT5152T-845 Fanless, Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 Proces..

Axiomtek GOT5153W-834 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15.6" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron J1900 Processor..

Axiomtek GOT5153W-845 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 15.6" WXGA Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 CPUA..

Axiomtek GOT5840T-834 Fanless IP65-Rated 8.4" Panel PC with Resistive Touchscreen, Intel C..

Axiomtek GOT5840T-845 Industrial IP65 Panel PC, 8.4" Touchscreen, Intel Celeron N3060 ProcessorO..

Axiomtek GOT710-837 Fanless, HMI Computer with Atom CPU and Touchscreen, EN50155 Rail CertifiedT..

Axiomtek GOT712-837 Fanless, EN50155 Rail Certified HMI Computer with Intel Atom E3845 and 12.1" Tou..

Axiomtek GOT810-316 Fanless 10.4" Panel PC, IP66 and IP69K Rated with Celeron N3350 CPUThe GOT81..

Axiomtek GOT810-845 Fanless 10.4" Panel PC, IP66 and IP69K Rated with Celeron N3060 CPU ..

Axiomtek GOT815-834 Fanless 15" Touch Computer with Atom E3827 CPU, IP66 and IP69K RatedThe..

AxiomTek GOT815L-511 Industrial Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel i5 CPU with 15" Capacitive or..

Axiomtek GOT817-834 Industrial Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel Atom with 17" Capacitive or Resistive To..

Axiomtek GOT817L-511 Industrial Panel PC, IP69K Rated, Intel i5 CPU with 17" Capacitive or Resistive..

Axiomtek MPC102-845 Medical-Grade Panel PC, 10.4” XGA TFT with Intel Celeron ProcessorThe M..

Axiomtek MPC103-845 Medical-Grade Panel PC, 10.1” WXGA TFT, Intel Celeron ProcessorThe MPC102-84..

Axiomtek MPC152-845 Medical-Grade Panel PC, 15” XGA TFT, Intel Celeron ProcessorAxiomtek’s MPC15..

Axiomtek MPC153-834 Medical-Grade Panel PC, 15.6” WXGA TFT, Intel Celeron ProcessorAxiomtek’s MP..

Axiomtek NA861 Network Appliance with LGA364 Socket for Intel Xeon Processsors, 4 to 34 Gigabit Ethe..

Axiomtek P1127E-500 Panel PC with 12.1” XGA TFT LCD, Touchscreen, and LGA1151 socket for Intel Proce..

Axiomtek P1157E-500 Panel PC with 15” XGA TFT Touch LCD and LGA1151 socket for Intel ProcessorsW..

Axiomtek P1177E-500 Panel PC with 17” XGA TFT Touch LCD and LGA1151 Xocket for Intel ProcessorsW..

Axiomtek P1197E-500 Panel PC with 19” XGA TFT Touch LCD and LGA1151 socket for Intel ProcessorsW..

Axiomtek P6103W 10.1" WXGA TFT Widescreen Industrial LCD Display with Optional TouchscreenThe&nb..

Axiomtek P6121 12.1" XGA TFT Industrial Display, IP65 Rated, Touchscreen, and DC PowerAxiomtek d..

Axiomtek P6151-V3 15" XGA TFT Industrial Display, IP65 Rated, Touchscreen, and AC or DC PowerAxi..

Axiomtek P6157W-V3 15.6" WXGA TFT Widescreen Industrial LCD with Touchscreen and AC or DC PowerT..

Axiomtek P6171-V3 17" SXGA TFT Industrial Display, IP65 Rated with Touchscreen, Choose AC or DC Powe..

Axiomtek P6187W-V3 18.5" WXGA TFT Widescreen Industrial LCD with DC PowerThe P6187W-V3 ..

Axiomtek P6191-V3 19" SXGA TFT Industrial Display, IP65 Rated, DC PowerThe P6191-V3 manufactured..

Axiomtek P6217-V3 21.5" FHD TFT Widescreen Industrial LCD with Touchscreen and AC or DC PowerThe..

Axiomtek rBOX610 DIN-rail Embedded Computer, iMX-287 ARM Processor, Serial, CAN bus, DIOThe rBOX..
$439.00 $374.00

AxiomTek rBOX630 DIN-rail Fanless Embedded Computer with i.MX 6 ARM Processor, 4 COM, 2 CAN Bus and ..

Axiomtek tBOX110-APL-TV Fanless Embedded System, Intel Atom E3940 Processor for Vehicle PCThe tB..

Axiomtek tBOX810-838-FL Vehicle / Rail / Marine Rated Computer with Choice of Intel Atom E3845 or E3..

Axiomtek UST100-504-FL Embedded Computer for Vehicle and Railway, Select i5 or i7 7th/6th Gen Intel ..

Axiomtek UST500-517-FL Fanless Embedded Computer for Vehicle and Railway, 16 PoE PortsFor depend..

Axiomtek ICO500-518 Intel Celeron or Core i3 Computer with Expansion I/O Modules, EN 50121-4 Certifi..

Axiomtek PIM100 Serial Expansion Module for the ICO500-518 ComputerThe PIM100 is an expansion bo..