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Sierra Wireless Antennas

Sierra Wireless Antennas

Cutting Edge Technology

The communication and connectivity industry is constantly expanding and accelerating. To keep up with this rapidly changing field, mobile network engineers have to consider a wide variety of variables when building out their networks. Between brutal terrain to hostile atmospheric conditions, outdoor connectivity devices must be able to withstand the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer while still managing to perform at full capacity.

Westward Sales is proud to distribute quality connectivity products, such as Sierra Wireless. Sierra Wireless antennas are the perfect solution to your most puzzling connectivity challenges. These innovative antennas offer engineers cost-effective instruments that do not compromise on performance.

Sierra Wireless has been a leader in the connectivity market since its inception over 25 years ago. Since then, they have been on the cutting edge of communication technology, serving customers all over the world. Sierra creates innovative technology solutions to unlock all the possibilities that Internet of Things (IoT) technology has to offer.


Alongside high performance antennas, Westward Sales also supplies a range of Sierra Wireless Airlink routers and gateways.

Tested and Certified Wireless Antennas

Westward Sales offer a wide range of Sierra wireless antennas and connectivity products to serve a broad spectrum of needs and purposes. Our selection of Sierra Wireless antennas ensure that all of your WiFi networks are running efficiently and effectively. We have antennas to fit all needs. Westward Sales carries rugged, bolt mounted vehicle antennas with MIMO 4G and 5G capabilities and omnidirectional dome antennas rated for IP66 durability and can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 - 80°C (-40 - 187°F) while still operating as designed.

4x4 MIMO LTE Antennas

As more industries begin integrating 5G technology into their communication network, they will need hardware that can operate on newer technology while still being compatible with older and legacy devices in the same network. Many of the Sierra Wireless antennas that Westward Sales offers have MIMO capabilities, meaning that they have multiple-input and multiple-output capacity. This capability multiplies the radio links using multiple transmission and receiving antennas. This way, a single antenna can transmit multiple data streams simultaneously. Adoption of MIMO and 5G technology will usher in a newer, much faster generation of communication technologies for nearly every industry.

Advanced Networking Needs in One Place

Sierra Wireless antennas are only the beginning of what Westward Sales can offer to improve your networking capabilities. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, our networking expertise can be invaluable assistance. Our representatives are all experts, and we are proud to offer real-time help to network administrators and engineers to find the best way to get a job done. We can help you find the perfect tool for every niche and offer insight into network design that can improve your whole outlook. It all starts with a simple phone call. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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Mobile Network Case with Sierra Wireless MP70, Built-in High-Performance Antennas, Battery Power..
Sierra Wireless 6001455 5-in-1 MIMO 5G Cellular, MIMO WiFi, & GPS Antenna, 2-meter CableSier..
Mobile Mark LLP308 MIMO, LTE, GPS, 5G Antenna with 15-foot CablesThe LLP308 combines three ..
Sierra Wireless 6001446 & 6001524 5-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR80 and XR90 RoutersThe 5..
Mobile Mark LLP508 5:1 5G Antenna with LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS and 15' Cables, Cradlepoint Compatib..
Mobile Mark LTM508 5G LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS Antenna with 15' Cables, Cradlepoint CompatibleThe LTM..
Mobile Mark LTM302 Surface Mount Antenna, 694-960/1710-3700 MHz & GPS, Magnet OptionThe LTM3..
Mobile Mark LTM308 Low Profile MIMO 5G Cellular Antenna with GPS, 15-foot CablesThe 3-cable LTM3..
Mobile Mark LTM402 4:1 Fleet Antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, & GPS, Magnet Mount OptionThe ..
Mobile Mark LTM404 4:1 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi Antenna with 15' Cables, Cradlepoint CompatibleThe LTM404 ..
Mobile Mark LTM608 6-in-1 Diversity/MIMO Antenna, CBRS & Band 71, Cradlepoint CompatibleThe ..
Mobile Mark LTMW943 8-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G Cellular, 3x3 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPSAntenn..
Mobile Mark LTMW944 9-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G Cellular, 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPSAntenn..
Mobile Mark LTMW946 11:1 Fleet Management Antenna (4x4 MIMO LTE, 6x6 MIMO WiFi, GPS)The Mobile M..
Mobile Mark MXF302 3-in-1 MIMO LTE Cellular and GPS MaxFin Multiband AntennaThe MXF302 Mult..
MXF308 3-in-1 MIMO LTE & GPS MaxFin Antenna, 617-960 & 1710-6000 MHzThe MXF308 MaxFin 3-..
Mobile Mark MXF402 Multiband Diversity/MIMO Antenna, Magnet Mount OptionThe MXF402 MaxFin style ..
Mobile Mark MXF508 MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi 6E, GPS Antenna - 15' Cables, Cradlepoint CompatibleThe M..
Mobile Mark MXF608 6-in-1 Multiband MIMO Antenna, 15' Cables, Magnet Mount OptionThe MXF608 MaxF..
Mobile Mark PR-LTM508 5-in-1 Passenger Rail Antenna for 5G, NFPA-130 & EN 50155 CertifiedThe..
Sierra Wireless AirLink 6001197 & 6001262 6-in-1 Sharkfin Antenna for MP70 and MG90 RoutersT..
Sierra Wireless AirLink 6001283 & 6001284 3-in-1 Antennas for the MG and MP Cellular Routers..
Sierra Wireless 6001119 Sharkfin 2x2 MIMO 4G LTE Cellular Antenna with GPS/GNSSIt’s not easy to ..
Sierra Wireless 6001120 Sharkfin 2x2 MIMO 4G Vehicle Antenna with 4-meter CablesAs mobile networ..
Sierra Wireless 6001198 AirLink 4-in-1 Sharkfin Mobile Antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, and GPSThe o..
Sierra Wireless 6001199 AirLink 3-in-1 Sharkfin 3x3 MIMO WiFi Antenna with 4-meter CablesThe omn..
Sierra Wireless 6001200 AirLink Antenna, 3-in-1 ‘BAT’ with MIMO Cellular and GPSThe 6001200 AirL..
Sierra Wireless 6001201 AirLink Antenna, 4-in-1 ‘BAT’ with MIMO Cellular, WiFi, and GPSThe 60012..
Sierra Wireless AirLink 6001285 4-in-1 Panel-Mount Antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, and GPSThe omnid..
Sierra Wireless 6001351 & 6001352 4-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR90 RouterWith four omnid..
Taoglas TG.22.0222 3G/2G Cellular Connector Mount Omnidirectional AntennaThe TG.22.0222 monopole..
Parsec PRO5GR Mobile Hotspot Case with MIMO 5G LTE, WiFi, and GPS AntennasThe Golden Retriever P..
Parsec PRO5N Newfoundland Mobile Hotspot Case with 4x4 MIMO LTE and GPS AntennasParsec Technolog..
Parsec Beagle PRO6B Portable Hotspot Case with MIMO LTE, 3x3 MIMO WIFI, and GPS AntennasThe Beag..
Parsec PRO6BH Bloodhound Mobile Hotspot Case, 2x2 MIMO 5G LTE, 3x3 WiFi, GPS AntennasThe PRO6BH2..
Parsec PRO6N Newfoundland Mobile Hotspot Case with 4x4 MIMO LTE and MIMO Wi-Fi AntennasParsec Te..
Parsec PRO7N Mobile Hotspot Case with 4x4 MIMO LTE, MIMO Wi-Fi & GPS AntennasParsec Tec..
Parsec PRO9N4L4WG (Newfoundland) Hotspot Case, 4x4 MIMO LTE, 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, & GPS The ..
Parsec PRO9N8LG Newfoundland Mobile Hotspot Case, 8x8 MIMO LTE and GPS AntennasThe Newfoundland ..
Sierra Wireless 6001124 2-in-1 2x2 MIMO 4G Cellular Panel Antenna with 1 or 3-meter CablesSierra..
Sierra Wireless AirLink 6001125 3-in-1 MIMO 4G Cellular and GPS Antenna, 1 or 3-meter CablesSier..
Sierra Wireless 6001275 AirLink 5-in-1 Antenna with MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPSSierra Wireless'..
Sierra Wireless AirLink 6001344 & 6001345 8-in-1 Antennas for the MG90 Cellular RoutersThe S..
Sierra Wireless 6001354 & 6001355 10-in-1 Antennas for the AirLink XR80 RouterThe 6001354 (b..
Sierra Wireless AirLink 6001363 & 6001364 6-in-1 Antennas for the MG and MP Cellular Routers..
Sierra Wireless 6001399 & 6001400 9-in-1 Antennas for the AirLink XR90 RouterThe 6001399 (bl..
Semtech 6001432 AirLink 5-in-1 Flat Panel Antenna for Fixed or Mobile ApplicationsThe 5-in-1 600..
Sierra Wireless 6001442 & 6001501 9-in-1 Antennas for the Airlink XR90 RouterThe 9-in-1 Dual..
Sierra Wireless 6001443 & 6001445 AirLink 5-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE and GPSThe 6..
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