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Wireless Personal Area Networks – Zigbee is the Answer

Zigbee expands the wireless world with a comprehensive offering of hardware, software management tools and connected services.  Designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, Zigbee is ideal for building automation, energy monitoring, heath care devices, advanced meters and instruments, smart appliances, HVAC control and security systems. If you are rolling out a Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) and need the same reliability as Bluetooth and WIFI but at a lower cost, then Zigbee is your answer.   These modules are easy to install and provide the durability you expect. Our partner, SENA Networks offers low cost and low power Zigbee wireless products that are specifically designed for WPAN.

SENA Family of Zigbee Adapters and Accessories

The ZigBee product line includes the ZigBee embedded short and long range modules, ZigBee USB adapter, ZigBee Serial adapter products and accessories


They are all designed for economically minded and energy efficient wireless applications.  SENA's ZigBee products provide high performance and robust data transfer capability across a wide range.  And, they are a very affordable alternative to traditional wireless technologies.

Zigbee Specifications

First developed in the 1990’s, Zigbee is an ad-hoc low power wireless mesh network technology based on IEEE 802.15.4.  It is used for personal area networks. The transmission range can be from 10 to 100 meters, but the range can be extended using mesh network characteristics via the intermediate devices. It has since developed into a robust set of efficient accessories that are easily and inexpensively combined to provide robust and reliable wireless networks.

Product Range

Westward Sales offers Zigbee DIP / SMD embedded modules and software for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), Zigbee to RS-232 serial adapters and Zigbee to USB devices.  Manufactured by SENA Technologies, these are built tough for industrial applications and backed by a three year warranty.

ZigBee OEM Modules and Starter Kit

The Probee-ZE10 embedded module adds Zigbee functionality to an OEM device.  It features analog and digital I/O and choice of antenna connections.  For rapid prototyping and software development, the ZE10-SK01 starter kit includes every component you need to begin programming immediately:  three OEM modules, development boards, antennas, power adapters, cables and configuration software.   The ProBee-ZE20  and starter kit offers a choice of SMD or DIP packaging.  It also offers multiple antenna configurations.

ZigBee to Serial Adapters

The ProBee-ZS10 is an RS-232 serial port to ZigBee adapter that offers high performance and robust data throughput for many types of wireless applications.  It includes a ZigBee core, radio circuitry, antenna and management software. It is an affordable and simple way to wirelessly transmit data in an industrial environment.  Simply plug the module into an RS-232 port, configure and start communicating.  Battery pack, external power adapters and high gain antennas are available.

Because serial ports are less common, the ProBee-ZU10-G01 ZigBee adapter plugs into a standard USB port.  Like the ZS10 above, it also includes ZigBee and radio electronics, stub antenna and software for quick and easy deployment. 

For More Information

Contact Westward Sales today to learn more about how the SENA family of Zigbee products can work for your next WPAN project.

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