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SENA Technologies

M2M and IoT Communications

SENA Technologies is known around the globe as a leading manufacturer of networking solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. SENA’s innovative, embedded technology is in millions of network-enabled devices spanning a wide variety of industries.

Their innovative and powerful products give your business a competitive edge. They allow you to integrate, automate, monitor, measure, and connect a network with ease. Whether you are working with a wireless or wired system, SENA’s Industrial Bluetooth, Zigbee, Serial Device Server product lines provide embedded hardware and software technology that meet the unique needs of a variety of industries.

SENA products were developed with a wide range of industrial and business sectors in mind. They are the preferred networking device in certain areas of telecommunications, retail point of sale, industrial plant management, building control and automation, medical equipment, energy management, and security. These devices add intelligence to systems giving you a competitive edge. If you are looking for high-performance M2M or IoT communication, take a look at SENA’s networking solutions.

Industrial Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth is one of the most successful wireless communication standards for consumer products. And, it is designed for industrial and commercial projects, too. When moderate distance and small-scale communication are needed, SENA’s Bluetooth devices are perfect for upgrading your data, monitoring, point-to-point communication, and connecting equipment to a modern network. Their solutions are available in several connectivity formats and require little to no setup.


Serial Connectivity

SENA offers serial device servers that include multi-port serial cards, USB to serial converters, and serial to serial converters. Device servers are designed to manage RS-232/422/485 serial devices over Ethernet. This product line includes:

Unsurpassed Quality Standards in the Industry

SENA Technologies has been ISO 9001 compliant since 2015 resulting in quality assurance from product design, development, manufacturing, and installation to service. As a manufacturer, they stand by their products. Their high-quality management system sets them apart from the competition and assures their products and services are the best in the business. You save cost by getting the exact features you need. Best of all, their parts come standard with a 5-year warranty.

Contact Westward Sales to Discuss Your Needs

Call us to learn about all of SENA Technologies' products or to see how they compare to your embedded network requirements. At Westward Sales, every member of the sales team has a thorough knowledge of industrial computer applications and is available to discuss your challenges and needs.

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Sena Parani BPC-G02 and BPC-G03 Rechargeable Battery Packs for SD1000 and SD1100 ModulesParani B..

PARANI-MSP1000 Bluetooth to Ethernet Gateway with Choice of 7, 14, or 28 ConnectionsThe Parani-M..

SENA PARANI-SD1000 Bluetooth to RS-232 ConverterThe Parani-SD1000 from SENA Technologies is an R..

PARANI-SD1000U Bluetooth to USB AdapterThe Parani-SD1000U from SENA Technologies is a Bluet..

PARANI-UPA USB Power Cable For Parani SD SeriesThe Parani-UPA (SENA part number UPA-G01) dr..

SENA PARANI-DPA DC Power Cable For Zigbee ModulesThe PARINI-DPA (SENA part number DPA-G01) ..

The Parani-FM9GD from SENA technologies is a miniature gender changer that converts a 9-pin female D..

SENA PARANI-DB9FTB Terminal Block Adapter For the SD1100 Bluetooth ModuleThe PARANI-DB9FTB adapt..

SENA PARANI-OPA-US/EU/JP Power Adapter for the Parani-SD1000The Parani-OPA (SENA part numbe..

PARANI-RFC 1 Meter Antenna Extension Cable with Choice of Left or Right-Hand ThreadThe PARANI-RF..

SENA PARANI-DAT-R Dipole Antenna for Bluetooth and Zigbee Devices with 3 dBi GainThe PARANI-DAT-..

SENA PARANI-DAT5-R Dipole Antenna with 5 dBi Gain, SMA Female-Right Hand ThreadThe PARANI-DAT5-R..

PARANI-PAT-R Patch Antenna with 9 dBi Gain and Right-Hand ThreadThere are several antennas ..

PARANI-SAT Stub Antenna with 1 dBi Gain, Choice of Left or Right-Hand ThreadSena Technologies of..

SENA PARANI-SEC 15 cm Antenna Extension Cable for Bluetooth, WIFI, and Zigbee ModulesThe PARANI-..

Sena PARANI UD100-G03 USB to Bluetooth Adapter, 300 m to 1000 m Working DistanceConvert a USB po..

SENA PARANI-EEC 15 cm Antenna Extension Cable for the Parani-ESD110V2-01 Bluetooth ModuleThe Par..

***DISCONTINUED***  This device server does not have an immediate replacement.  ..

*** DISCONTINUED ***  This Ethernet controller is discontinued. ​NEMO10-SK ..

*** DISCONTINUED ***  This SENA Technologies' Parani module is discontinued.  See Pro..

PARANI-BPC-G01 AA Battery Pack for the Parani-SD200 Bluetooth ModuleBattery packs from Sena..

*** DISCONTINUED ***  This Bluetooth module is discontinued. ​SENA PARANI-ESD1000SK&n..

*** DISCONTINUED ***  This Bluetooth module is discontinued.  See Product Notice in the Do..

*** DISCONTINUED ***  This Bluetooth module is discontinued.  PARANI-ESD200SK&nb..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This Bluetooth module is discontinued.  PARANI-ESD210SK Starter ..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This ZibBee module is going obsolete and might not be available.  Con..

The ProBee-ZS10 ZigBee to RS-232 AdapterThe ProBee-ZS10 from Sena Technologies is an RS-232 seri..

*** DISCONTINUED *** The ZU10 is no longer available.Sena ProBee ZU10-G01 ZigBee to USB Adap..

***DISCONTINUED***  *Please see the NP304T as an alternative option. Power Supply is sold seper..

*** DISCONTINUED *** This module is discontinued.  RHIO10 Remote Ethernet I/O Manager from..

SS100 1-Port RS-232/422/485 Programmable Device Server  The SS100 is a single-port sec..

***DISCONTINUED***  This device server does not have an immediate replacement. &..

***DISCONTINUED***  This device server does not have an immediate replacement. &..

***DISCONTINUED***  This device server does not have an immediate replacement. &..

*** DISCONTINUED *** The SD1100 is discontinued. See the BT432 for a substitute Bluetooth to serial ..