Falcon Electric SVRP1.5KRM (-1, -2) 1.5 kVA Solid State Precision Voltage Regulator

Falcon SVRP1.5KRM Industrial 1.5 kVA Voltage Regulator, High Temperature, Rackmount
Model: SVRP1.5KRM
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Falcon SVRP1.5KRM Voltage Regulator, High Temperature Operation, 120 or 240 VAC Input

The Solid-State Voltage Regulator SVRP1.5KRM (SVR Pro Series) solves a much wider spectrum of power problems than conventional power conditioners. It is an active solid-state generator that operates over a wide input voltage range and creates new ultra-regulated AC power. It is a rock-solid voltage/current source, ensuring the ultimate power protection for your sensitive equipment. The SVRP may be positioned vertically for desktop or floor standing applications. Brackets are supplied to accommodate installation into a standard 19 inch equipment rack.

The SVR Pro provides three tiers of active electronic protection between the utility source and your equipment. This virtually eliminates unwanted transients, voltage regulation problems and generator frequency shifts. Difficult high inrush or non-linear loads are not a problem due to the SVR Pro’s low impedance output design.

The SVRP1.5KRM includes state-of-the-art input power factor correction. This reduces the input current demand, harmonics and the associated wear and tear on your building’s wiring system. It provides the added benefit of becoming a power factor corrector for any equipment plugged into it.

The SVR Pro incorporates advanced microprocessor technology, resulting in a high level of internal control, protection and remote management. This model supports data logging and self-diagnostics. Manage the SVR Pro over your LAN or via the Internet with the optional SNMP/WEB interface.

The SVR Pro totally removes power pollution by regenerating a completely new precision regulated AC sinewave. (Output Voltage: ±2%, Frequency: ±0.3%)

With a factory modification, the SVR Pro can be configured for use as an international 50 or 60 Hertz frequency converter, making it the ideal solution for worldwide frequency conversion applications.

Key Features

  • Convenient Rackmount/Tower Design
  • UL Listed for 55°C Operation in Harsh Environments
  • True Sinewave Output
  • Superior Power Conditioning
  • Wide Input Voltage Window
  • Precision Output Voltage Regulation
  • Superior Brownout, Surge & Transient Protection
  • Frequency Converter Option
  • Battery Backup Capability Option
  • LCD Display with Advanced Monitoring for Easy Remote Management
  • RS-232C, USB & Optional SNMP/HTTP Agent


SVRP1.5KRM-1, 1.5 kVA rackmount Voltage Regulator with 120 (85 to 138) VAC input
SVRP1.5KRM-2, 1.5 kVA rackmount Voltage Regulator with 240 (170 to 274) VAC input


Falcon UPS Awards

CategoryRackmount UPS
Rated Power1050 Watts
Nominal VA1500 VA
Output Voltage100, 110, 115, or 120 VAC (-1 model) or 208, 220, 230, or 240 VAC (-2 model)
Input VoltageSelect 120 (85 to 138) VAC or 240 (170 to 274) VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz ± 5% (Auto Tracking)
Power Factor Correction>0.97
Overload150% for 10 seconds, 110% for 20 seconds, 105% for 50 seconds
Input Connection(-1 Models, 6 Foot Cord with 5-15P Plug); (-2 Models, 6 Foot Cord with Schuko Plug)
Output Connection(-1 Models (8) 5-15R); (-2 Models (4) IEC 320)
Surge ProtectionIEEE / ANSI C62.41
Dimensions2U Rack Mount, 3.5 x 19 x 21.3 in. (88 x 426 x 540 mm)
Weight31 lbs. (14.07 kg)
MountingRackmount or tower feet
Operating Temperature-10 to 55ºC (14 to 131ºF)
Storage Temperature-15 to 50ºC (5 to 122ºF)
Humidity10% to 95% non-condensing
Certifications UL 1778, CUL, FCC Class B