Falcon SSG2.2KRM (-1, -2) 2.2 kVA UPS, UL 508 Rated, 12-Year Batteries, Wide Temp

Falcon SSG2.2KRM Industrial 2.2 kVA UPS, UL 508 Rated, 12-Year Batteries, Wide Temperature
Model: SSG2.2KRM
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Falcon SSG2.2KRM True On-Line 2.2 kVA UPS, 120 or 230 VAC Input, UL 508, 12-Year Batteries

Not all industrial UPSs are equal.  Most on the market are designed for temperature-controlled office buildings and are not capable of reliable operation in harsh environments.  The SSG2.2KRM UPS from Falcon Electric leads the industry with the safest and highest level of power protection for backing up industrial equipment.  The 2U rackmount SSG2.2KRM with 2U battery pack (4U total) is a true on-line 2200 VA / 1540 watts UPS.  It features an unprecedented operational temperature range from -20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F).  Integrated 12-year rated batteries reduce frequent replacements and downtime – saving maintenance costs and potential lost revenue. 

The SSG2.2KRM dual-conversion design (AC-DC / DC-AC) regenerates a perfect sinewave output regardless of input power characteristics. This architecture offers high power quality and isolates the load from irregularities on the primary power input.  Should mains power fail, the batteries feed the load with no interruption at all (zero transfer time).  The system also offers power factor correction, frequency regulation, surge suppression, and filtering.

The SSG2.2KRM includes XTV VRLA batteries that last over 12 years at room temperature and 4 years at 50°C. Conventional batteries will only last 6 months at 50°C.  An optional 10-year rated Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery and an award-winning 40 Amp-Hour battery solution are ideal for applications that require up to 72 hours of back-up.  The SSG2.2KRM may be configured to exactly meet your power demands.  Select options like advanced communication, remote management, a maintenance bypass switch, and LiFePO4 battery packs.  Customization is available.


  • Long-life true online, industrial UPS The advanced design and robust components provide long service life, extra reliability, and low cost of ownership.
  • -20 to 55°C (-4 to 131°F) operating temperature range Only a rugged, wide-temperature UPS assures safe and reliable backup power for heavy-industrial projects.
  • UL 508, UL 1778, cUL, and CE agency-certified.  Meets UL standards for industrial control equipment safety. 
  • 12-year rated batteriesLong-life batteries with 12-year life at 25°C and 4 years at 50°C cut frequent battery replacements and reduce service costs.

Key Features

  • 2.2 kVA / 1540 watts output
  • 10 minutes full load / 27 minutes half-load battery runtime
  • Select 120 (80 to 138 range) VAC or 240 (160 to 276 range) VAC input
  • Nominal AC voltage output is 120 VAC (-1 model) or 208, 220, 230, 240 VAC (-2 model)
  • Includes internal 12-year rated, maintenance-free, sealed VRLA batteries, 12 Vdc, 7 Ah
  • Management via USB, RS-232, and optional SNMP/HTTP board
  • Optional extended battery banks provide minutes to hours of extra battery runtime.
  • Accessories like NEMA 3R-rated enclosure, conformal coated protection, remote management, environment sensors, relay cards, and more are available
  • UL 1778, UL 508, cUL, FCC Class B, CE agency approvals
  • 2U, 19” rack mount, 21.9” depth with separate 2U battery bank
  • 4-year warranty


SSG2.2KRM-1, 2.2 kVA rack mount UPS with 120 (80 to 138) VAC input
SSG2.2KRM-1HW, same as above with hardwired power input connector
SSG2.2KRM-2, 2.2 kVA rack mount UPS with 240 (160 to 276) VAC input
SSG2.2KRM-2HW, same as above with hardwired power input connector

Additional Accessories - Call Westward Sales for these options 

Maintenance Bypass Switch
Conformal Coating
High capacity battery banks
Lithium Ion batteries

Falcon Electric is a recognized authority in industrial UPS solutions.  You can count on their true on-line UPSs when you need quality and reliable backup power. The SSG2.2KRM is ideal for critical applications where downtime is not an option.  You’ll find it in water and wastewater treatment plants, production facilities, control panels, and petroleum operations.  For configuration options and customization, contact Westward Sales to discuss your project needs.  


Falcon UPS Awards

CategoryRackmount UPS
Runtime10 / 27 minutes (Full / Half Load time)
DC Bus Voltage (nominal)96 VDC
Battery Type12-Year Rated, Maintenance-Free, Sealed VRLA Batteries, 12 VDC, 7AH
Battery Pack TypeUser-Replaceable, Hot-Swappable Internal Pack
Recharge Time8 Hours to 90%
Transfer Time< 4ms UPS to Bypass / Reverse, Auto Transfer to UPS after Overload
Rated Power1540 Watts
Nominal VA2200 VA
Output VoltageUser programmable: 100, 110, 115, or 120 VAC (-1 model) or 208, 220, 230, or 240 VAC (-2 model)
Input Voltage80 to 138 VAC or 160 to 276 VAC
Frequency50 / 60 Hz (auto tracking)
Power Factor Correction>0.97 at full load
Overload110% for 40 seconds, 125% for 18 seconds, 150% immediate
Input Connection5-20P (-1 model), Schuko plug (-2 model), or hardwired (-1HW and -2HW models) with 6’ cord
Output ConnectionFour 5-15R and L5-20R outlets (-1 model), four IEC320 C13 outlets (-2 model), or hardwired (-1HW and -2HW models)
Surge ProtectionIEEE / ANSI C62.41
Dimensions2U 19" Rack Mount, 21.9' Depth (88.9 x 482.6 x 556.3 mm)
Weight70.6 lbs. (32.02 kg) with Internal Batteries
MountingRackmount or tower feet
LED IndicatorsMIMIC Graphical Display, Input/Output Voltage, Frequency, Load, Alarm, Programmable Settings, & UPS State
Operating Temperature-20 to 55ºC (-4 to 131ºF), the battery service life will be reduced above 25ºC
Storage Temperature-20 to 55ºC (-4 to 131ºF), Batteries stored above 50ºC will require monthly recharging and have a reduced service life.
Humidity10% to 95% non-condensing
CertificationsUL 1778, UL 508, cUL, and CE
Warranty4 Years