Antaira Fiber Optic SC to SC Coupler, CPLR-SCSC-FD

Fiber Coupler - SC to SC - Female Duplex, CPLR-SCSC-FD
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The CPLR-SCSC-FD Duplex Fiber Coupler Extends Cables with SC to SC Connectors

To connect two fiber optic cables, you’ll need a coupler.  The CPLR-SCSC-FD is a handy way to do this.  It connects two fiber optic cables with duplex SC to duplex SC connectors to extend the cable run.  This coupler is built from high-quality lightweight plastic for reliability and long life.  It supports a duplex fiber connection and features alignment sleeves to ensure signal integrity.  Dust caps are included to keep out contaminants and particles when not in use.