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Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless

Wireless Access Built for Outdoor and Industrial Environments

Extend connectivity beyond the building and provide access to people, applications, and network resources.  Don't let outdoor or hazardous industrial challenges inhibit your wireless connectivity.  A wireless network solution can provide the maximum cost effectiveness and deliver high scalability in comparison to wired solutions.  Our industrial wireless products operate in several modes: Access Point (AP), Client, Bridge, Router and Repeater. 

Choose from accessories such as Bluetooth converters and ZigBee antennas.  They can be used to wirelessly connect metering, home automation, smart appliances, health care devices, building automation, lighting and climate control, security and telecommunication services to your network.  Products from Antaira Technologies and Sena Technologies will help maximize efficiency and longevity of your existing system.


Wireless Access Points

Antaira Technologies offers wireless access points (AP) for a variety of applications.  The Antaira APX-110N5 is a cost effective industrial grade solution that provides AP and bridge functionality, 5GHz antenna, and up to 300 Mbps link speed.  Or, consider the Antaira APX-120N5 which is a pre-configured pair of wireless units.  These units are designed for rapid deployment with pre-configured IP addresses, ESSID names, and WPA2 security information that allow units to automatically connect to each other upon power up and immediately begin passing data.  The Antaira industrial wireless AP product line can withstand temperatures from -10 to 60C in standard models and -35C to 70C in the extreme operating temperature model.

Wireless Security

The Antaira wireless AP product line offers security features such as WPA2, IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS, HTTPS, and SSH to keep your wireless network secure.  The APR-3100N model even supports VPN capabilities which create encrypted tunnels over the internet that allows a remote office or mobile user to securely connect to the corporate network from off-site.

Bluetooth Converters

If you have devices with RS-232 ports, you can modernize the connection by converting it to a Bluetooth network.  No software is needed and no change to the system is required.  Any application that uses an RS-232 cable, a converter such as Sena Technologies’ BTS-1000A can be used.  In addition, it communicates with other Bluetooth devices such as USB dongles and Bluetooth enabled computers.  Bluetooth converters can be cost effective replacements for RS-232 cabling.

Other Bluetooth converters include Bluetooth-to-USB and Bluetooth-to-Ethernet.  The Parani-SD1000U Bluetooth USB Adapter supports 300m of transmission and can be extended to 1000m with an optional antenna.  This solution is perfect for industrial or other special applications.  The Parani-MSP1000A is a Bluetooth-to-Ethernet solution that supports up to 7 Bluetooth devices over a 10/100Base-T network.  It is an ideal solution to replace a wired multi-port serial card.

Look No Further

Whether it’s a new project in an industrial or harsh outdoor environment or replacing wired technologies with wireless, Westward Sales has the solution you need from trusted sources like Antaira and Sena.  Contact a knowledgeable representative today to learn more.

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