Mobile Mark LTMW944 9:1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, 4x4 MIMO WiFi 6E, GPS

Mobile Mark LTMW944 9-in-1 Combo Antenna with 4x4 MIMO Cellular, 4x4 WiFi 6E and GPS
Model: LTMW944
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Mobile Mark LTMW944 9-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G Cellular, 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS

Antennas are an essential component of reliable mobile networks. Emergency services, first responders, and fleets rely on them to maintain a secure link between vehicles and dispatch centers. The popular LTMW944 from Mobile Mark is the go-to 5G antenna for network engineers requiring high-performance, massive data throughput, and dependability.

This 9-in-1 multi-antenna combines 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, 4x4 MIMO WiFi 6E, and GPS into a single, robust radome. It is 4G LTE and 5G-Ready, covering the 617 MHz to 6000 MHz cellular frequencies. It also supports CBRS and Private LTE networks. The LTMW944 model is part of Mobile Mark’s Sub-6 and 5G Ready solution known as their 626 Line. Pair the LTMW944 with the latest Cat 18 LTE routers and modems to realize incredible data throughput.

The WiFi 6E antennas meet the IEEE 802.11ax standard and offer improved user capacity, data rates, latency, and power efficiency over prior standards. It operates up to 7.125 GHz enabling a router or access point to communicate over one, two, or all three bands, i.e., 2.4, 5.0, and 6 GHz. 

Mobile environments are demanding. However, the LTMW944 antenna is as close to indestructible as possible. It operates safely between -40 and 80°C, a range more brutal than most outdoor temperatures worldwide. It meets IP67, meaning it resists ingress from water and dust. And it exceeded MIL-810G testing for extreme shock and vibration.

Key Features

  • Omnidirectional MIMO cellular, MIMO WiFi 6E, and GPS antenna
  • 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE
  • 617-960 MHz (2 dBi gain) and 1710 - 6000 MHz (5 dBi) cellular frequency ranges
  • 4x4 MIMO WiFi 6E with 2.4 - 2.5 and 4.9 - 7.125 GHz frequency range (5 dBi gain)
  • GPS 1575 MHz frequency range
  • 10 W maximum power rating
  • -40º to 80º C Operating Temperature
  • Choice 15 ft cable lengths, 1 ft cables available upon request
  • Color-coded cable type for an easy match up
  • ASA UV-Inhibitive plastic IP67 rated radome in black or white color


LTMW944-A7CB7CW7CG2C-WHT-12-SP529, 4x Cellular, 4x WiFi, and GPS antenna with 1-foot cables in white color
LTMW944-A7CB7CW7CG2C-BLK-12-SP52, Same as above with black radome

LTMW944-A3CB3CW3JG2C-WHT-180, 4x Cellular, 4x WiFi, and GPS antenna with 15-foot cables in white color
LTMW944-A3CB3CW3JG2C-BLK-180, Same as above with black radome

9:1 Combination Antennas9:1 (4 LTE, 4 WiFi, GPS)
Combination / MIMO Antennas9:1 (4 LTE, 4 WiFi, GPS)
Cellular Frequencies617 - 960 MHz (2 dBi gain), 1710 - 6000 MHz (5 dBi gain)
Wi-Fi Frequencies2.4 to 2.5 GHz and 4.9 to 7.125 GHz
VSWR< 2.5:1 VSWR over range
GainUp to 5 dBi
Impedance50 ohms
Power10 watts maximum input
WirelessWiFi 6E (IEEE 802.11ax) with 4x4 MIMO
Cabling15-foot lengths, LL-195 for LTE and WiFi and RG-174 for GPS
Connector TypeSMA
EnclosureASA UV-inhibitive plastic in black or white color
Dimensions5.5” D x 2.38” H
Mounting7/8” diameter feed through with 3/4” threaded bolt for up to 1/2” thick surfaces
Shock / VibrationIEEE1478, EN61373, MIL-810G, TIA 329.2-C
Operating Temperature-40 to 80°C
Warranty3 years