Mobile Mark LTM402 4-in-1 MIMO 4G/5G, WiFi, & GPS Antenna (694 - 3700 MHz)

Mobile Mark LTM402 (MIMO 4G/5G, WiFi, GPS) Multiband Surface Mount Antenna
Model: LTM402
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Mobile Mark LTM402 4:1 Fleet Antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, & GPS, Magnet Mount Option

The LTM402 combines four separate antenna elements - MIMO LTE, WiFi, and GPS - in one compact antenna radome. It operates with mobile cellular routers to provide advanced fleet management for mobile operations, emergency services, and transportation companies. The cellular operates from 694 to 3700 MHz, and dual-band WiFi covers 2.4 and 5.0 GHz networks. The low-profile LTM402 is significantly less in size than other 4-in-1 multi-antennas. It includes four 15-foot low-loss cables with SMA connectors.

Key Features

  • Multiband omnidirectional antenna with MIMO LTE, WiFi, and GPS*
  • Covers 694 - 3700 MHz LTE frequency range
  • High performance with high gain
  • Dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi
  • 4 low-loss cables at 15-foot lengths included
  • Magnet mount option
  • SMA connectors
  • Ideal for vehicle fleets, cellular routers, and public transportation


LTM402-3C3C3C2C-WHT-180, 4-in-1 combo Antenna, surface mount, in white
LTM402-3C3C3C2C-BLK-180, Same as above in black

MLTM402-3C3C3C2C-WHT-180, 4-in-1 combo Antenna, magnet mount, in white
MLTM402-3C3C3C2C-BLK-180, Same as above in black

* A GNSS configuration is available. Please contact Westward Sales.

4:1 Combination Antennas4:1 (2 LTE, WiFi, GPS)
Combination / MIMO Antennas4:1 (2 LTE, WiFi, GPS)
Cellular Frequencies694-960 and 1710-3700 MHz
Wi-Fi Frequencies2.4-2.5 and 4.9-6.0 GHz
Gain3 - 5 dBi
Power10 W
Cabling15 feet of LL-195 (LTE and WiFI) and RG-174 (GPS)
Connector TypeSMA male for LTE & GPS, RPSMA for WiFi
Dimensions5.50" diameter x 2.38" high
MountingPermanent or magnet
ColorBlack or White
Warranty3 years
Download NameFile Size
Mobile Mark LTM402 Datasheet337.82KB