Semtech AirLink 6001119 3-in-1 Antenna with 2x2 MIMO 4G LTE and GPS

Semtech 6001119 Sharkfin 2x2 MiMo 4G Cellular Antenna with GPS
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Semtech 6001119 3:1 Sharkfin MIMO 4G LTE Cellular Antenna with GPS

It’s not easy to design and build reliable mobile networks. Engineers must account for coverage, terrain, atmospheric conditions, and the sheer brutality that instruments can face when exposed to outdoor conditions. That alone is a tall order, but all of these issues must be resolved cost-effectively without sacrificing performance. When the network covers vehicles or other moving targets, things get that much harder.

Thankfully, manufacturers are aware of these challenges, and they love rising to the occasion. Semtech (Sierra Wireless) Antennas are no exception. They designed the 6001119 antenna to provide powerful connections across long ranges and in the worst conditions. The omnidirectional antenna supports 2x2 MIMO 4G LTE over the 698 to 3800 MHz frequency range at a 25-watt maximum input power. The discrete design makes it great for overt or covert placements, and it is intended for use with large-scale vehicle fleets and public transportation. The 3-in-1 multi-antennas includes two cellular and one GPS/GNSS element.

In addition to high performance, this antenna is ready to handle abuse. It can operate nominally from temperatures ranging from -40 to 80°C. It has stable through-hole mounting and is IP66 rated. That means it is impervious to incursions of dust, and it can safely handle powerful water jets. The 6001119 includes a complete set of three low-loss double-shielded extension cables at 4-meter lengths all terminating in SMA plugs.

Key Features

  • Omnidirectional, 2x2 MiMo LTE antenna with GPS
  • LTE Frequencies of 698 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 3800 MHz
  • GPS/GNSS frequency from 1562 to 1612 MHz with 26 dB gain LNA
  • 25 watts maximum input power
  • M6 x 0.75 stud for whip antennas
  • IP66 rated 
  • Operating temperature from -40 to 80°C
  • Panel mount
  • Three 4-meter long low-loss cables with SMA male connectors
  • Compatible with the MP70, RV55, and RV50 routers

The Semtech Sharkfin 6001119 opens doors in network design. It can overcome obstacles that would overwhelm lesser antennas. Most importantly, though, it is only one part of your network. Ultimately, you need devices that can perform up to your specifications for every role in the network. The good news is that you can find every such device you need at Westward Sales. Call us today and work with one of our experts. We know industrial networking, and we can help you find the perfect tool for each component of your network. We’ll help you overperform without over budgeting.

3:1 Combination Antennas3:1 (2 LTE, GPS)
Cellular Frequencies698 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 3800 MHz
VSWR<2:1 ± 4 MHz
Impedance50 Ω
Power25 W maximum input
GPS1562 to 1612 MHz with 26 dB LNA gain
Connector TypeSMA male
EnclosureASA, EPDM, and aluminum alloy construction in black or white
Dimensions172 x 61 x 50 mm
MountingThrough-hole surface mount with M6 x 0.75" stud for mounting a whip antenna
Operating Temperature-40 to 80°C
CertificationsIP66 and UN118.01 compliant
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