Panorama LG-IN2446 9-in-1 4x4 MIMO LTE Antenna with MIMO WiFi, GPS, 5-m Cables

Panorama LG-IN2446 Rugged 9-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPS
Model: LG-IN2446
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Panorama LG-IN2446 4x4 MIMO Cellular, 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS Antenna, Cradlepoint Approved

The rugged LG-IN2446 from Panorama is an omnidirectional 9-in-1 combination antenna with cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS. It packs nine antenna elements (4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, dual-band 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS) into a single low profile dome. Engineered with high efficiency and isolation, the LG-IN2446 offers reliable wireless connections and superior data throughput. It operates from 600 MHz to 6 GHz in the LTE frequency ranges and is compatible with the networks from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The dual-band WiFi antennas operate within both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency ranges.

The embedded GPS with 26 dB LNA gain is compatible with GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS, and Compass. Advanced filtering for LTE B13/14 minimizes in-band interference. With GPS, the LG-IN2446 is ideal for crucial mobile applications such as public safety, emergency vehicles, and fleet monitoring.

The LG-IN2446 is as tough as you’ll find. The radome is vandal-proof and weather-resistant, making it immune to impacts, temperature extremes, water, and contaminants. The threaded hollow bolt on the antenna’s underside mounts into a ¾-inch diameter hole in a vehicle or panel surface and tightens with a nut. Nine flame retardant cables (compliant to UNECE 118.01 and EN45545-2) pass through the bolt for protection and clean installation. The low loss RG174 cables are 16 feet in length and terminated with male SMA connectors. You can rest knowing the LG-IN2446 will stand up to daily abuse from weather, vibration, and rough environments.

Key Features

  • 9:1 dome contains 4 LTE, 4 Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS omnidirectional antennas
  • Perfect for mobile and location applications
  • 4 x 4 MIMO LTE, 610 to 960 MHz and 1.71 to 6.0 GHz frequency ranges
  • 4 x 4 MIMO Wi-Fi, 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies
  • GPS/GNSS uses 1562 to 1612 MHz, 26 dB LNA gain
  • 9 dBi peak gain
  • 10 watts maximum power
  • Ground plane independent
  • -40 to 85º operating temperature
  • In black or white color
  • Ruggedized radome is IP69K, IK10 (vandal-proof), and flame retardant rated
  • SMA male (LTE and GPS) and RP-SMA male (WiFi) connectors
  • 5-meter (16') RG174 cables
  • Compatible with the Cradlepoint COR IBR1700 router


LG-IN2446-W, White radome color
LG-IN2446-B, Black radome color

The sturdy LG-IN2446 antenna will boost the bandwidth and reliability of your wireless network. For a complete cellular router and antenna solution, speak with a Westward Sales network specialist today. We offer high-performance wireless subsystems that will meet your technical and budget needs.

Combination / MIMO Antennas9:1 (4 LTE, 4 WiFi, GPS)
Cellular Frequencies617 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 6000 MHz
Wi-Fi Frequencies 2.4 GHz, 4.9 - 6 GHz
Gain9 dBi
Impedance50 Ω
Power10 W
CablingRG174 with 16' lengths
Connector TypeSMA male (LTE and GPS) and RP-SMA (WiFi)
Dimensions180 mm (7.1") diameter x 80 mm (3.1") high
MountingSurface mount with threaded bolt
Operating Temperature-40 to 85°C
CertificationsIP69K, UNECE 118.01, and EN45545-2
Download NameFile Size
Panorama LG-IN2446 Datasheet1.38MB