Smart Cellular Coverage From Cel-Fi by Nextivity

Poor mobile reception, dropped calls, and slow upload and download speed is a daily challenge for cellular subscribers. When it comes time to optimize your cellular coverage to improve voice quality and data throughput, look no further than the lineup of LTE signal boosters from Cel-Fi. Cel-Fi by Nexity offers the highest performing line of 4G LTE boosters that resolve communication issues caused by a weak cellular signal. Their products are designed for businesses, factories, multi-story homes, boats, and vehicles. Cel-Fi cellular boosters are self-configuring, carrier-approved, and safe from intrusion. The IntelliBoost® chipset, a specialized signal processor embedded in every product, delivers the industry’s highest gain at the lowest cost per square foot of coverage. The chip also detects and prevents interference with mobile operator networks and other subscriber signals.


Cel-Fi Key Features

  • Achieve optimal voice quality and data speeds in mobile and indoor environments
  • Best in performance with 1000x stronger (100 dB) signal boost than any competitor
  • Unconditionally network safe with carrier approval and endorsement
  • No interference with mobile networks or other subscribers’ signals
  • Self-configuring setup and installer-friendly for quick deployment
  • Exceptional coverage footprint offers overall value and performance
  • Lowest Total Product Cost (TPC) delivers the best price per gain per area of coverage.
  • Remotely manage boosters with WAVE mobile and cloud software

The Cel-Fi products range from in-home plug-and-play models to enterprise-level systems that cover large buildings. They are the only 3G, 4G, and LTE signal booster solution authorized for use in nearly 100 countries by 200 carriers. With the industry’s highest maximum gain, these boosters are an excellent choice for locations in the United States and Canada. Cel-Fi offers an exceptional coverage footprint that can’t be matched.


Building and Stationary IoT Solutions with Cel-Fi

The Cel-Fi QUATRA is an active distributed antenna system (DAS) hybrid that improves indoor cellular coverage, poor voice quality, and dropped calls in venues from 10,000 to 500,000 square feet or larger. It’s an affordable, scalable system, providing uniform, high-quality cellular signals throughout buildings and warehouses.

The Cel-Fi GO+ X with 100 dB gain leverages the award-winning embedded Intelliboost signal processor to deliver the industry’s most extensive coverage footprint and best voice and wireless data performance. It’s perfect for factories, warehouses, and other large indoor areas.


Cel-Fi Signal Boosters for Vehicles

The Cel-Fi GO and GO+ all-in-one smart signal booster with an industry-leading 70 dB gain is the best solution for improving degraded cellular coverage on the road. It mounts securely in emergency vehicles, automobiles, RVs, truck fleets, and boats (near-shore, recreational, ferries, and shipping vessels). Mix and match the appropriate donor and server antennas for the best mounting and wireless performance. Multi-user and multi-carrier support with easy carrier-switching are available through the Cel-Fi WAVE phone app.


Cel-Fi Public Safety Products

Communication is not optional in critical moments. The Cel-Fi GO RED booster ensures a reliable cellular signal inside buildings so police, fire, and medical personnel can communicate during an emergency. The GO RED with the Cel-Fi high-performance antennas boosts 4G LTE voice and data over FirstNet Band 14 and AT&T Band 12. A single unit with 100 dB gain effectively covers up to 10,000 ft.2 of space, whereas two GO RED units cover up to 30,000.


Cel-Fi Pro

With the Cel-Fi Pro by Nextivity, gone are the days of weak connection, dropped calls, and slow download speeds. This smart signal booster allows for clear signal levels for an indoor coverage area up to 13,000 square feet thanks to patented echo cancellation technology. The Cel-Fi Pro boasts an unparalleled 100 dB of cellular service gain(, making it the highest performing signal booster in its class. The Cel-Fi Pro is perfect for homes, offices, retail stores or any indoor space. Enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed cellular performance throughout your entire indoor area. Installation is easy. Simply plug in your Cel-Fi Pro into a power outlet, connect to the Cel-Fi WAVE app, and experience instant cell service improvement. 


Cel-Fi DUO+

Never compromise with so-so cellular service ever again. With the Cel-Fi DUO+ Signal Booster by Nextivity, experience the peace of mind and assurance of consistent, strong cellular connection. The DUO+ is extremely easy to install. Simply plug both units into a power outlet and experience an instant boost in connectivity - boost from one to five bars is possible. One of the best features of the DUO+ is its ability to reduce your cell phone’s power requirements and  extend its battery life using its add 100 dB of gain. The DUO+ makes a great addition to offices, homes, or places of business and ensures your devices are running quickly and efficiently with no lag or dead spots. 

Cel-Fi GO (X, M, +)

The Cel-Fi GO by Nextivity is the perfect companion for those who are looking to stay connected while on the move. The world can be unpredictable, dropped calls and low cellular coverage can be an issue when traveling especially in remote or highly-congested areas. The Cel-Fi GO ensures a consistent cell signal regardless of where you go, whether for work or pleasure. It can dramatically increase voice and data coverage in two bands of 4G LTE in both stationary or mobile locations (i.e. boat, truck or RV). This signal booster is a perfect option for drivers who use a signal mobile operator and can offer a gain of up to 100dB. 

Contact Us to Discuss Your Communication Needs

Wireless communications come with unique challenges. Westward Sales is a certified and trained reseller of Cel-Fi’s products. Contact us to learn how a Cel-Fi booster can improve your cellular communication experience. Our sales team has a thorough knowledge of LTE applications and is available to discuss your needs.

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