Cel-Fi GO (X, M, +) Smart 4G LTE Signal Booster for Buildings and Vehicles

Cel-Fi GO Smart 4G LTE Signal Booster for Mobile and Fixed Applications
Model: GO
Availability: Discontinued

***DISCONTINUED***  This item is discontinued. No replacement has been assigned. Contact Westward Sales to discuss your options.


Cel-Fi GO X (GO M and GO+) Smart 4G LTE Signal Booster for Stationary and Mobile Applications

Reliable communication is a universal challenge for the road traveler. Dropped calls and poor cellular coverage in remote or congested areas continues to be a problem, until now. The Cel-Fi GO X (and it’s GO M and GO+ variants) rugged Smart Signal Booster solves these issues for the mobile subscriber on the move. Using award-winning, network-safe technology, the Cel-Fi GO X dramatically improves voice and data coverage in two bands of 4G LTE. It amplifies cellular signals for multiple users in stationary locations, e.g., buildings and public spaces, and mobile settings, e.g., trucks, automobiles, RVs, and marine vessels. The Cel-Fi WAVE phone app offers optimization and monitoring, making installation quick, easy, and cost-effective.

The Cel-Fi GO X supports multiple carriers, like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

It amplifies only one carrier at a time. It’s the highest performing, certified signal booster in its class and an excellent choice for a driver using a single mobile operator.

Advanced echo-cancellation provides a clear signal and less feedback interference. You get 100 dB of gain with the GO X and 65 dB for the GO M. All versions improve cellular service across two concurrent bands, requiring less transmit power. This feature reduces your cell phone’s power needs, extending its battery life. The GO X requires a donor antenna and a server antenna. The donor antenna senses and captures two LTE bands from the closest cell tower and relays those simultaneously to the GO X. It then transmits the boosted signal through the server antenna. The GO X exists with other wireless electronics and does not interfere with nearby Wi-Fi, femtocells, and other mobile phones.


The GO X’s rugged NEMA 4 rated enclosure will withstand vibration, dust, and water. When the booster is not in motion, switch to stationary mode on the Cel-Fi WAVE app to get up to 100 dB of gain and coverage up to 12,500 square feet. For mobile operations, use the WAVE app to change the GO X to a GO M and get 65 dB of gain. The coverage area depends on the antenna’s isolation and settings. The GO X accommodates several specific antennas, so select the one best suited for your needs.

Cel-Fi WAVE App

Cel-Fi WAVE is a smartphone app (available for Android and iOS) and a cloud-based software platform packed with features to help you get the best performance from your Cel-Fi GO X The WAVE dashboard displays signal strength and real-time data and performance metrics. It assists with registration (if needed), firmware updates, installation, optimization, and troubleshooting. WAVE will select your preferred carrier during installation.

Cel-Fi WAVE app

Glance-able view to the state of your Cel-Fi environment, including the Boost Strength indicator. It features:

Change the default network operator, select the booster technology (3G, 4G), setup an external antenna, configure the antenna position, and more.

Advanced Mode:
Get real-time data and performance metrics for troubleshooting devices.

Booster Updates:
Keep your Cel-Fi Booster up-to-date as new software versions become available.

Register (when required):
Easily activate and register your Cel-Fi Booster.

Key Features

  • Improved 4G LTE mobile coverage for buildings, vehicles, and boats
  • 6 front-end receivers relay two LTE bands concurrently
  • Multi-carrier support with carrier switching (one carrier coverage at a time)
  • Superior performance of 100 dB gain (stationary) or 65 – 70 dB gain (mobile)
  • 100 dB and 12,500 square feet coverage in stationary mode
  • Optimized signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio provides better data rates
  • Hardened NEMA 4 rated case with SMA female antenna connectors
  • Network safe with carrier and FCC approvals
  • Power supply is included
  • Donor and server antennas are sold separately or with a kit
  • Remote management with Cel-Fi WAVE app
  • Switch from a GO X to a GO M using the WAVE app
  • The GO is sold as a bundle with antennas. It is not available as a stand-alone unit.


GO X variations are identical except for the accessories in the box and how the settings are factory configured.

GO X (G32-2/4/5/12/13X), Comes with an AC/DC power adapter and is configured factory configured to stationary mode.
GO+ (G32-2/4/5/15/13P), Comes with an AC/DC and 12-volt DC power adapter. It’s factory configured to stationary mode.
GO M (G32-2/4/5/12/13MK), Bundled with a 12 VDC power supply, donor antenna, and server antenna. It’s factory configured to mobile mode.


Westward Sales is a certified reseller for Cel-Fi's line of cellular boosters and antennas.

CategoryCellular Booster
Cellular Interface
LTE FrequencyBands 2, 4, 5, 12,13
CarrierAT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Celluar, CGI Alaska
AntennaDonor and server included with kit or sold separately
Power Consumption16 watts nominal
Input Voltage9.6 - 16.5 VDC (power adapter included)
CablingIncluded with antenna or kit
Dimensions272.5 x 96.5 x 43.5 mm
Weight850 g
MountingHardware included
Operating Temperature0° to 65°C
Humidity0% to 95%, noncondensing
RoHS CompliantYes
CertificationsNEMA 4, CE, ISED, FCC Parts: 15, 20, 22, 24, 27; Bluetooth BQB