Cel-Fi A62-V44-100 LPDA Directional Antenna, Outdoor Pole Mount

Cel-Fi A62-V44-100 Wideband Directional LPDA Antenna for Outdoor Locations
Model: A62-V44-100
Availability: Discontinued

*** DISCONTINUED *** The LPDA has been replaced with the LPDA-R antenna.


Cel-Fi A62-V44-100 Directional LPDA Donor Antenna for Cel-Fi Cellular Signal Boosters

The A62-V44-100 LPDA directional antenna from Cel-Fi offers a powerful 12 dBi gain for lower LTE bands and 14 dBi gain for higher bands. Operating over a 617 to 2700 MHz frequency range, it boosts signal quality, reduces out of band noise, and improves SINR. The A62-V44-100 reaches distant cellular towers to provide a signal to the donor-side of Cel-Fi’s smart cellular boosters. The Cel-Fi WAVE app precisely positions the antenna for maximum signal. A 10.5-inch cable with an N-type connector and pole mounting hardware is included. The mast down-tilt bracket and U-bolts allow the antenna to mount on a flat surface or a 2.5” pole. The bracket accommodates a 45-degree tilt for optimal matching of macro donor signals

Key Features

  • High-performance directional donor antenna for Cel-Fi cellular boosters
  • Suitable for all 4G LTE mobile carriers
  • Comes with mast down-tilt bracket and U-bolts for 2.5” poles
  • Includes 10.5" (27 cm) RG58 cable with N-type female connector
  • Fully welded construction
Single / SISO AntennasCellular
Cellular Frequencies698 - 960 MHZ, 1710 - 2700 MHz
Gain12 or 14 dBi
Beamwidth55°/42° horizontal and 46°/34° vertical
Impedance50 Ω
Transmit Power50 watts maximum
Cabling10.5" cable
Connector TypeN-type female
EnclosureUV-PVC radome with aluminum reflector material
Dimensions54" (1370 mm) in length
Weight1.6 kg
MountingTilt bracket and U-bolts for 2.5" pole included
Operating Temperature-40° to 65°C
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