Zigbee Accessories

Zigbee Accessories

Wireless Accessories for Zibgee Networks

Far too often, an installation grinds to a halt for the lack of a $10 part or the inability to connect one device to another. The SENA Technologies family of Zigbee wireless products, available from Westward Sales, includes converters, antennas, gender changers, power supplies and more – all designed to simplify your life and solve your connection problems. If we don’t already have what you need, we'll help you find it.

Wide Array of Applications

All Zigbee products are designed to meet specific requirements of low cost and low power wireless applications such as home automation, energy monitoring, health care instruments, HVAC and telecom services. Zigbee adapters and wireless accessories are already found in many devices and are being aggressively adapted by many OEMs looking to remain competitive as the world goes wireless.


Zigbee Antenna Choices

Signal strength is nearly always a challenge, especially in large facilities where there are concrete walls and obstacles contributing to signal interference.  Zigbee antennas and repeaters are specifically designed to boost your signal in these challenging environments.  The Parani-DAT 3dBi gain dipole antenna, Parani-DAT5-R 5dBi gain dipole antenna and Parani-PAT  patch antenna are a few examples of compatible higher gain antennas.  Don’t forget antenna patch cables like the Parani-SEC-R.

Gender Changers, Converters and Cables

With so many devices with different connectors , it is good to have a source for converters and connection hardware.   Gender changers and adapters like the FM9GD DB9F DB9F to DB9M and Parani-SLR are handy components for any network engineer’s toolbox.

Contact your Westward Sales representative today to learn more about how the SENA family of Zigbee products can work for your next wireless project.

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