GC-F09F09-N Null Modem Gender Changer with Female DB-9 Connectors

Mini Gender Changer DB9 F/F Null Modem, GC-F09F09-N
Model: GC-F09F09-N
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GC-F09F09-N Miniature Null Modem Gender Changer with Dual DB-9 Female Connectors

A Null Modem gender changer interconnects two identical RS-232 ports. If both serial ports are DTE or DCE, then a null modem crosses pins 2 and 3 to property connect the TX to RX signal.  The compact GC-F09F09-N with female DB-9 connectors on both sides will connect two cables with male DB-9s. It features two screws for securing it to a panel or to the mating connector.