Open Frame

Open Frame

Industrial Grade Open Frame Displays with Touch

Open frame monitors are a case where less is more.  These devices omit an enclosure so they can be mounted inside your cabinet or chassis.  An open frame mount gives your operation more installation freedom and cost savings.  These displays are commonly embedded in gasoline pumps, kiosks, machinery, control panels, and other industrial equipment.  With brackets to accommodate wall mounting, panel mounting and VESA arms, they may be installed practically anywhere with ease.  These screens are built for heavy industrial applications; their rugged construction combats wide temperature ranges, humidity and vibration. Axiomtek offers several open frame monitor solutions from 8.4” to 19” that address unique workplace needs.

Open frame monitors tend to be highly specialized for the computer they're going to be attached to. For example, the 10.4-inch


Axiomtek P6101O features a resistive-type touchscreen which eliminates the need for an additional external user input device like a keyboard, number pad, or mouse. Touchscreen versions are great for installations where space is a premium and the device should be as much out of the way as possible. The P6171O features a larger 17-inch display with an option of no touchscreen.  It’s better suited for locations that require a keyboard and mouse interface.  Open frame displays are equipped with one or more common video input connections. The P6121O sports the common HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA input without needing to use any sort of adapter.  For work environments where climate control isn't available or where freezing temperatures are the norm, consider the P6841O which has an operational temperature range of-20°C to 55°C.

When selecting an open frame monitor, you'll want to make sure that the device will address the implementation's specific requirements. Contact our expert staff, and we will fit your unique needs to the best device for the job.

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