SENA Parani-DB9FTB Terminal Block for the SD1100 Bluetooth Module

Parani PARANI-DB9FTB DB9F to TerminalBlock Adapter
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SENA PARANI-DB9FTB Terminal Block Adapter For the SD1100 Bluetooth Module

The PARANI-DB9FTB adapter (SENA part number DB9FTB-G01) converts a male DB9 serial connector to a convenient 10-position terminal block with locking screws.  This accessory is designed for the PARANI-SD1100 RS-422/RS-485 Bluetooth converter. 

The SD1100 DB9 connector mates with devices having a female DB9.  If the device you are connecting is not pin-to-pin compatible, the adapter breaks out the DB9 signals to a convenient terminal block.  Simply wire the RS-232 or RS-485 signals to the block to match the SD1100 pins.

The PARANI-DB9FTB is included with the SD1100 or it can be ordered separately.