Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G Wireless Router with Global 5G LTE Modem, WiFi 6

Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G Wireless Router with Global 5G LTE Modem
Model: MAX-BR1-PRO-5G
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Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G Wireless Router with Global 5G LTE Modem, 1-Year PrimeCare

The MAX-BR1-PRO-5G router from Peplink is a highly advanced and reliable networking solution designed to deliver high-performance connectivity in demanding environments. It is integrated with the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring delivery of gigabit speeds, achieving 8 times faster than the original BR1 classic. Built with cutting-edge technology, this router combines the power of 5G cellular networks with a range of features that make it ideal for industrial, commercial, and enterprise applications. Supercharged with SpeedFusion, use the Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G as the central router for your branch network. Guaranteed unbreakable connections for important applications, like video calls, POS systems, and more.

With its rugged design, the Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G is built to withstand harsh environments. It features a durable metal enclosure that protects the internal components from extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibrations, making it suitable for deployments in challenging outdoor locations.

The router offers versatile connectivity options, including dual SIM slots for redundancy and flexibility in selecting different carriers or data plans. It also supports WAN interfaces, such as Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, ensuring reliable connectivity and failover options. The Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G router comes equipped with advanced networking capabilities. The router provides robust security features to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats. It supports VPN encryption and provides a built-in firewall for secure data transmission over the network.

The MAX-BR1-PRO-5G router also offers centralized management through Peplink's InControl 2 (first year included with PrimeCare), a cloud-based management platform. This allows administrators to monitor and manage their entire network of Peplink devices remotely, simplifying deployment and maintenance processes.

This Peplink product comes with a one-year limited warranty. The first year of PrimeCare is included in the purchase of this PrimeCare device, with the ability to continue afterward via a paid subscription. You can upgrade to PrimeCare+ for additional benefits. Compare the Peplink Care Plans and select one that fits you and your deployment needs.

Key Features

  • Supports 5G LTE Advanced Pro, selectable auto mode, or LTE-only mode
  • Ethernet ports: 2 GbE LAN + 1 GbE WAN
  • 1 Gbps router throughput
  • 2x2 MIMO Simultaneous Dual-Band, Wi-Fi 6
  • Full antenna set
  • Includes 1-year PrimeCare subscription
  • Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Cellular certified

Contact Us About Data Plans

Enable your Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G with a cost-effective data plan to ensure your router is ready to deploy. To enable cellular connectivity, at least one activated SIM card with an active cellular data plan is needed. Call Westward Sales for information.

High-Performance Antenna Options

The Peplink MAX-BR1-PRO-5G includes four LTE/5G antennas, two WiFi antennas, and one GPS antenna. On the Accessories tab or the MAX-BR1-PRO-5G antenna page you’ll find a list of additional Peplink approved antennas made for the MAX-BR1-PRO-5G router. For more information, speak with one of our Peplink specialists at Westward Sales. We have solutions that meet both technical and budget needs. Give us a call today at 720.870.4500 to consult with our friendly, knowledgeable specialists.


BR1-Pro 5G Overview

In the Box

  1. BR1 Pro 5G
  2. 12V2A Power Supply (ACW-632)
  3. Four LTE/5G Antennas (ACW-235)
  4. Two Wi-Fi Dual Band Antennas (ACW-341)
  5. GPS Antenna (ACW-232)

Note: the MAX-BR1-PRO-5GH-T-PRM has been replaced with the MAX-BR1-PRO-5GN-T-PRM.

FirstNet built with AT&T

CategoryCellular Router
Ethernet Ports2 GbE LAN + 1 GbE WAN
Cellular Interface
CarrierAT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon (C-Band), FirstNet
SIM Holder2 SIM slots (4FF form factor)
Antenna4 LTE/5G, 2 WiFi, 1 GPS
Network Management
Cloud ProtocolsInControl Cloud Management
Wi-Fi FrequenciesDual (2.4GHz + 5GHz) 2x2 Wi-Fi 6
PowerWiFi: 24 dBm (2.4 GHz) and 26 dBm (5.0 GHz)
IgnitionIgnition sensing
Power ConsumptionMAX: 19W Nominal: 8W
Input VoltageDC10 - 30W
Dimensions5.78 x 5.08 x 1.15 in (146.8 x 129 x 29.3 mm)
Weight1.28 lbs.
Shock / VibrationEN 61373
Operating Temperature-40° to 65° C (-40° F to 149° F)
Humidity15 to 95% non-condensing
RoHS CompliantYes
CertificationsFCC, CE, RoHS
Safety StandardsEN61373, EN50155, EN61000, E-Mark
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty
Download NameFile Size
Peplink MAX BR1 PRO 5G Datasheet1.45MB