Panorama MQ-SMAFR 1/4 Wave UHF Antenna with Choice of Frequency Range

Panorama MQ-SMAFR 1/4 Wave UHF Antenna with Choice of Frequency Range
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Panorama MQ-SMAFR ¼ Wave Portable UHF Antenna for Handheld Radios with Choice of Band

The MQ-SMAFR is a high-performance quarter-wave UHF antenna providing several frequency bandwidths. It’s compatible with many popular mobile radios. The antenna element is enclosed in a rugged, protective injection-molded jacket of advanced TPU thermoplastic, which will stand up to harsh weather and daily use. The MQ-SMAFR is not only durable, but it is affordable as well. Select from six standard UHF ranges. It fits several portable business radios, including several models offered by Kenwood and Entel.


MQ-SMAFR-S1, 380 to 400 MHz frequency range
MQ-SMAFR-S2, 410 to 430 MHz frequency range
MQ-SMAFR-TET, 380 to 430 MHz frequency range
MQ-SMAFR-S4, 450 to 470 MHz frequency range
MQ-SMAFR-S5, 806 to 870 MHz frequency range
MQ-SMAFR-U, 430 to 472 MHz frequency range

Single / SISO AntennasUHF
UHF Frequency BandsS1 (380 - 400 MHz), S2 (410 - 430 MHz), TET (380 - 430 MHz), S4 (450 - 470 MHz), S5 (806 - 870 MHz), U (430 - 472 MHz)
Gain1 dBi peak gain
Power10 W maximum input
Connector TypeSMAFR
Dimensions14 mm diameter
Operating Temperature-40 to 80°C