Cradlepoint R1900 Mobile 5G LTE Router with NetCloud Package

Cradlepoint R1900 5G LTE Cellular Router with NetCloud Package for Vehicles
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Cradlepoint R1900 5G LTE Cellular Rugged Router with NetCloud Mobile Management

The R1900 ruggedized router and the NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials plan provide reliable and high-performance 5G connectivity and edge computing for demanding vehicle applications. Engineered to endure extreme environments, the R1900 is a complete mobile networking solution suited for buses, light-rail and commuter trains, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, and mobile command trailers.

The R1900 features an advanced embedded 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE modem with Cat 20 performance, 2x2 WiFi 6, GPS, and an assortment of I/O interfaces. It’s capable of massive data throughput. With a power input range from 9 to 36 VDC, the R1900 integrates easily into standard vehicle power systems and may be connected to ignition sensing. The optional RX30-POE managed dock provides four standard PoE Gigabit ports and a second modular modem for additional networking capacity.

The R1900 delivers excellent reliability and continuous operation for mobile applications. A wide temperature range allows it to operate in extreme cold and heat. Certified to Mil-STD-810G, SAEJ1455, and IP64, it withstands shock, vibration, dust, water, and power transients. The R1900 router brings on-the-go networking to the harshest settings, and that’s real value.

NetCloud Mobile Package

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Mobile Performance plan provides optimal performance and reliability on 5G networks. It is a service-based platform that extends from the cloud to the endpoint, making deploying and managing a wireless R1900 router simple and straightforward. Centrally configure, monitor, visualize, control, and troubleshoot your network from a web console rather than at the device. In addition, NetCloud improves lifecycle management by delivering new features which are tracked for every endpoint. It keeps the network up and running without interruption with subscription and license administration.

NetCloud is sold in a one, three, or five-year subscription plan and includes 24x7 support, online training, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the R1900. The NetCloud Advanced option features a 5G cellular coverage map and location tracking, traffic analytics, firewall, threat management, web filtering, and integrations for Microsoft and AWS.

Key Software Capabilities
The R1900 endpoint with NetCloud unlocks the power of 5G to connect vehicles, applications, and IoT to vital services. It includes complete standards-based routing, SD-WAN, security, VPN, policies, troubleshooting, analytics, coverage maps, and remote updates.


Coverage Map
NetCloud uses GPS and cellular health to display precise current or historical location and signal strength of a vehicle. Generate detailed coverage maps and status to improve operations and diagnose problems.


The NetCloud Advanced plan offers additional security such as a zone-based firewall, Secure Threat Management (IPS/IDS), and a Secure Web Filter for protecting your mobile network.


Connection Manager
Cradlepoint’s Connection Manager manages all WAN connections, including wireless, Wi-Fi-as-WAN, and wired, from a single software-defined policy. The proprietary modem software quickly establishes Wireless WAN connectivity at the highest level of resiliency.

Key Features of the R1900

  • Ultimate 5G NR, Cat 20 LTE mobile router
  • NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials plan for remote management, monitoring, reporting, policies, and diagnostics
  • 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE with Cat 20 modem (4.1 Gbps upload and 660 Mbps download)
  • 2x2 MU-MIMO WiFi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax), dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies,
  • 2 SIM card slots with Verizon, T-Modile, and AT&T support
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000TX) ports, LAN and WAN selectable
  • Multi-zone firewalls, IDS/IPS, and internet security
  • Integrates with automatic vehicle location systems with discrete GNSS and dead reckoning
  • Ignition sensing
  • Create 5G LTE cellular coverage map for complete visibility (requires Advanced Plan)
  • Includes GPIO and Power Cable (antennas not included)
  • Certified with FirstNet Ready™, T-Mobile Connecting Heroes, Verizon Frontline, Verizon Response
  • Limited lifetime warranty and 24 x 7 support with active NetCloud plan

Need an IoT Data Plan?

Enable your R1900 with a cost-effective monthly data plan to ensure your router is ready to deploy. Select Verizon or AT&T and the data plan size from 100 MB to 5 GB. You are billed monthly; there’s no long-term contract. Plus, manage all of your fielded gateways from a single cloud-based web portal.

Purchase a SIM card from this page. It will be mailed to you in 2 to 3 business days. Then after you receive your card, sign up for a data plan at Westward Connect.

High-Performance Antenna Options

The R1900 does NOT include antennas for the four LTE (4x4 MIMO), two WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth connections. Antennas must be purchased separately. See the Accessories tab or the R1900 antenna page for a list of Cradlepoint approved, high-performance antennas. Manufactured by top-tier companies like Parsec, Panorama, Mobile Mark, and Taoglas, these omnidirectional antennas mate with the R1900 router to significantly improve signal quality and upload and download speeds. Many include low-loss extension cables and mounting brackets so you can locate the antenna for the best signal strength. These are ideal for vehicles, machines, industrial operations, and remote locations. To fit your R1900 cellular router with an antenna solution and other accessories, speak with a Cradlepoint specialist at Westward Sales today.

Configurations of the R1900

MB01-19005GB-GA, R1900 router with Cat 20 modem and 1-year NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials plan
MB03-19005GB-GA, Same as above with a 3-year NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials plan
MB05-19005GB-GA, Same as above with a 5-year NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials plan

MBA1-19005GB-GA, R1900 router with Cat 20 modem, 1-year NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials, and Advanced plan
MBA3-19005GB-GA, Same as above with a 3-year NetCloud Branch LTE Adapter Essentials and Advanced plan
MBA5-19005GB-GA, Same as above with a 5-year NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials and Advanced plan

Data plans, SIM cards, and NetCloud renewals are available. Contact Westward Sales for a quote.
If you require portable communications, consider a rugged mobile hotspot, which was designed for protecting and transporting the Cradlepoint R1900.

Included In the Box

  • 170864-000 GPIO & Power Cable, 2x2, 3 meters, 20AWG
  • Mounting Screw Pack
  • Mounting Template
TypeCellular Router
Cellular Interface
CarrierAT&T and Verizon, FirstNet Ready™ and Verizon Response Verified
CategoryCat 20 (4.14 Gbps download / 660 Mbps upload)
SIM Holder2 SIM slots (4FF form factor)
NetworksLTE, 5G NR, and WCDMA bands (frequency bands and carrier aggregation per data sheet)
Antenna4x4 MIMO LTE cellular with SMA connectors
Network Management
Firewall FeaturesAone-based firewall, secure threat management (IPS/IDS), and secure web filter
VPN FeaturesIPSec with 20 concurrent VPN tunnels
System ConfigurationConnection Manager
ProtocolsOptimizing routing, VPN, SD-WAN, group policy management, and security
ReliabilityFallback to WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA+
Cloud ProtocolsNetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials cloud-based management and optional Advanced plan. Includes group policy definition, reports, troubleshooting, analytics dashboards, cellular coverage maps, SDK, and API
Wi-Fi Frequencies2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (dual-band, dual-concurrent)
Bluetooth InterfaceEmbedded Bluetooth 5.1 (10 dBm max)
Wireless SecurityWPA2/WPA3 Personal, WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise, Open
PowerWiFi: 23 dBm conducted (2.4 GHz) and 21.90 dBm conducted (5.0 Ghz)
LAN Ports4 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000TX) LAN or WLAN
USB1 USB 2.0 (Type A)
SerialRS-232 (DB9 connector)
Wireless2x2 MU-MIMO IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 with DFS, 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz) and 1200 Mbps (5 GHz)
GPSDiscrete active GPS with dead reckoning
Digital IO8-pin GPIO
Console PortSerial port for out-of-band management of a connected device
IgnitionAutomatic ON and time-delay OFF
Power Consumption19 W typical, 22 W maximum, 11 W Idle (at 12 V input)
Input Voltage9 to 36 VDC (requires in-line fuse for vehicle installations)
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes along with transient protection
Dimensions6.77 x 5.82 x 1.61 in (172 x 148 x 41 mm)
Weight2.15 lbs.
MountingIncludes flange mount
Shock / VibrationMIL-STD-810G and SAEJ1455
LED IndicatorsPower, WiFi broadcast, GPS, signal strength, 4G and 5G connection, and LAN activity
Antenna Connection4 SMA (cellular), SMA (GPS), 2 RP-SMA (WiFi), and RP-SMA (Bluetooth)
Operating Temperature–30° to 70° C (–22° F to 158° F)
Humidity10 to 90% non-condensing
RoHS CompliantYes along with WEEE, REACH, California Prop 65
CertificationsFCC, IC, CE, PTCRB, RCM, GCF-CC, IP64, FirstNet Ready™, T-Mobile Connecting Heroes, Verizon Frontline, Verizon Response Verified
Safety StandardsUL/CUL, CB Scheme, EN60950-1, EN62368, E-Mark
WarrantyLimited Lifetime with active NetCloud plan
ImageModelProduct NamePrice
RX30-POECradlepoint RX30-POE Managed Accessory Dock for the R1900 Router$299.99Add to Cart
170758-000Cradlepoint 170758-000 On Board Diagnostics OBD-II Adapter Kit for IBR Routers$349.00Add to Cart
LG-IN2445Panorama LG-IN2445 7-in-1 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE Antenna Kit with WiFi, GPS, 16' Cables$554.01Add to Cart
BATGM-7-60-24-58Panorama BATGM-7-60-24-58 5-in-1 Vehicle Antenna with 4G/5G LTE, WiFi, & GPS$137.45Add to Cart
EF-24-58Panorama EF-24-58 WiFi Antenna, 2.4 and 5.0 GHz, Adhesive Mount $35.35Add to Cart
WMM4G-6-60Panorama WMM4G-6-60 4-in-1 4G/5G LTE Directional 4x4 MIMO Antenna, 9 dBi Gain$507.15Add to Cart
WMM4GG-6-60Panorama WMM4GG-6-60 5-in-1 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G LTE Directional Antenna with GPS$573.30Add to Cart
DMM-6-60Panorama DMM-6-60 2-in-1 4G and 5G LTE MIMO Antenna with Cables and Stand$58.11Add to Cart
PRO7BSParsec PRO7BS (Belgian Shepard) 7-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 5G LTE, MIMO WIFI, GPS$555.45Add to Cart
PRO7KParsec PRO7K (K9 Series) 7-in-1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO WIFI, GPS$523.95Add to Cart
PRO7H2L4WGParsec PRO7H2L4WG (Husky) 7-in-1 Antenna, MIMO 5G LTE, 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi, & GPS$481.95Add to Cart
170665-000Cradlepoint 170665-000 Barrel to 4-Pin Power Adapter for COR Series Endpoints$7.99Add to Cart
170718-000Cradlepoint 170718-000 Magnetic Mounting Plate for the IBR Series IoT Routers$14.99Add to Cart
PRO9MDParsec PRO9MD (Bernese Mountain Dog) 9:1 Hotspot Case, 6x 5G LTE, 2x WiFi, GPS$1,573.95Add to Cart
PRO8MDParsec PRO8MD (Bernese Mountain Dog) 8:1 Hotspot Case, 4x4 5G LTE, WiFi, GPS$2,571.45Add to Cart
RX30-MCCradlepoint RX30-MC Managed Accessory Dock for the R1900 Router$249.99Add to Cart
170871-000Cradlepoint 170871-000 Power and GPIO Cable for Mobile Routers, 3-Meter$19.99Add to Cart
170869-000Cradlepoint 170869-000 AC/DC Power Supply R1900, R500-PLTE, and IBR Routers$44.99Add to Cart
170836-000Cradlepoint 170836-000 WiFi Antenna for Cradlepoint Routers, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz$14.99Add to Cart
170704-002Cradlepoint 170704-002 Universal LTE Antenna, 600 to 6000 MHz, 3 dBi Gain$15.99Add to Cart
SIM CardSIM Card for Westward Connect IoT Data Plan from 100 MB to 5 GB, Verizon or AT&T$10.00Add to Cart
170864-000Cradlepoint 170864-000 Power and GPIO Cable for R1900 Router, 3-Meter$19.99Add to Cart
PRO8HParsec PRO8H (Husky) 8:1 Antenna, 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth$534.45Add to Cart
PRO8BSParsec PRO8BS (Belgian Shepard) 8:1 Antenna - 4x4 LTE, MIMO WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth$586.95Add to Cart
PRO8KParsec PRO8K (K9) 8:1 Antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth$565.95Add to Cart
PRO7H4L2WGParsec PRO7H4L2WG (Husky) 7-in-1 Antenna, 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO Wi-Fi, GPS$492.45Add to Cart
PTA8ASParsec PTA8AS (Australian Shepherd) 8-in-1 5G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS Antenna$481.95Add to Cart
PTA7ASParsec PTA7AS (Australian Shepherd) 7-in-1 4x4 5G LTE Antenna with WiFi & GPS$460.95Add to Cart
170900Cradlepoint 170900 LTE and 5G Captive Modem Adapter Accessory$339.00Add to Cart