Black Box LBH100A-P-ST Fast Ethernet to Fiber Extreme Temperature Media Converter

Black Box LBH100A-P-ST Fast Ethernet Extreme Temperature Switch - 2 10/100-Mbps Copper RJ45, 1 100-Mbps Multimode Fiber, 1300nm, 2km, ST
Model: LBH100A-P-ST
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Black Box LBH100A-P-ST Fast Ethernet to Fiber Extreme Environment Switch, Multimode, 2km, ST

The Black Box LBH100A-P-ST Extreme Media Converter Switch does more than just adapt from one cable type to another. It's a true Ethernet switch and behaves like a switch within your Ethernet network. This means you can connect them together indefinitely without worrying about inter-repeater links. The Media Converter Switch features non-blocking switching architecture with a 2K MAC address table. The 128K buffer memory makes it easy to interconnect 10- and 100-Mbps devices.

The LBH100A-P-ST is ideal for use in exposed locations with temperature ranges of -40 to +167° F (-40 to +75° C). All it needs in the way of protection is shelter from direct rainfall. What's more, the switch features a sealed case, which uses its own metal shell as a heat sink. Choose it for applications such as traffic signal control or for sensors or surveillance cameras in outdoor plants. This Extreme Media Converter Switch is rated for above-the-ceiling plenum installation.

Media Converter Switches are also available in Standard versions (in both 10- and 100-Mbps fiber versions) for office or wiring closet environments and Hardened versions for demanding indoor environments such as factory floors. Because all three types work together seamlessly, you can use inexpensive Standard Media Converter Switches in the protection of the wiring closet and choose the more Extreme Media Converter Switches for harsh locations at your network's edge.

Because the LBH100A-P-ST is a switch as well as a media converter, it provides more options in network topology, overcoming the distance limitations inherent with simple media converters - to add extra distance, just daisy-chain another Media Converter Switch. If you need more ports at your remote location, just add a Black Box Convenient Switch (LB101HA family). This Multimode model supports up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) between Media Converter Switches.

The LBH100A-P-ST Media Converter Switch is super simple to set up and use - just plug and go! Both copper ports are autosensing for speed and duplex, adjusting to the connected device automatically. Plus, the UTP ports feature Auto MDI/MDIX, eliminating the need for crossover cables. It has two full sets of LED indicators: one set on the front for viewing convenience when the Media Converter is DIN rail or wall-mounted, and one set mounted in the end next to the media ports for easy viewing when units are in a rackmount tray.

This switch supports 100 - 240 VAC power. 

Key Features

  • One 100-Mbps fiber port and two 10-/100-Mbps RJ45 switch ports
  • Fiber interface is MM, ST, 2 km range
  • Suitable for dusty or dirty environments with a temperature range between -40 and +167º F (-40 to +75º C)
  • 100-240VAC power input
  • Includes panel mount kit


Product works with:

  1. Spare AC Power Supplies
  2. Rackmount Trays
  3. DIN Rail Mounting Bracket
  4. Hardened Media Converter Switches
  5. Standard Media Converter Switches
  6. Convenient Switches
CategoryMedia Converter
Media Converter TypeFiber to Fast Ethernet
StandardsIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.1p/q
MAC Table Size2K
Transmission DistanceMultimode models: 2 km (1.2 mi.); Single-mode SC models: 20 km (12.4 mi.); Single-mode LC models: 15 km (9.3 mi.); Single-mode, long-distance SC models: 40 km (24.8 mi.)
Connector TypeLBH100A-P-ST, LBH100A-P-ST, LBH100A-PD-SC, LBH100A-P-ST-12, LBH100A-P-ST-24, LBH100A-PD-ST-24, LBH100A-P-ST-48: (2) RJ-45, (1) pair of ST®; LBH100A-P-MT, LBH100A-P-MT, LBH100A-P-MT-12, LBH100A-P-MT-24, LBH100A-PD-MT-24, LBH100A-P-MT-48: (2) RJ-45, (1)
Dimensions3.5"H x 3"W x 1"D (8.9 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm)
WeightMedia Converter Switches: 0.3 lb. (0.1 kg); Power Supplies: 0.5 lb. (0.2 kg)
Operating TemperatureStorage: -40 to +185° F (-40 to +85° C); Long-term operating: -40 to +167° F (-40 to +75° C); Short-term operating: -58 to +212° F (-50 to +100° C); Cold start to -40° F (-40° C)
Humidity5 95%, noncondensing
Altitude13,000 feet (3962.4 m)