SENA ZE20 ProBee ZE20 ZigBee OEM SMD or DIP Module & Starter Kit

ProBee ZE20 ZigBee OEM SMD or DIP Module & Starter Kit
Model: ZE20
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*** DISCONTINUED *** This ZibBee module is no longer available.  Contact our Sales Department for further information.


ProBee ZE20 ZigBee OEM Module and Starter Kit

The ProBee ZE20 is short range ZigBee OEM module with integrated ZigBee core.  Offering radio, antenna circuits and a high-level software interface, OEM manufacturers can easily and economically embed ZigBee functionality into their products. The ZE20S module is designed for low-cost and low-power wireless applications found in home automation, smart appliances, medical devices, building automation, lighting control and telecom services.

The ZE20 is built from the Ember EM357 ZigBee core which has been certified by the ZigBee alliance.  It uses the ZigBee 2007 and ZigBee Pro stack.  Despite low power consumption, the ZE20S provides high performance.  It transfers data at 250 kbps at a line-of-sight distance of 300 meters (0.19 miles). The ZE20S family offers a choice of SMD or DIP packaging and antennas.


  • Ember EM357 ZigBee core with 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4-2003 compliant coprocessor
  • Supports ZigBee 2007 /  ZigBee Pro Stack
  • Choose from SMD or DIP modules
  • Select from several antennas - dipole 1/3/5dBi, U.FL, RPSMA, and chip
  • I/O includes UART serial signal, 6 analog inputs and 17 digital inputs/outputs
  • Remote management, system configuration and firmware upgrade using modem AT command set
  • Supports ZigBee home automation profile for door locks and lighting
  • Supports ZigBee smart energy profile for energy service, in-premises display and metering
  • Easy to use Windows configuration tool available

The ZE20 starter kit, ZE20-SK01, is available for quick prototyping and software development.  It includes everything you need to get started - three popular OEM modules, base boards, antennas, power adapters, cables and configuration software.


SENA Part NumberWestward Part NumberDescriptionSize
ZE20SSC-00ZE20-SSCProBee ZE20S ZigBee SMD type with chip antenna31.6 x 18.6 mm
ZE20SSU-00ZE20-SSUProBee ZE20S ZigBee SMD type with U.FL connector31.6 x 18.6 mm
ZE20SDC-00ZE20-SDCProBee ZE20S ZigBee DIP type with Chip antenna32.8 x 21.0 mm
ZE20SDU-00ZE20-SDUProBee ZE20S ZigBee DIP type with U.FL connector32.8 x 21.0 mm
ZE20SDS-00ZE20-SDSProBee ZE20S ZigBee DIP type with RPSMA connector32.8 x 21.0 mm
ZE20S Starter KitStarter Kit Components & DescriptionQuantity
ZE20-SK01ZE20-SK01ZE20SDC-00, ProBee ZE20S ZigBee OEM module with chip antenna
ZE20SDU-00, ProBee ZE20S ZigBee OEM module with U.FL connector
ZE20SDS-00, ProBee ZE20S ZigBee OEM module with RPSMA connector
DAT-G01R, 3 dBi dipole antenna, RP-SMA plug, right-hand thread
UEC-G01R, 12cm U.FL to RPSMA cable, right-hand thread
Development boards
AC / DC power adapters
RS-232 serial cables
USB cables
Channels16 with 5 MHz spacing
DistanceWorking distance 150m with default antenna
Data Rate250 kbps
Sensitivity-100dBm typical / -102dBm maximum
Zigbee NetworkMesh, star and tree topology / ZigBee 2007 & ZigBee Pro stack profile / channel, PAN ID, EPID network addressing
Zigbee Data TransmissionUni-cast, multi-cast, broadcast, many-to-one and data re-transmission for enhanced reliability
Wireless SecurityNetwork Layer security with one Trust Center for efficient operation / NIST-approved security / 128-bit AES encryption
Transmit Power+8dBm (maximum)
Serial1 UART with serial data rate of 1 Mbps
Digital IO17 inputs / outputs
Analog Inputs6
ManagementConfigure with AT commands & ProBee Manager / remote configuration & firmware upgrade / supports rich neighborhood device scanning and monitoring
Input Voltage2.1 to 3.6V DC
Radio PowerTX current at 33mA, 45mA (max. boost) / RX current at 28mA, 31mA (max. boost)
Sleep Current Less than 1uA at 25˚C
DimensionsSMD: 31.6 x 18.6 mm / DIP: 32.8 x 21.0 mm
MountingSMD: 33 pin, half-though hole, 2mm pitch / DIP: 26 pin, 2 mm pitch-pin header, 13x2
Operating Temperature-40 to 85°C
CertificationsFCC, CE, TELEC, KCC
Warranty1 year