Parsec Newfoundland Case Antenna with MIMO 5G LTE, WIFI, & GPS Configurations

Parsec PRO13N (Newfoundland) 13:1 Case Antenna with MIMO 5G LTE, WIFI and GPS
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Parsec Newfoundland Mobile Case Antenna with Options for 4 x 4 MIMO LTE, WIFI, and GPS

The Newfoundland antenna system from Parsec Technologies offers mobile communications to first responders, government agencies, and military units. It quickly deploys to create an emergency hot spot in remote areas or where the cellular infrastructure has been compromised. The Newfoundland integrates a set of high-performance antennas into the lid of a protective shipping case. The case protects against damage and loss of performance due to hard use.

The 5G-ready LTE antennas operate on frequencies from 600 MHz to 6 GHz and may serve as the primary communication channel or as a secondary failover channel. Both sets of LTE and Wi-Fi antennas are optimized for maximum performance in remote, unforgiving areas. It may be configured with 5 to 13 total antennas with options for two 4 x 4 MIMO 5G LTE, 4 x 4 MIMO WIFI, and GPS/GNSS. It simultaneously supports two independent cellular modems with two SIM cards each.

The design includes a thermal analysis, added fans, and exhaust ports for extended temperature operation. Built-in antennas are compatible with the extra thick (3.5 mm) plastic walls used in industrial-strength cases. The Newfoundland is sold in a standard antenna format or fully loaded with a router baseplate, top cover, and cable management. Just add a compatible router, SIM card, and optional battery to complete the system. Contact Westward Sales to order a turn-key system.

The Newfoundland fits these routers:

  • Cradlepoint AER2200, IBR1700-1200M, and twin IBR900-1200M
  • Sierra Wireless Airlink MG90 and MP70
  • Inseego SKYUS 300 and 500


  • Portable omnidirectional antenna system for emergency communications
  • LTE, WIFI, and GPS (configurations from 5 to 13 total antennas)
  • Cat 18 LTE speed (1.2 Gbps download)
  • LTE LAA, public safety, Gigabit LTE, 5G ready, and CBRS compliant
  • 4 x 4 MIMO LTE frequencies from 600 MHz to 6 GHz
  • 4 x 4 MIMO Wi-Fi with 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies
  • Superior isolation with 85% efficiency
  • RG-316 low-loss cables (1.5’ cable lengths) with SMA connectors
  • Rugged waterproof and dustproof IP67-rated portable case
  • -40 to 85°C operating temperature range
  • Get I/O ports, AC power adapter, and mounting plates with the -L option
  • Room in the base for high-performance cellular routers and battery
  • Pair it with Cradlepoint AER2200, IBR1700-1200M, and IBR900-1200M LTE routers


PRO5N4LG (PRO-5N4LG), 5-in-1 case antenna with 4 LTE and GPS
PRO6N4L2W (PRO-6N4L2W), 6-in-1 case antenna with 4 LTE and 2 Wi-FI
PRO7N4L2WG (PRO-7N4L2WG), 7-in-1 case antenna with 4 LTE, 2 Wi-FI, and GPS
PRO9N4L4WG (PRO-9N4L4WG), 9-in-1 case antenna with 4 LTE, 4 Wi-FI, and GPS
PRO9N8LG (PRO-9N8LG), 9-in-1 case antenna with 8 LTE and GPS
PRO13N8L4WG (PRO-13N8L4WG), 13-in-1 case antenna with 8 LTE, 4 WIFI, and GPS
PRO13N8L4WG-L (PRO-13N8L4WG-L), 13-in-1 case antenna with 8 LTE, 4 WIFI, and GPS with I/O and mounting plates*

* The optional -L, only available on the Newfounland PRO13N8L4WG-L model, includes fan, exhaust vent, AC power adapter, four RJ45 connectors, router mounting plate, battery mounting, and top cover.

Antenna Options
Fan and Vent 
A/C Adapter 
USB Adapters 2
RJ45 Connectors 4
Router Mount Plate 
Top Cover 


* Most PRO-N models are in stock; although, some may have a 3-4 week lead-time.

Parsec Technologies’ CAT 18 (5G NR-FR1) portable case antennas support the latest generation wireless networks such as LTE, CBRS, LTE LAA, and MIMO WiFi. The Newfoundland family is suited for emergency and critical applications requiring reliability, high-performance, and easy deployment. Install a wireless router, battery, and I/O to complete the system. Contact a Westward Sales network engineer to see how a turnkey 5G-ready case antenna will enhance your communication infrastructure.

Antenna TechnologyMIMO LTE | MIMO WIFI | GPS
Single or Combo Antenna5-in-1 | 6-in-1 | 7-in-1 | 9-in-1 | 13-in-1
PolarizationLTE: Linear, GPS: RHCP
FrequencyLTE: 698 – 960 MHz, 1710 – 2200 MHz, 3300 – 3800 MHz (CBRS), and 5150 – 5925 MHz (LTE LAA), WIFI: 2.4 - 2.48 GHz and 4.9 - 5.9 GHz
Antenna TypeOmnidirectional
CablingRG-316 with 1.5-foot lengths
Connector TypeSMA male
Dimensions22.9” x 18.3” x 11.7” (exterior)
Operating Temperature-40 to 85°C
CertificationsIP67 rated
Download NameFile Size
PRO-N Newfoundland Data Sheet1.19MB