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IBR600C Antennas

IBR600C Antennas

Approved High-Performance Antennas for the IBR600C and IBR650C Routers

The IBR600C cellular router from Cradlepoint includes two LTE antennas for the Main and Aux connectors and two WiFi antennas. It supports GPS, although a GPS antenna is not included in the box. The IBR650C is identical but does not include WiFi.

Industrial and vehicle applications require high-performance antennas to improve signal quality and offer better mounting choices. Outdoor, mobile, and remote locations may require the LTE antenna to be elevated on a pole or mounted securely to a vehicle’s surface. Brackets are available to position the antenna high on a mast, and magnetic bases secure the antenna to a vehicle’s rooftop or trunk lid. These omnidirectional antennas are suited for extreme locations and are IP65 or IP7-rated to prevent dust and water ingress.


Combination antennas consist of a single radome with multiple antenna elements packed inside of it. The number of elements ranges from two cellular to five (two cellular, two WiFi, and GPS). Five is the most common configuration, offering every antenna that may be connected to the IBR600C. Each comes with a set of low-loss cables with various lengths, so you can place the antennas where you need them. Our combination antennas are from top-tier manufacturers and are Cradlepoint-approved for the IBR600C and IBR650C routers.

Two antennas for both the Main and Aux ports are recommended for best bandwidth, predictable behavior, and enhanced LTE performance. However, you may connect a SISO antenna to the Main connector to restrict throughput and save money, power, and space. In most cases, a single cellular antenna will establish communication.

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