Panorama WMM8G-7-38 2-in-1 2x2 MIMO 4G/5G LTE Directional Antenna, 9 dBi Gain

Panorama WMM8G-7-38 2x2 MiMo LTE 4G/5G Directional Antenna
Model: WMM8G-7-38
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Panorama WMM8G-7-38 2x2 MIMO 4G/5G Cellular High-Gain Antenna, Cradlepoint Approved

When you’re building out a critical communication infrastructure, you have a lot to consider. Among the vast complications in a network, you might need to acquire and boost a distance cellular signal. Whether due to terrain, interference, or a remote location, a directional antenna may be stronger and more reliable than the antennas provided with your cellular modem. For a directional antenna has to keep up with the network, you’ll need something that is equal parts powerful and reliable. That’s why you should consider the Panorama WMM8G-7-38.

This directional antenna is designed for 4G and 5G LTE communication. It integrates high-gain 2x2 MiMo antennas to signal boost to add power exactly where a network needs it. It operates in 698-960 MHz and 1710-3800 MHz bands. With a 20 W power input and 9 dBi gain, it can handle long-range signals. It is also packed with stabilization and cable management accessories that make life that much easier. Wall, benchtop, and mast mounting brackets are provided along with 5 meters of fitted low-loss, double-shielded cable with a choice of SMA or N-type connectors.

What separates this antenna from the rest of the 4G and 5G crowd is its reliability. It is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -30 to 80°C. It also earned an IP65 ingress rating, meaning it blocks particles, such as fine dust, and withstands water jets. Few natural outdoor environments can outdo this antenna.

Key Features

  • Directional 2x2 MIMO LTE antenna
  • 698 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 3800 MHz cellular frequency ranges
  • 9 dBi (peak gain)
  • 50 W maximum input power
  • Choice of SMA male or N-Type female connectors
  • Choose 5-meter cables (with SMA) or 0.3-meter cables (with N-Type)
  • Operating temperature from -30 to 80°C
  • Wall, desktop, and mast mounting brackets included
  • Extension cables for the N-Type connector model (-03NJ) sold separately
  • IP65 rated white radome
  • Compatible with Cradlepoint's AER2200, AER1600, and CBA850 routers


WMM8G-7-38-03NJ, Directional MIMO LTE antenna with two N-Type male connectors and 0.3 meters (1-foot) cables
WMM8G-7-38-5SP, Same as above with SMA male connectors and 5-meter cables

The WMM8G-7-38-5SP and WMM8G-7-38-03NJ, covering the new 3.4 to 3.8 GHz frequency bands, replaced the popular WMM8G-7-27-5SP and WMM8G-7-27-03NJ antennas.

With hardware like this, you can put your network wherever you need it and still expect outstanding performance. That will inevitably require you to use quality hardware in all components of your systems. For that, you can work with Westward Sales. Our experts are available. When you give us a call, they’ll get to know your network so they can save you time by making the most effective recommendations from the start.

WMM8G-7-38 product video
Combination / MIMO Antennas2:1 (2 LTE)
Cellular Frequencies698 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 3800 MHz
Gain9 dBi (peak gain)
Power50 W maximum input
Connector TypeSMA male (5-meter cables) or N-Type male (0.3 meter cables)
EnclosureU.V. stable, impact-resistant ASA in white color
Dimensions230 H x 180 W x 94 D
Weight955 g
MountingWall or mast mount, brackets included
Operating Temperature-30 to 80°C