Panorama DMM-7-38 2-in-1 4G and 5G (3.5 MHz) MIMO Portable Antenna

Panorama DMM-7-38-2SP 4G/5G MiMo Desk Mount Antenna
Model: DMM-7-38
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Panorama DMM-7-38 4G and 5G (3.5 MHz) MIMO LTE Portable Antenna with Mounting, 6' Cables

The slim DMM-7-38 is an innovative omnidirectional antenna providing 2x2 MIMO 4G with fallback to 2G and 3G cellular networks. It also supports 5G LTE on the 3.5 GHz band. It features two separately fed, ultra-wideband cellular elements in a unique ‘X’ enclosure. It operates over global LTE frequency ranges from 698 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 3800 MHz. The DMM is a cost-effective cellular antenna with up to 5 dBi gain. With reliable connectivity and improved upload and download speeds, it’s perfect for travel, retail, home office, and failover applications.

The DMM-7-38 works with MIMO-enabled cellular routers and offers flexible positioning. Being omnidirectional, it does not need to face any particular direction. The DMM should not be positioned too close to metal objects as this may affect performance. The DMM includes hardware for three mounting methods:

Desk mounting. Integrated fold-out feet prop up the antenna vertically on a table or desktop. The feet can then be stowed for transport.

Screen clip mounting. Using the screen clips, the DMM can fasten to the back of a laptop or other structure.

Window mounting. The DMM may mount to a window or smooth, vertical surface using the supplied suction cup. Simply press the antenna firmly to the window until a firm grip is achieved. The suction cup and antenna remove easily.

The DMM-7-38 includes two RG174 coaxial cables, 2 meters (6’) in length, with SMA or TS9 male connectors.

Key Features of the DMM-7-38-2SP

  • Omnidirectional 2x2 MIMO LTE 4G/5G desktop antenna
  • 698 to 960 and 1710 to 3800 MHz LTE frequencies
  • 5 dBi peak gain
  • 20 W maximum input power
  • Unique X design for efficient MIMO performance
  • Choice of SMA, RP-SMA, or TS-9 male connectors
  • Two RG174 coax cables at 2-meter lengths
  • Desktop, window mount, or wall mount
  • -40 to 80° C operating temperature


DMM-7-38-2SP, LTE antenna with 2-meter RG174 cables and SMA male connectors
DMM-7-38-2TS9, same as above with TS-9 male connectors
DMM-7-38-2RPSP, same as above with RP-SMA connectors

2:1 Combination Antennas2:1 (2 LTE)
Two and One Multi Antennas2:1 (2 LTE)
Combination / MIMO Antennas2:1 (2 LTE)
Cellular Frequencies698 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 3800 MHz
Gain4 dBi peak gain
Ground PlaneNot required
Power20 W maximum input
Cabling2 meters RG174, 2 cables
Connector TypeSMA, RP-SMA, or TS9
Dimensions151 mm L x x 137 mm H
MountingDesktop, window mount, or laptop mount
Operating Temperature-30 to 80°C