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Cradlepoint Modems

Cradlepoint Modems

Cradlepoint is synonymous with enterprise-class modems, routers, adapters, and communication solutions. Adding a Cradlepoint modem to your existing Cradlepoint router is a powerful way to increase availability and coverage. If you are involved in high-bandwidth activities such as live streaming and video development, then a Cradlepoint modem is a useful add-on to have. Built for optimum performance, Cradlepoint modems may also upgrade existing deployed routers to the latest technology by swapping out the older modem. 

As we continue to become more dependent on networks, applications, and the cloud, it is imperative for all of these technologies to work together smoothly and securely. Cradlepoint routers, especially when combined with a Cradlepoint modem, provide an all-in-one device, making it a powerful industrial hotspot. In addition to high speed, there are many advantages to using a Cradlepoint modem. See some of these below and take a look at our competitively priced Cradlepoint modems.

Dependable Connectivity with a Cradlepoint Modem

Cradlepoint modems can be attached to the second modem slot in a Cradlepoint Router to add a second active LTE link for primary & failover connectivity. With a second connection, you can rest assured there will be higher availability and dependable connectivity across your network. The Cradlepoint modem is especially useful for mobile workers, such as first responders who may need a stable and strong network connection no matter the location. 

Cradlepoint modems combine 4G LTE with dual-modem, dual-SIM, and multi-carrier functionality. This creates the ultimate WAN diversity, ensuring that devices that are far apart physically or in a network-congested area can still maintain strong Ethernet and WiFi-as-WAN connections. 


Cradlepoint Modem and Router Combinations

While a modem brings internet connection from your ISP (internet service provider) to you, you need a router to be able to connect all your devices to the internet. You can get a separate modem and router but a combination helps you save upfront costs. Many Cradlepoints modems can be combined with a Cradlepoint router to create a reliable modem-router combination. Cradlepoint modems are also able to auto-switch SIM cards when you have reached your data plan cap, ensuring you don’t end up with overage charges or a loss of service when it is needed most.

Run Bandwidth Intensive Applications

If you are looking to run applications that require high bandwidth and stability, then a dual modem configuration is ideal. It reduces latency and enhances reliability. In addition, as a secondary backup modem, a Cradlepoint modem will automatically keep operations online if the first modem fails. 

Cradlepoint Modems Offer GPS and Public Safety Support

In addition to the above benefits and features, Cradlepoint modems also have GPS support with CAD and fleet management capabilities. This ensures your vehicles and other assets can always be located. As a first responder, safety is likely your main priority. Cradlepoint modems' support of public safety networks and Band 14 makes them a great choice when it comes to safety and reliability.

All-In-One Networking Solutions

Need help exploring options or want to know if a Cradlepoint modem is right for you? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team of IT professionals today. We have decades of experience helping customers find the most efficient technology solutions for their business or personal needs. We can match you with the tools needed to ensure your team and business can function efficiently. Give us a call today to get insightful advice on products or brainstorm solutions to any technical challenges you may face.

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