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Wi-Fi Multi-Antennas

Wi-Fi Multi-Antennas

Improve Performance with a Combo Wi-Fi Antenna

As communication has continued to move online, the demand for a faster and more dependable wireless internet has become louder. Wi-Fi multi-antennas has grown to answer this demand. While technologies like High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) have tried to improve efficiency by increasing the symbol rate, Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) addresses the demand for high speed and reliability by using hardware.

Wi-Fi Multi Antennas Enhance Signal Transmission

Wi-Fi multi-antennas allow a router to send several streams of data simultaneously while also overcoming problems such as non-line-of-sight (NLOS). In doing this, they deliver a higher network bandwidth performance in challenging radio frequency (RF) environments. Contrary to Single In Single Out (SISO) antennas that allow radio signals to be sent through a single RF element, MIMO technology enables a separate RF chain for each antenna. For example, some new 4X4 MIMO Wi-Fi multi-antennas consist of four high-performance antennas. 2X2 and 4X4 MIMO antennas are available for cellular and dual-band Wi-Fi networks.


These sturdy antennas are a popular choice for mobile and intelligent transportation operations. A high-efficiency Wi-Fi multi-antenna improves signal quality and upload and download speeds.

On the other hand, other relatively more compact 3X3 MIMO offers a configuration made up of three transmitter antennas and three receiver antennas. Built for high performance and reliability, these low-profile MIMO Wi-Fi antennas are ideal for inside or outside of buildings where robust Internet communication is critical.

Antenna Diversity on Wi-Fi Multi Antennas Achieves Reliability

One of the reasons why MIMO technology is successful is because it increases the dependability of data transmission. This addresses problems of fading and interference by allowing the transmission of multiple copies of data through multiple antennas. Most well-designed Wi-Fi multi-antennas (from companies like Parsec) place antennas at a certain distance from each other. Creating this distance allows for each antenna to receive a slightly different version of the signal from base stations. This diversity in version signals ultimately helps develop a more robust signal compared to if the device received a signal from only one antenna. The end product, i.e., reliability, means these Wi-Fi antennas can be used for applications demanding live video streaming, real-time asset tracking, intelligent transportation, surveillance networks, and other situations that need fast, reliable communication.

Different Configurations for Different Situations

Most homes and businesses can benefit from Wi-Fi multi-antennas that have different points of transmission and reception. This can be achieved by Multiple Input and Multiple Output devices that enable beamforming resulting in a faster and more reliable direct connection. MIMO devices come in various antenna configurations, each designed for different situations. For example, a 4X4 MIMO configuration is good if you want 4 clients to be simultaneously connected to the streams, or you may want to find an IP69K and IK10-certified Wi-Fi multi-antenna if you are looking to place the device outdoors. This rating will certify if a device is proven to remain protected against certain environmental factors. At Westward Sales, our team of experts can guide you to a Wi-Fi multi-antenna that will help you address the specific needs of your home or business setup. Contact us to explore our range of WiFi multi-antennas with various MIMO options.

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