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UHF Antennas

UHF Antennas

High-Performance Ultra High Frequency Antennas

UHF stands for “ultra high frequency.” This means UHF can range from low band (378-512 MHz) to high band (764-870 MHz) frequencies. The hallmark of an ultra-high frequency is its short wavelength, these smaller waves arrive closer together. While they cannot travel as far as longer wavelength frequencies, they can carry more data. UHF Antennas play a major role in today’s connectivity landscape. In fact, you probably use a UHF antenna every day, in some capacity. If you have used a two-way device, such as a cell phone, ham radio, or TV, then you have used a UHF antenna.

In essence, UHF antennas allow users to create two-way communication on a single frequency. This could be between groups, a convoy, or to transmit important information in an emergency situation. Antennas act as the eyes and ears of a radio, picking up UHF signals from surrounding devices and receiving incoming transmissions clearly. The UHF antennas of today look quite different than those during the age of cable TV. Today, most UHF antennas are very low profile and can be mounted in buildings or outdoors without drawing much, if any, attention to them.


UHF Applications and Uses

UHF antennas are used in a wide range of industries and applications. One of the most common uses of UHF is public safety. Public safety UHF antennas are very short and stout in shape. This is to keep their presence discrete and virtually undetectable to passersby. These antennas can be installed in high-traffic, potentially dangerous, or targeted areas, such as shopping malls, large college or school campuses, and airports. The antenna is there to ensure there is absolutely no lapse in connectivity, reductions in signal strength, or blackouts while in service.

Another use for UHF antennas is TV signals. In TV, UHF antennas are more common than they used to be, as they have more bandwidth to transmit higher-definition programming. If you’re watching your local TV station, you are most likely doing so using a UHF antenna.

Choosing the right antenna is going to depend on a number of factors. Do you need it for stationary or mobile use, which bandwidth? Are there any obvious obstructions, such as trees or buildings, in the way? Once you have determined these factors, finding the right UHF antenna should be simple.

UHF Antennas for All Applications

In need of some advice on which UHF antenna is right for your network? Here at Westward Sales, we consider ourselves more than just an electronics distributor. We are experienced networking professionals and engineers with decades of experience in the industry. Our goal is to help you to determine the best strategies and solutions to manage your networks, big or small.

Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility, or keep a close eye on valuable assets, we are happy to offer our networking expertise. We want to equip you with the right tools and expertise to solve your technical problems, big and small. We also offer expert insight into network design. Give us a call today for connectivity advice or for more information on our product offerings.

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Mobile Mark BS750UWB Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power Input and Unity GainThe BS750UWB is a..
Mobile Mark BS800UWB Wideband Base Station Antenna, 250 W Power InputThe BS800UWB antenna is rat..
Mobile Mark BS800XL3WB Wideband Base Station Antenna, 250 W Power InputThe BS800XL3WB antenna is..
Mobile Mark BSL450U Base Station Antenna with 250 W Powr Input and Unity GainThe BSL450U antenna..
Mobile Mark BSL450XL4.5 UHF Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power InputThe BSL450XL4.5 antenna c..
Mobile Mark BSL450XL6 UHF Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power InputThe BSL450XL6 antenna cover..
Mobile Mark BSLL450U Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power Input and Unity GainThe BSLL450U ante..
Mobile Mark BSLL450XL4.5 UHF Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power Input and 4.5 dBd GainThe BSL..
Mobile Mark BSLL450XL6 UHF Base Station Antenna with 250 W Power Input and 6 dBd GainThe BSLL450..
Mobile Mark BSLLL-150BB High Powered Omnidirectional Antenna, 500 WThe BSLLL-150BB antenna has a..
Mobile Mark CLP-MB1 3-in-1 Covert License Plate Antenna (Cellular, WiFi & GPS)The CLP-MB1 is..
Mobile Mark CLTM101 UHF Ceiling Mount Antenna, Low ProfileThe CLTM101 ceiling mount antenna cont..
Mobile Mark CLTM301 2-in-1 Ceiling Mount 4G LTE MIMO Antenna, 694-960 MHz & 1710-2170 MHzThe..
Mobile Mark CLTM501 4-in-1 Ceiling Mount Antenna, 694-960/1710-2171 MHzThe 4-cable CLTM501&..
Mobile Mark CMD-3500 3-in-1 Ceiling Mount 3x3 MIMO LTE Antenna, CBRS, 4 dBi GainThe CMD-350..
Mobile Mark CVW-LTE Covert Antenna, Global LTE with GPSThe CVW-LTE antenna performs on all Cellu..
Mobile Mark DM2-5500 Low Profile Surface Mount AntennaThe DM2-5500 is a surface mount WiFi, dome..
Mobile Mark DOD7-3500 2-in-1 Omnidirectional CBRS LTE MIMO AntennaThe 2-in-1 DOD7-3500-3C3C..
Mobile Mark DOD7-3500 3-in-1 Omnidirectional CBRS 3x3 MIMO LTE AntennaThe 3-in-1 DOD7-..
Mobile Mark ECO6-3500 Omnidirectional Antenna, WiMAXThe ECO6-3500 omnidirectional site antenna u..
Mobile Mark ECO9-3500 Broadband Omnidirectional WiMax AntennaThe ECO9-3500 omnidirectional site ..
Mobile Mark ECOM6-3500 Magnet Mount Heavy Duty Antenna, WiMAX or LTEThe ECOM6-3500 magnet mount ..
Mobile Mark ECOM6-5900 Magnet Mount Antenna, ITS/Smart HighwayThe ECOM6-5900 antenna operates on..
Mobile Mark ECOM6-5900 Magnet Mount Antenna, ITS/Smart HighwayThe ECOM9-5900 antenna operates on..
ECOS5-2400-DN Spring Mount Antenna, WiFiThe ECOS5-2400-DN is a spring mount, high frequency ante..
Mobile Mark ECOS6-3500-DN Spring Mount Vehicle Antenna, CBRSThe ECOS6-3500-DN antenna is designe..
Mobile Mark ECOS9-5500-DN Spring Mount Vehicle Antenna, WiFiThe ECOS9-5500-DN is a spring mounte..
Mobile Mark ECOS9-5900DN Spring Mount Mobile Antenna, DSRCThe ECOS9-5900DN is an elevated feed O..
Mobile Mark ED450-2 Folded Dipole Antenna, 10' MastThe ED450-2 antenna has a frequency range of ..
Mobile Mark EDN330-100 Bi-Directional DSRC Rod Antenna for Smart Roadway ApplicationsThe ED..
Mobile Mark EDX450 Exposed Dipole Antenna, Includes Mounting Hardware, DC GroundedThe EDX450 ant..
Mobile Mark IW-5900 Inside Window Mount DSRC Antenna, 5.85-5.93 GHzThe IW-5900 is a window mount..
Mobile Mark LLP304 3:1 5G LTE, UHF, and GPS Antenna with 15-foot CablesThe LLP304 combines three..
Mobile Mark LMW201 Low Profile Mobile LTE Antenna with GPS, 695-960/1710-2700 MHzThe LMW201 ..
Mobile Mark LMW202 Low Profile Mobile Global LTE Antenna with GPS, Covers CBRS BandThe LMW202 2-..
Mobile Makr PSTG0-868SF Quarterwave Unity Gain UAV AntennaThe PSTG0-868SF is a unity gain antenn..
Mobile Mark PSTG0-915SF Quarterwave Device Antenna for UAV ApplicationsThe PSTG0-915SF is a unit..
Mobile Mark Y33412D Heavy Duty Yagi Antenna, Direct ConnectionThe Y33412D antenna is a 12 elemen..
Mobile Mark Y3343D Yagi UHF Antenna, Direct N ConnectorThe Y3343D antenna has 3 elements and com..
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