Taoglas MMB.A.EXTMA.21 Bracket for Spartan ST/Pantheon ST Series Antennas

Taoglas MMB.A.EXTMA.21 Magnetic Mount Roof Top Bracket for Spartan ST/Pantheon ST Series Antennas
Model: MMB.A.EXTMA.21
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Taoglas MMB.A.EXTMA.21 Magnetic Mount Bracket for Spartan ST/Pantheon ST Series Antennas

The Taoglas MMB.A.EXTMA.21 is a robust magnetic mount base solution for external Taoglas antennas that would typically require drilling a hole for installation. There are times when drilling a hole for installation is not feasible either due to cost or aesthetics. The magnetic mount base removes the need to drill by providing an adapter with the proper hole size for the antenna you are using. This bracket supports the Taoglas Spartan/Pantheon Series Antennas. It can be mounted on iron/steel metal surfaces such as tops of vehicles, containers, etc. Due to six strong magnets, the magnetic force can resist wind speeds over 100 KM/H (road test). There is a soft cushion of foam which can protect the mounting surface during the mounting/removing processes. The aligning hole diameter for the MMB.A.EXTMA.21 is 21 mm. It comes assembled making it ready for installation.

Key Features

  • Magnetic Base for Taoglas Spartan ST/Pantheon ST Series
  • 6 strong magnets in base, 20 kgF Magnetic Pull Force
  • Magnetic force can resist wind speeds over 100 KM/H (road test)
  • Suitable for Screw Mount Antennas with Thread Diameters 19-20 mm
  • Soft Cushion Foam to protect the mounting surface
  • Ready Assembled, No Drilling Required
  • Mounting Hole Dimensions: 21 mm
  • Dimensions: 178.7 mm diameter x 56 mm
Antenna TypeMagnetic base for Taoglas Spartan and Pantheon ST series or screw-mount antennas with 19-20 mm thread diameter
Antenna AccessoriesMounting Hardware
EnclosureRugged base with soft cushioned foam to protect the mounting surface
Dimensions178.7 mm x 56 mm
Mounting6 strong magnets in base with 20 kgF pull force, Ø21 mm mounting holes for antenna
Wind Velocity RatingResists wind speeds over 100 Km/h (road test)
Download NameFile Size
Taoglas MMB.A.EXTMA Datasheet3.34MB