Parsec PTA7AS (Australian Shepherd) 7-in-1 4x4 5G LTE Antenna with WiFi & GPS

Parsec PTA7AS (Australian Shepherd) 7-in-1 Multi-Antenna with MIMO 5G Cellular, WiFi, & GPS
Model: PTA7AS
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Parsec PTA7AS (Australian Shepherd) 4x4 MIMO 5G Cellular Mobile Antenna with WiFi and GPS

The Australian Shepherd series of mobile antennas, manufactured by Parsec Technologies, combines cellular, WiFi, and GPS into a low-profile, rugged radome. A popular model in this series is the PTA7AS4L2WG, which consists of seven high-performance antennas – four 5G LTE, two dual-band WiFi, and GPS. Engineered with superior efficiency and isolation, it substantially enhances signal quality and offers impressive upload and download speeds. A high-gain omnidirectional pattern and Category 18 (CAT 18) performance allow the PTA7AS to access remote cell towers and still receive and broadcast massive amounts of data. The PTA7AS antenna covers the 600 to 6000 MHz frequency range and supports global bands serviced by traditional North American wireless carriers. Additionally, it accommodates most 4x4 MIMO 5G cellular routers and modems, such as those made by Cradlepoint.

The PTA7AS not only offers high performance, but it is one of the most robust antennas you’ll find. An IP67-rating and rugged construction allow it to repel severe temperatures, moisture, dust, vibration, and impact. A surface-mount, low-profile dome with low visibility and air resistance makes it ideal for vehicle rooftops, trains, buses, and delivery fleets. The slim, compact size fits between the roof rib lines of most vehicles and under the LED light bars of police cars without diminished performance.

The antenna assembly fastens through a single hole drilled into a vehicle roof or trunk lid. The RF cables pass through a hollow threaded bolt on the bottom of the antenna and are hidden from view. Performance and toughness are hallmarks of the PTA7AS4L2WG, making it an easy choice for demanding mobile operations.

Key Features

  • Omnidirectional multi-antenna with 4x4 MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPS
  • 4x4 MIMO LTE with a frequency range of 617-894 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz, 3400-3800 MHz, and 5150-5925 MHz
  • MIMO WiFi supports 2.4 and 5.9 GHz networks
  • 5 watts maximum input power
  • High efficiency up to 70%
  • 7 dBi peak gain
  • Operating temperature from -40 to 85°C
  • LSR200 (LTE and WiFi) and LSR100 (GPS) low loss cables with choice of length
  • Surface mount with 1.5” diameter x 0.9” long bolt
  • IP67 rated radome in black or white color


PTA7AS4L2WG01B, 7-in-1 antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPS, 1-foot cables, in black 
PTA7AS4L2WG03B, Same as above with 3-foot cables 
PTA7AS4L2WG06B, Same as above with 6-foot cables 
PTA7AS4L2WG15B, Same as above with 15-foot cables *Standard product*

PTA7AS4L2WG01W, 7-in-1 antenna with 4x4 MIMO 5G LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPS, 1-foot cables, in white 
PTA7AS4L2WG03W, Same as above with 3-foot cables 
PTA7AS4L2WG06W, Same as above with 6-foot cables 
PTA7AS4L2WG15W, Same as above with 15-foot cables 

Non-standard products have a minimum order quantity of 5.

Mobile operations demand reliable, high-performance antennas, and that’s why communication professionals count on Parsec Technologies. Attaching a Parsec antenna to a cellular router not only enhance signal quality, but it also dramatically increases transmission speed and efficiency. When your wireless infrastructure requires a robust multi-antenna, go with one from Parsec. Contact a Westward Sales wireless specialist today to see if the PTA7AS cellular antenna or one like it is best for your network.


FirstNet built with AT&T  Parsec antennas are 100% tested  Westward is Antenna Trained and Certified

Combination / MIMO Antennas7:1 (4 LTE, 2 WiFi, GPS)
Cellular Frequencies617-894 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz, 3400-3800 MHz, and 5150-5925 MHz
Wi-Fi Frequencies 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz and 4.9 to 5.9 MHz
PolarizationLTE: Linear, WiFi: RHCP
GPS1575.42 MHz with 80% efficiency and 6 dBi gain
CablingLSR200 (LTE and WiFi) and LSR100 (GPS) in 1', 3', 6', or 15' lengths
Connector TypeMale SMA (LTE, GPS), RP-SMA (WiFi)
Dimensions2.01" H x 2.45" W x 13.15" L
MountingSurface mount with single bolt, 1.5" hole required
Operating Temperature-40 to 85°C
CertificationsIP67 rated