Panorama WMMG-7-27 2x2 MIMO LTE 4G Directional Antenna, 600 to 2700 MHz

Panorama WMMG-7-27 2-in-1 2x2 MiMo LTE 4G Directional Antenna
Model: WMMG-7-27
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Panorama WMMG-7-27 2x2 MiMo LTE 4G Directional Antenna, 600 to 2700 MHz

Network signals between users and equipment in industrial settings may experience spotty connectivity due to interference from other networks, EMI interference caused by cables or equipment, and distance. Panorama Antennas ensures that network users and equipment stay connected with their WMMG-7-27 4G LTE directional antenna. This 2x2 MiMo signal boosting antenna is designed to work with both 3G and 4G networks to provide a higher gain across the 698 to 960 and 1710 to 2700 MHz frequencies. It ensures a stable link and improved data rates for users.

Five meters of twin cables, fitted with low loss double shielded outer layers, feed the wideband main and diversity elements inside the panel enclosure. The construction reduces connector joint exposure to dust and water while reducing outside interference, vibration, and electric noise caused by nearby equipment. The Panorama WMMG-7-27 signal-boosting directional antenna comes with a weatherproof housing fitted for wall or pole mounting. Its rugged construction withstands a wide range of outdoor and industrial environments.

When looking for a cost-effective solution to boost 3G and 4G network signals, the Panorama WMMG antenna offers less data loss, improved responsiveness to 3G and 4G networks, and minimizes interference by boosting signal receptions. This value-added product is easy to install and makes cable management a breeze as you can get it up and running in your network operations in little time. In addition, you can still use the antenna when moving your network systems from 3G over to 4G networks, offering versatility when scaling operations and installing new equipment.

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 antenna with directional 2x2 MIMO LTE
  • 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz frequency ranges
  • 5 dBi (peak gain)
  • 20 W max input power
  • SMA or N-Type male connectors
  • White radome
  • Operating temperature from -30 to 80°C
  • Wall, mast, and desktop mount brackets included
  • Compatible with Cradlepoint's AER2200, AER1600, and CBA850 routers


WMMG-7-27-03NJ, Directional LTE antenna with N-Type male connectors, 0.3 meter cables
WMMG-7-27-5SP, Same as above with SMA male connectors, 5 meter cables

Obtain lower latency and minimize data packet loss with the WMMG directional antenna. Improve your signal retention and increase user satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about this antenna and our other equipment to help create reliable and stable connections in your network and operations.

Combination / MIMO Antennas2:1 (2 LTE)
Cellular Frequencies698 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 2700 MHz
Gain5 dBi (peak gain)
Impedance50 Ω
Power20 W maximum input
Connector TypeSMA male (15-meter cables) or N-Type male (0.3 meter cables)
EnclosureU.V. stable, impact-resistant ASA in white color
Dimensions155 x 155 mm
Weight1100 g
MountingWall, pole, and desktop brackets included
Operating Temperature-30 to 80°C