Panorama SAB-254 Magnetic Mount for GPSD/SHKG Antennas

Panorama SAB-254 Magnetic Mount Solution for Evaluation and Test Driving
Model: SAB-254
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Panorama SAB-254 Magnetic Mounting Base for GPSD/SHK[G]-6-60 5G Sharkee Antennas

For use with the GPSD/SHKG-6-60 5G Sharkee antennas, the SAB-254 provides a magnetic mount solution for antenna evaluation and drive-testing.

Featuring a powder coated stainless steel plate, fitted with two magnets, this is a simple solution that allows the antenna to be installed on a vehicle without drilling any holes. The SAB-254 does not offer a suitable ground plane if you plan to attach an additional VHF or UHF whip antenna.

CategoryWireless Accessory
Antenna AccessoriesMounting Hardware
Dimensions246 mm length x 72 mm width
MountingMagnetic mount
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