Panorama LGMM-7-27 (Great White) 3-in-1 Antenna with MIMO 4G LTE and GPS

Panorama LGMMB-7-27 (Great White) 2x2 MIMO 2G/3G/4G LTE and GPS Vehicle Antenna
Model: LGMM-7-27
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Panorama LGMM-7-27 Rugged MIMO Cellular Antenna with GPS for Vehicles

This Great White high-performance cellular antenna covers the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency range and supports 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. The LGMM-7-27 (SMA/FME connectors) and LGMMFFR-7-27 (FAKRA connectors) consist of two isolated cellular and GPS antenna elements packaged into a rugged, low-profile dome. The antenna accepts a maximum of 20 watts of input power, allowing it to cover an extensive range.

The LGMM antennas are incredibly rugged and reliable. The durable housing withstands weather and brutal mobile environments and stands up to severe temperatures. An IP66 rating means it resists water and fine dust particles. The antenna includes double-shielded 1-foot cables with a choice of SMA/FME or FAKRA connectors. Through-hole mounting permits seamless installation on metal or non-metallic surfaces. The LGMM is ideal for emergency vehicles, trucking fleets, and delivery vans.

Key Features

  • Omnidirectional 3-in-1 cellular and GPS antenna
  • MIMO LTE with 698 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2700 MHz frequency ranges
  • GPS with 1575 MHz frequency and 26 dB LNA gain
  • 5 dBi peak gain (LTE)
  • 20 W maximum input power
  • Panel mount
  • Ground Plane Independent
  • IP66 rated radome with choice of black or white color
  • 1-foot RG174 cables (see the LP-IN1959 antenna kit for 16-foot long cables)
  • SMA (LTE) and FME (GPS) or FAKRA connectors
  • Operating temperature from -30°C to 80°C


LGMMB-7-27, 3-in-1 antenna with 2x2 MIMO LTE, GPS, black radome, and SMA/FME connectors
LGMM-7-27, Same as above with a white radome

LGMMBFFR-7-27, 3-in-1 antenna with 2x2 MIMO LTE, GPS, black radome, and FAKRA connectors
LGMMFFR-7-27, Same as above with a white radome

When it comes to reliability and durability in demanding environments, it’s hard to beat the Panorama LGMM family of rugged antennas. If you want this level of performance for your entire network, you can get the right wireless devices at Westward Sales. Speak with one of our network experts today. We’ll find effective solutions to create the best network possible.

Combination / MIMO Antennas3:1 (2 LTE, GPS)
Cellular Frequencies698-960 MHz / 1700-2700 MHz
VSWR<2.0:1 ± 4MHz
Gain5 dBi peak gain
Impedance50 Ohms
Power50 watts maximum input
GPS1575 MHz with 26 dB LNA gain
Cabling1-foot cables, CS29 (double shielded RG58)
Connector TypeSMA (LTE) and FME (GPS) or all FAKRA
EnclosureWhite or black radome
Dimensions62 H x 176 D mm
MountingPanel mount
Operating Temperature-30 to 80°C