Falcon SSGR-4 Dual Battery Bank for the SSG6KRM-2 UPS with 12-Year Batteries

Falcon SSGR-4 Battery Bank for the SSG6KRM-2 UPS with 12-Year Batteries, Wide Temp
Model: SSGRx2-Battery
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Falcon Electric's SSGR-4 Dual Battery Bank for the SSG6KRM-2 UPS, 12-Year Batteries, Wide Temp

Extend the uptime or output power of the 6 kVA SSG6KRM-2 online UPS using an extended SSGR-4 battery bank. The rackmount bank with dual SSGR-2 2U battery packs (4U total) offers a long lifetime, features a wide operational temperature range, and is easily daisy-chained with DC plug-and-play connectors. Like all of Falcon’s products, the SSGR-4 extended battery bank is built with high standards of quality and reliability. This assurance is critical for equipment requiring extended runtimes when the primary power source fails.

The integrated 12-year rated lead-acid batteries reduce frequent replacements, downtime, and maintenance costs. Count on the batteries to last over twelve years at room temperature and four years at 50 °C. Compare that to conventional batteries, which only last six months at 50 °C. An optional 10-year rated Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery and an award-winning 40 Amp-Hour battery solution are ideal for applications that require up to 72 hours of backup. Multiple banks may be configured to meet your power demands precisely.

Key Features

  • 7Ah lead-acid
  • Minutes to hours of runtime
  • VRLA (valve regulated lead–acid) batteries
  • 12-year battery life at 25 °C and 4 years at 50°C
  • Adds runtime to the SSG6KRM-2 industrial UPS
  • -20 to 55ºC (-4 to 131ºF) operating temperature
  • Consists of a pair of SSGR-2 battery banks

Falcon Electric is a recognized leader in industrial UPS solutions. You can count on their true online backup systems when you need quality and reliable power. Their SSGR-4 battery banks are ideal for critical applications where downtime is not an option. It's ideal for water and wastewater treatment plants, production facilities, control panels, and petroleum operations. For configuration options and customization, contact Westward Sales to discuss your project needs


Falcon UPS Awards

CategoryRackmount UPS
RuntimePer battery curve
DC Bus Voltage (nominal)192 VDC
Battery Type12-Year Rated, Maintenance-Free, Sealed VRLA Batteries, 12 VDC, 7AH
Output Connection2 Anderson power pole connectors and interconnect Cables
Dimensions4U x 19" x 21.8" (H x W x D)
Weight141.2 lbs. (64 kg)
Operating Temperature-20 to 55 ºC (-4 to 131 ºF), the battery service life will be reduced above 25ºC
Humidity10% to 95% non-condensing
CertificationsUL 1778, UL 508, cUL, FCC Class B, and CE