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Mounting Hardware

Finding the best antenna for your network is essential. However, a high-performance antenna will do no good if it’s not installed correctly. There are many antenna mounting pole styles designed for specific wireless applications, such as for vehicle fleets, control cabinets, machines, base stations, and mobile hotspots.

Through-hole Antenna Mounts

A through-hole surface mount antenna is one of the most popular permanent solutions for vehicles and electronics enclosures. Offering a rugged unobtrusive look and easy cable management, a through-hole mount is suited for the top of a car or cabinet. It’s low-maintenance and worry-free. It requires a single hole drilled into the surface to pass the cables and fasten the bolt. An example popular with emergency vehicles is the PRO11H Husky, which provides cellular, WiFi, and GPS elements in a single dome.


Antenna Mounting Pole and Wall Mounts

This type of antenna mount offers a permanent mounting solution for buildings and structures. A pole-mount bracket is secured with a pair of U-bolts, and a wall-mount bracket is screwed to a few holes drilled into a surface. Antenna mounting poles and wall brackets are incredibly durable and can support the weight of a heavy antenna. The brackets may be positioned or rotated so the antenna can capture the most signal. For example, the Poynting BRKT-16 universal bracket swivels to position a directional antenna and then locks in place.

Magnetic Mounts

A magnetic mount sticks an antenna to a metallic surface and is ideal for fixed and mobile installations. You’ll find magnetic antennas on vehicle roofs or trunk lids, electronic enclosure tops, and other temporary installations. It’s an alternative to a permanent mount, where drilling a hole is not feasible due to cost or aesthetics. It allows quick and easy repositioning and removal, too. Many high-performance magnetic bases are strong enough to resist 100 KM/H wind speeds. The magnetic mount may be integrated into the antenna base like the Panorama LPBEM-6-60 or purchased as an add-on like the Panorama SAB-224 magnetic accessory.

Adhesive Antenna Mounts

One of the most straightforward mounting solutions is adhesive tape and suction cups, which do the job for many applications. This plug-and-play mounting works well for glass, metal, and other smooth surfaces and is a good option where drilling holes is inconvenient. Unlike other mounting types, installation takes seconds, and the antenna stays in place and cannot be easily moved. The Taoglas Guardian MA9909.A.002 8x8 MIMO 5G cellular antenna integrates an adhesive mount.

Picking a Mount

Whether it’s a fixed or mobile application, we have an off-the-shelf antenna mount for your situation. You can find nearly every style of antenna mount at Westward Sales - through-hole, magnetic, adhesive, wall, antenna mounting pole, NMO, and custom. Speak with one of our antenna experts today, who can help you find the right wireless equipment for your job.

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