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On-Demand Connectivity and Communication Solutions

Over 19 years, 3onedata has been a trusted manufacturer of network and communication systems for industrial, smart grid, rail, transportation, and oil/gas companies. They offer Ethernet switches, device networking, wireless products, embedded module components, and tools to enhance your connection capabilities. These communication and network solutions allow engineers and owners to meet the immediate technological needs of their IT infrastructures.

Industrial Ethernet Applications

Industrial networking solutions must offer high productivity and reliability for daily operations. Making the right connections ensures workers and equipment never lose a data signal. 3onedata offers a wide range of Ethernet products that offer efficiency and reliability in industrial settings.

  • Managed/Unmanaged Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches
  • Managed/Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
  • Extenders and Multiplexers
  • SFP Modules
  • Switch Accessories

By sourcing industrial-grade materials with reliable network communication redundancy and protection, business operations can push their technological capabilities to higher levels.


Media Converters

Industrial applications will use various cable components between equipment and machinery. These signals must be converted and transmitted across different types of cables, such as light signals for fiber optic cables or electronic signals for twisted copper cables. Media Converters are the viable and economical solution to provide desired network speeds and connectivity options no matter which components are connected. 3onedata offers managed Fast Ethernet (10/100TX) converters, managed Gigabit (10/100/1000TX) converters, entry-level converters, and converter racks.

Wireless Products

3onedata also offers wireless products suitable for indoor and outdoor industrial applications in all types of work environments. Never lose a connection with equipment or workers as these products scale with the size of your operations. Select 4G industrial-grade routers, wireless access points, and wireless access controllers, and other products.

Video Optical Transceivers

Rounding out the 3onedata product options are video to optical transceivers. These transceivers transmit and receive electrical data signals from switches and transform them into the appropriate video optical signals for fiber optic technology. You can obtain transceivers that offer 1-channel up to 16-channel video and 1-ch RS485 over a single-mode optical fiber or a core. The video optical transceivers can detect multiple input video formats, including analog HD (AHD), transport video interface (TVI), composite video interface (CVI), sequential color with memory (SECAM), and phase altering line (PAL).

Easily plug these video optical transceiver into networking equipment, or use the product when you need the right universal solution to handle CCTV analog video or data signals. These transceivers can be used in both racking systems as well as standalone equipment.

Contact Us for 3onedata Networking and Communication Devices

When selecting 3onedata products, accessories, and tools, you need the appropriate products that fit perfectly into your operation and be installed and used immediately. Let Westward Sales provide you with the networking and communication solutions from 3onedata to keep your industrial network running at full capacity. Contact our representatives today when you are looking for 3onedata products for your IT infrastructures.

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